Kentucky Bill: Campaign in Full Speed Mode

I think that we can most assuredly say,
Bill Johnson’s campaign is full speed underway.
As a combat Naval officer he knows just what to do,
To protect and defend this nation for me and for you.
You can get his personally recorded US Constitution on-line,
And listen for yourself to his Reagan conservative bottom line.
You see, it’s the citizens’ owners manual, the seeds of our liberties’ tree.
The Bill of Rights comes directly next and is for our Democracy a written lifetime warranty.
His opponents scoff, they snarl, they even stomp and whine,
For they know sure enough in their hearts,
The will never live up to the Johnson straight Constitutional line

There was a debate this past Saturday in McCracken County in Kentucky that featured three of the top contenders for the retiring senate seat of Sen.Jim Bunning. From all the feed-back that I have received Bill Johnson’s campaign has turned it up a notch and is now bringing on the heat! He is up against Dr. Rand Paul and Secretary of State Trey Grayson. Paul is a Libertarian that is co-opting the Tea Party movement claiming to support smaller government, less taxes etc. but clearly is only trying to bring to Kentucky what his father Ron Paul tried to do in the ’08 presidential elections and the citizens of Kentucky are far smarter than given credit for. Having personally been attacked by members of the Campaign for Liberty by merely asking that my name be removed on their mailing list!
I wasn’t able to attend the debate but have been kept informed with comments and emails about how Johnson stood firm on his conservative platform, holding proudly the Constitution. This, for me, resonates; HONOR-DUTY-COUNTRY three very strong characteristics I look for when selecting a candidate to support.
There was a lot of rumbling throughout the state by one site or another but I suggest you read “Paul, Grayson snipe at each other“, the comments are actually better than the post itself and is a good indicator of the sign of the times here in the Kentucky political scene. My all time favorite comment on my site about this event has should be shared once again, it pertains to the “whining” and “foot-stomping” of one Rand Paul…

Let’s describe the opening shall we…Announcer, First opening statement will be Dr. Rand Paul. Then Secretary of State Trey Grayson followed by Bill Johnson.

Dr. Paul opens, Whaahh! I am a Pro Life supporter! Whahhh! I am too a Reagan Conservative. I want an apology Whahh!
Let’s get real here people is this the level of Paul’s pain threshold in the political arena? This guy is moaning like a little twit! Like we need another cry baby in the US Senate.
Mr. Grayson, Opened with a standard opening and didn’t whine.
Mr. Johnson. Opened with a standard intro as well not whining or pouting either!

Back to Dr. Paul, He rudely coughed into his mic during Mr. Johnson’s time to comment without saying so much as excuse me or I am very sorry. Again plain rude.
Through out the Debate Dr. Paul carried himself poorly, rolling his eyes, leaning against the lectern shifting positions regularly. All while the others candidates stood politely not displaying any body language indicating their wish too be elsewhere as did Dr. Paul. At the end Dr. Paul could only be described as having “Tursely given his fellow Senate candidates a brief hand shake and then almost tripping over himself to exit the stage to the waiting arms of one would presume too be his mother given his cry baby outbursts.
Bill Johnson is the stand out winner in this debate, no matter if you counted signs going out the door or the applause meter or if you listened and watched these three candidates present their case for why they should get your vote.
I was impressed with Grayson, even though I have said on more than a few occasions I would not vote for him for anything. He reeks if the establishment. Last night I changed my opinion of Trey a little. For you Rand Paul Fans I was in that camp last Summer and part of the fall. I am looking for the best man for the US Senate not an image.
At end let me describe where the candidates decided too be. Paul and Grayson where in the auditorium with a few big supporters and the members of whatever press were there. Not the everyday folks. As the majority of people were leaving Bill Johnson was out in the “lobby” pressing the flesh and talking to the people. It was a great day for Bill Johnson

So I strongly urge you to get involved and donate what ever you can to support Johnson’s efforts. This can done by simply donating $5.00-$10.00 what ever you can to ensure that our true conservative values are truly represented not only for Kentucky but for all of America as well. You can send your donations here.
Photo credits to Michael Brown


