Obama; adminstration of terrorist,perverts and liars…

When will the madness end? This administration continues to align itself with the most controversial of characters. We first had the Rev.Wright and the Ayers, the rather annoying Priest that claimed to be a man of God but yet supported killing our unborn. We’ve witnessed Van Jones, Eric Holder and his attempts to slap the families of 9/11 with the trial of those who planned the ill-fated attacks on NYC by bringing them back to the scene to stand trial! Now we have this pervert passing around literature that promotes a rather diverse, perverse life style and this administration assigns him as a “Czar.” Obama’s administration will be known in history as one of madness and tyranny. One tends to wonder just how far he will go to really change the foundation of our Country or will we finally wake up and revolt against the arrogance and often ignorance we see coming from DC……….I agree with Michelle Malkin this is perverse and obscure……………


6 responses to “Obama; adminstration of terrorist,perverts and liars…

  1. It will not end unless and until Americans become enraged, are willing to stand their ground and use the power of their vote to rid the government of the likes of Obama and his ilk.

    • I so agree, rage should be felt across this nation, from the east to the west, north and the south. We should not have to be ruled by a tyrannical government as we do now, oh what a huge mistake was made when this one was elected.

  2. I cannot understand why more people aren’t outraged by this. Heterosexuals do not teach their sexual practices…isn’t that considered pornography?

    Yet this perverse and unnecessary discussion about sexual practices in the homosexual world is promoted?

    This country is sick, more people need to wake up.

    • Yes, we do need to wake up and see just what is being promoted and expected of us and we should finally say enough is enough!

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