Like thieves in the night……

Like thieves in the night, the senate once again met once again at midnight on an early Monday morning to further ram their ideologies down the throats of the American public that clearly were against this bill. Did they listen to us? NO, they voted to further the need to destroy not only our foundation as a country but simply ignore the will of the American people. A call for a national strike is being called for January 20, 2010 to attempt to send yet another message to these “demigods.” Is this enough? In my most humble opinion the second American revolution has truly begun with the left firing the first shot at 1:01 am as the votes were being tallied. This is an outrage and we must not succumb to their will…We must do all in our power to vote these people out and bring back those who will govern as set forth in our Constitution and listen to the will of the people. Contact your senators, call 202-224-3121 and leave messages, emails and faxes..this isn’t over yet. But the ALARM has been sounded…this is a call for ACTION….


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