The Patriotic Flu Outbreak of 2009…

With recent events we have witnessed how the majority no longer matters in America, apparently it is the minority that now rules. A Soldier for Liberty recently posted…

it has become perfectly clear our government is no longer interested in deriving their power from the consent of the governed. The point was well made last fall when, against the wishes of the American people, $787,000,000,000 of our tax money was “donated” to unworthy corporate “charities”. The point was further driven home by the subsequent passing of HR 1105 , with over 9000 unnecessary earmarks totaling another $410,000,000,000. Neither of which are effectively addressing that which they were intended to resolve.

I ask you where is the transparency that we were promised? This administration is vehemently intent on driving their agenda home regardless of the effect it causes upon the lives of everyday Americans. I totally agree with A Soldier for Liberty when she states..

Neither Health Care “Reform” nor Cap and Trade legislation solve the issues they are meant to address. In both cases, as with other segments of the economy, the current Congress’ answer is to socialize and unionize 1/6th of our businesses, bringing the total slice of our economy run by the government to an estimated 49%. With passage of Cap and Trade that number would jump above 75%. These two bills, along with other items on the agenda of the current administration will desecrate our Constitution – the same Constitution they have all taken an oath to protect.

So on November 30, 2009 another epidemic will fall upon this great land, its not the swine flu, the seasonal flu but the “Patriotic Flu.” We are asking that you not work that day but that you use this time to notify your senators, your representatives that you strongly oppose this health-care reform that the government that is suppose to be for the people and by the people are trying to cram down our throats. This illness is better defined as..

Patriotic Flu is the inability on the part of disgruntled citizens to perform daily work functions in reaction to recent unconstitutional behavior of our supposed representative government. This disease will manifest itself in a November 30th outbreak of illness across this land.

If you are unable to take off that day and with the economy the way that it is I certainly understand, please take the time to email or fax your Senators, Representatives and be sure to spread the word via emails to friends, co-workers to let this go viral. The time for action is now!

“The will of the people…is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect it’s free expression should be our first object.”- Thomas Jefferson


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  2. Hello, I’m a nurse student and this post is very helpul to me. Thank you!

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