Bill Johnson: Reagan’s Message Resonates

Today marks the anniversary of Ronald Reagan‘s birth, he would have turned 99 yrs old today. Reagan’s message continues to thrive as candidates such as Johnson continues to live by the very principles and values of this great American. Less intrusion in our lives by our government. Less taxes, strong military defense. Reagan once made a prolific statement that remains true today..

the right to make our own decisions and the right to decide our own destiny

Bill Johnson is making a great impact on the voter’s of Kentucky, he is gaining strength, support not only from the citizens of our great state but from those across the nation as Bill’s message resonates with true conservatives. Recently he attended a rally at Spencer County, here in Kentucky and reading messages like this only makes one thing certain; his message is being heard.

canNOT wait til May 18th, when this State and the nation will once
again realize that it’s NOT $$, big names or political clout that wins
elections and moves our country towards the right kind of ‘change’.

It’s informed, passionate principled voters who ‘connect’ with
informed, passionate and principled leaders! Of course, hard work,
integrity and character weigh in too!

GO BILL! GO KENTUCKY! I am so excited in my heart………about this
GRASS AT IT’S ROOTS CAMPAIGN, and what it means for our state and
nation. And, for our children and grandchildren, etc.!

Today February 6, 2010 a News Release for Bill Johnson For U.S. Senate related.


ELKTON — The Bill Johnson for U.S. Senate campaign received the following poll results. Shamrock Polling conducted the statewide poll for an undisclosed client. Questions regarding the poll can be directed to Persistence Consulting ( The Johnson for U.S. Senate campaign did not pay for or participate in this poll. The results are consistent with internal polling done by the campaign.

We asked 1,257 likely republican voters the following questions:

“Who are you planning on voting for US Senate in the republican primary on May 18th?”

Trey Grayson 27%
Bill Johnson 23%
Rand Paul 21%
Undecided 29%

We then asked are you strongly, moderately, or leaning towards your candidate?

Rand Paul 7% 27% 66%
Bill Johnson 72% 21% 7%
Trey Grayson 52% 14% 34%

Margin of Error 4.5%

So take note, Bill Johnson is gaining momentum in one of Kentucky’s most exciting political races! Visit his site, join his special forces and donate here. Bill Johnson is truly a man of HONOR-DUTY-COUNTRY


20 responses to “Bill Johnson: Reagan’s Message Resonates

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  2. Word is getting out! 🙂

  3. Kelley Matthews

    I’m so pleased to see that Bill’s hard work and efforts are starting to pay off. Many candidates spend fortunes to influence and buy votes. Bill’s proving that being fiscally responsible in a campaign element is resonating with voters as well. He can talk the talk and walk the walk.

  4. I enjoyed hearing all the speakers at the rally. I’d never heard Dr. Keyes, and he was an excellent orator. His words really struck a chord with me. I wentespecially to hear Bill Johnson, because a friend had told me about him and I was not happy with Grayson or Paul. I have to say that I was very, very impressed. When I was at a tea party in the summer, I had high hopes that Washington would listen. And they haven’t. I believe Bill Johnson WILL listen and he has my vote!

    • Thank you Adam for visiting and taking the time to comment. Bill is definitely the kind of guy we need to send to DC! He is about serving the will of the people instead of going to gain political power and prestige! Welcome aboard!!!

  5. Adam, Your experience is not unlike so many people who have met Bill and actually listened to his message. Please consider joining Kentuckians for Bill Johnson and Bill’s Special Forces. If you are on FaceBook there is also Kentucky Tea Partiers for Bill Johnson. Lot’s of places to get info at Blogs for Johnson, too!

  6. McCracken County GOP Senate Debate Internet live stream broadcast at 12:30 PM CST Saturday, Feb. 13

  7. Hey Erica! I just saw your blog and wanted to say it looks pretty good. I’m glad you’re keeping it updated! I just redesigned my site and also had a great post I wanted to notify you of about the US Senate Candidate Debate on Saturday. You and your readers might be interested in visiting and posting a comment and showing their support for the candidate of their choice.

    • Thanks for visiting Jonathan, I visited your site and it too looks great! I left a comment for you as well. Did you stop following me on twitter????
      😉 come back and visit again!

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  9. Yesterday Paducah held a forum for three Republican Candidates. It was clear yesterday was Bill Johnson’s day.

