~Persevere and Prevail~

My friends over the past year we have seen our flag, our Constitution to be continually drawn through the mire of lies, deceit, and an attempt to change the very foundation of which our great country was founded upon. We have attended tea parties in our communities, town halls, which brought about contempt from those in DC to mock and demean us. We have rallied before the capital building, bringing millions to deliver a message to our representatives and senators only for that message to fall upon deaf ears. We have to persevere and prevail over these people that are intent on destroying our nation. We have seen how bribery with millions of dollars can buy votes, we have witnessed how threats of closing a strategic military base and changing the wording in this health-care reform bill regarding federally funded abortion has caused another “public servant” to succumb to the evilness of this administration. Prayer, yes…prayer is a most powerful weapon against evil and we should pray endlessly for deliverance from this tyrannical administration and those who align themselves with him, “The One.” However, while praying we must stand up for ourselves and defend what our constitutional rights, making phone calls to the senate, sending faxes and emails may be in vain. A call for ACTION is now, we must learn from our forefathers and once again join forces and defeat the reform that is being shoved down our throats. There was a time in America where the “majority” had a voice, but that voice is being stifled and the “minority” now rules. We cannot continue down this path for if we do, we will no longer recognize our great nation. The time is now, the present…we must not only pray…but we must persevere and prevail..for if we don’t…. we will have lost all that we hold dear………


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