17 responses to “Kentucky Bill: Campaign in Full Speed Mode

  1. My goodness, Erica! Why not just toss political red meat Campaign for Liberty into the Kentucky River piranhas to swarm in a feeding frenzy?
    I’ve eaten piranha. With a little salt they crunch in your mouth like potatoe chips!
    If you’ll excuse me I’ll go get a fresh cup of coffee and some chips (for Auld Lang Syne, sit back, and watch their frenzy!
    Hint: The political red meat is none other than Prince Randi the Appointed One. He is their own political offering upstream.
    Meanwhile, Bill can safely cross the political devide downstream.

  2. Great post, Erica! I still haven’t found the debate online and I am very disappointed about that.

    Note to Paul: “I am prolife” is not a debate point. Ted Kennedy used to say that, too.

    • Got a message on Twitter that videos should be up sometime today! Will try and keep you informed, but alas, with all of this snow I have been called into work at the hospital I had better get a nap!!!

  3. Erica,
    You have done a great job with this blog post. Bill’s answers were spot on each time he was questioned. Trey isn’t a bad guy, I just don’t agree with him on too many issues so I can’t support him. Rand on the other hand is not even candidate material, he is both rude and arrogant. That cough was intentionally forced there is no doubt in my mind. It sounded almost like a laugh hurled towards Bill. Everyone I talked to noticed it the same way and thought the same thing. The disrespect he showed the audience by his cocky, sloughing was sounded all over the halls after the debate, so he didn’t make any points for himself in western Kentucky Saturday!

    • Thanks Geketa, I so wish I could have been there but couldn’t find coverage at the hospital! We have to be diligent to get money flowing in for Bill now! We can do this!!!

  4. All aboard ! Bill is far and away the best to represent us in the Senate. His dignity, knowledge and manners were so odvious at the debate. I think the Rand supporters were embarrassed, and Rand was very uneasy.

    • Yes, I agree! Bill by far is the greater of the three to serve us diligently and be our voice in Washington! Thanks for taking the time to comment and you are welcomed back anytime! APN

  5. I wish I could have been there! I did get to listen to the debate, and what I learned was that Bill Johnson is the candidate of the three who actually has the wisdom and the determination to see Kentucky and the rest of the nation through this muddle called Obamanation. He has his confirmation in his pocket – a copy of the Constitution. This is his guideline for right and wrong in our government. Kentucky can’t go wrong electing a constitutional conservative to the US Senate.

    As for Rand Paul: I don’t care how many times he says, “I’m pro-life” it doesn’t make him anti-abortion. He can scream states rights until he’s blue in the face, but that doesn’t answer the big questions – does he support our nation or not? Does he support our safety and security? He doesn’t from what he said.

    Trey Grayson? If he’s the Republican Conservative that he says he is, he needs to associate himself with more of that same kind of person. Personally, I wouldn’t want an ex-anything as my supposed Republican Conservative in the Senate.

    Good job, Erica. The Bill Johnson truth and service machine is rolling full-speed. Next stop – May 18 in towns large and small all across Kentucky!

  6. I loved your blog theme! Did you develop it yourself or is it downloadalbe from somehwere?

  7. Erica – this sounds like such an exciting race! 2010 is shaping up to be an amazing year and I am SO glad that there are great people on the ground keeping me up to date with races. I look forward to hearing more about Bill Johnson and his campaign – are you volunteering for him?

  8. hey this blog is great. I’m glad I came by this blog. Maybe I can contribute in the near future. PM ME on Yahoo AmandaLovesYou702 Thank you day817

  9. I’m in for a donation here – praying that people wake up. Some Rand supporters are becoming beyond difficult to even discuss any ideas with, if you don’t follow exactly as they say then you are simply to be derided and ridiculed and run off. We need normal Americans to represent us and the respresentation must come from our state, not TEXAS!!!!

    • Lori, exactly! I have had to block certain ones on Facebook due to their constant badgering, I love a good debate but when they turn a deaf ear the debate is suddenly mute.

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