Kentucky’s senate race heats up!

There can only be one choice for me in the Kentucky highly contested senate race. My choice is Bill Johnson he is the only true conservative in this race. We have Trey Grayson who has the support of the Washington élite such as Mitch McConnell and John McCain. The Tea Party movement’s dedication to changing the scenery in DC by sending candidates that truly support the values and principles of conservatives across the country. Johnson, is the only true conservative we have in this race. Rand Paul is a Libertarian that has co-opted the tea party mantra by trying to convince the people of Kentucky that he is grassroots and a real tea party candidate. I urge you to read how he is flip-flopping and of his obfuscations here. Sarah Palin has recently via her PAC endorsed Paul without as much as speaking to him personally. We have all read and seen the news clips of how she is wanting the GOP to join forces with the tea party movement, which in my opinion takes away from the very reasons we joined the movement. We want to eradicate the career politicians and replace them with ones that are willing to do the will of the people.
Johnson, is a man of values and principles of a true conservative candidate with a firm platform. He is strong on defense, being a decorated gulf war veteran, he knows what it means to serve and protect. He has traveled the world working in the energy business and will be able to offer his ability to this most controversial issue facing us today. Johnson is very pro-life and strongly believes that life begins at conception that. His opponent on the other hand would support returning the issue of abortion back to the states which in turn would lift the ban on partial birth abortion, that doesn’t sound “pro-life” to me. Paul wants to end the war on drugs that Johnson served and fought so hard to protect our shores from being infested by the venom that is affecting our children and society. Johnson supports the second amendment and is a member of the NRA.

H/T Lisa Grass


5 responses to “Kentucky’s senate race heats up!

  1. Succinct, accurate, to the point. I completely agree with you!

  2. The Bill Johnson for U.S. Senate campaign received the following poll results. Shamrock Polling conducted the statewide poll for an undisclosed client. Questions regarding the poll can be directed to Persistence Consulting ( The Johnson for U.S. Senate campaign did not pay for or participate in this poll. The results are consistent with internal polling done by the campaign.

    We asked 1,257 likely republican voters the following questions:

    “Who are you planning on voting for US Senate in the republican primary on May 18th?”

    Trey Grayson 27%
    Bill Johnson 23%
    Rand Paul 21%
    Undecided 29%

    We then asked are you strongly, moderately, or leaning towards your candidate?

    Rand Paul 7% 27% 66%
    Bill Johnson 72% 21% 7%
    Trey Grayson 52% 14% 34%

    Margin of Error 4.5%

  3. Exceptional report on this interesting race! Johnson represents my ‘tea partiers’ standards! I think we are blessed to have such a solidly conservative candidate, with no agenda other than to serve his country…again.

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