    Just before the debate I was able to talk to several Fellow Veterans. One Veteran that was there told me he was leaning to Rand Paul and asked me who I was supporting.I told him Bill Johnson. He asked me about Bill and I told him. I told him about him being one of a us – A Veteran who knows how important taking that oath and abiding by that oath is. What it means to be a man of Integrity and honest. I told him about his Military and business history, I told him about his conservative stands. I told him about his stand on protecting the Innocent life of a baby, his pro-gun, Pro- Traditional Marriage… we discussed it all. When I was through He was very interested in Bill Johnson.

    Like a Volleyball game I spiked the Ball.. Bill Johnson put it over the net. Everything I told this Veteran about Bill was proven in the debate. When the Debate was over that Veteran came to me and asked for campaign supplies. He told me he was going to work for Bill Johnson.

    All people have to do is meet Bill Johnson. We need to get him out there and meet more people.

    Bill is funding this race all by himself. If you can help him- please donate anything you can, If it is only $10.00 please go to and do so.

    Bill is a Winner. If you doubt me – go meet him and see for yourself.

  10. Let’s describe the opening shall we…Announcer, First opening statement will be Dr. Rand Paul. Then Secretary of State Trey Grayson followed by Bill Johnson.

    Dr. Paul opens, Whaahh! I am a Pro Life supporter! Whahhh! I am too a Reagan Conservative. I want an apology Whahh!
    Let’s get real here people is this the level of Paul’s pain threshold in the political arena? This guy is moaning like a little twit! Like we need another cry baby in the US Senate.
    Mr. Grayson, Opened with a standard opening and didn’t whine.
    Mr. Johnson. Opened with a standard intro as well not whining or pouting either!

    Back to Dr. Paul, He rudely coughed into his mic during Mr. Johnsons time to comment without saying so much as excuse me or I am very sorry. Again plain rude.
    Through out the Debate Dr. Paul carried himself poorly, rolling his eyes, leaning against the lecturn shifting positions regularly. All while the others candidates stood politely not displaying any body language indicating their wish to be elsewhere as did Dr. Paul. At the end Dr. Paul could only be described as having “Tursely given his fellow Senate candidates a brief hand shake and then almost tripping over himself to exit the stage to the waiting arms of one would presume to be his mother given his cry baby outbursts.
    Bill Johnson is the stand out winner in this debate, no matter if you counted signs going out the door or the applause meter or if you listened and watched these three candidates present their case for why they should get your vote.
    I was impressed with Grayson, even though I have said on more then a few occasions I would not vote for him for anything. He reeks if the establishment. Last night I changed my oppinion of Trey a little. For you Rand Paul Fans I was in that camp last Summer and part of the fall. I am looking for the best man for the US Senate not an image.
    At end let me describe where the candidates decided to be. Paul and Grayson where in the auditorium with a few big supporters and the members of whatever press were there. Not the everyday folks. As the majority of people were leaving Bill Johnson was out in the “lobby” pressing the flesh and talking to the people. It was a great day for Bill Johnson anyway you measure it.

  11. I think that we can most assuredly say,
    Bill Johnson’s campaign is full speed underway.
    As a combat Naval officer he knows just what to do,
    To protect and defend this nation for me and for you.
    You can get his personally recorded US Constitution on-line,
    And listen for yourself to his Reagan conservative bottom line.
    You see, it’s the citizens’ owners manual, the seeds of our liberties’ tree.
    The Bill of Rights comes directly next and is for our Democracy a written lifetime warranty.
    His opponants scoff, they snarl, they even stomp and whine,
    For they know sure enough in their hearts,
    The will never live up to the Johnson straight Constitutional line

  12. Fantastic post Erica! Adding you to my blogroll! Thank you for you the work that you do, nurses are one of our under-thanked professions! Hope to see you on the trail sometime soon.

    • Appreciate you taking the time to comment, going to add you to mine also!!! Indeed, will be great meeting everyone involved in the mission to get Bill to DC!

  13. Less taxes = American? no no no. Seriously that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You can pay squat into the government and that is exactly what you’ll get back. I’d rather put more money into the government so that a lot more people could enjoy it.

    I do support your right to post and I’m not being mean or fecitious when I say that you have put a lot of hard work into this site.

    • I would rather have a government that I don’t have to rely on for help, that is why I support less taxes. You have your right to your opiniion and I have mine..guess we will just agree to disagree. I do not work to ensure that “more people can enjoy it.” I have no problems paying my taxes but I do have a problem supporting those who chose to set back and rely on the government for help. If it’s warranted, then I am all for it. But to draw welfare and not be disabled, they should pass a drug tox screen, seek gainful employment [granted hard to do with this market]. Just a few of my opinions, hence MY blog! Thanks for visiting..APN

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