Martial Law…..Is it coming to your community

There is a growing sense of being fed up with the way we are being ignored by those who supposedly are looking out for our best interest. As we have witnessed over the years, our country is changing very fast. Just in the past year we’ve seen how the government has expanded itself by taking over corporations, the bail outs, stimulus’ to stimulate job growth that never materialized and now this health-care reform that they are aware that the majority of the american people strongly oppose. But have they listened? No..they simply continue to govern to satisfy their perverse sense of greed and power with little regard for the working class people whom they serve.
The Tea party movement has grown by leaps and bounds from the injustices that we’ve seen. Our numbers are growing and with sites like Twitter and Facebook patriots across the nation have relied on these social networks to get our messages out. I am sure “big brother” has been monitoring these sites and most likely are preparing a list of sorts of whom to charge first. Several years ago rumors of Martial Law has been going around, it started with Bush and before, but now with the dissent that is being felt for this administration it is very possible that this too, could become a reality. Would US troops really arrest and detain citizens for simply speaking out against tyranny, which is entitled to us in the first amendment. Watch this video, and come to your own conclusions…we are in the most perils of times… our lives are going to change drastically unless WE the PEOPLE..Take back our country and defend the constitution before it is outlawed ……………


8 responses to “Martial Law…..Is it coming to your community

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  2. Leftist Democrats have been very successful over the years at planting seeds of doubt by making public comments that will raise suspicions among conspiracy theorists. It’s particularly true among the anti-war movement on the left who sow the seeds of discord by planting conspiracy theories among the far right so they will distrust government and keep them away from the polls. They know all they have to do is lie a little and mention “martial law” or “suspend the Constitution” and it’s all over YouTube. They’re quite good at keeping the far right away from the voting booth this way.

    • Yes, Lisa! I agree, all the more reason for us to be diligent in our efforts to take back the house and prevail over the tyranny that surrounds us now.

  3. Erica-First of all, Merry Christmas!!

    After the actions today in the Senate, I truly believe they are bent on total control, although that thought has been in my mind for some time. I chat with other folks on a regular basis, and have mentioned repeatedly that I feel there will be blood in the streets at some point in the near future. (this is my opinion only. I’m not encouraging anything of the sort).The trust of the public has been eroded to the point where almost anything could happen at any time. If that’s what it takes, then so be it, though I pray that we can stop the run-away train in a more peaceful manner.

    • Thank you for the Christmas greetings!! I so agree, while I don’t in any way condone violence, I truly believe that we are in for some dire times unless we don’t take action and that very well may mean taking it to the streets! The french has done it for years and since Barry is so intent of making us so european-like maybe giving him a lesson or two may wake him up but won’t hold my breath. With what we have witnessed this week, I have stated and stand by my statements that, “the second American revolution has begun and the left fired the first shot at 1:01 am Monday morning as they tallied the votes.”

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