***News Flash*** Money Bomb For Bill Johnson of KY

Recently we’ve seen how effective the “money bombs” have worked for Sen.Scott Brown (R-MA). These tactics are being utilized in California, Florida and Texas to name a few. Now we in Kentucky are joining the cause to raise money for Bill Johnson to send him to Washington to be our voice and represent true conservative values and principles.

This coming week, starting Feb. 18th, the Conservative Political Action Conference will be held in Washington, DC. In honor of Conservatism and those who long to return the GOP to her Conservative roots we will Kick Off our MONEY BLAST this week, to run through February 27th

So I am asking that we continue the momentum that was set in Massachusetts back in January and donate whatever you can to take back our country and restore true conservative values and principles that we all hold dear.


H/T Conservative KY Gal


11 responses to “***News Flash*** Money Bomb For Bill Johnson of KY

  1. Easy to do!


    I encourage everyone to give a small donation today. You’ll be so glad that you did.

    • Adam you are so right, Bill Johnson is answering another call to serve his country and I am glad to see many rally around to support him!

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    News Flash*** Money Bomb For Bill Johnson of KY


  4. Thanks so much for clarifying Rand Paul’s positions. I am now going to pay more attention to Bill Johnson’s candidacy. I was worried that the Democrats would pick up this seat prior to Bill’s emergence.

  5. Stephanie, I think you will be most incredibly glad at what you’ll find by taking a close look at Bill Johnson. He has never failed to gain people’s trust and confidence in the 5 months I’ve been closely working for him.
    Thank you!

    • Yes, Dr. Duncan I have to agree, the more that hears Bill’s message the more we hear how he “commanded the room.” He is gaining momentum by leaps and bounds and I hope that anyone that reads my blog will take the time to learn more about Bill Johnson and his issues. Being an informed voter has the best advantage!

  6. Keep working ,great job!

  7. That was quite enjoyable, thanks a bunch! I’ll have to look at some of the other posts too…

  8. amazing stuff thanx 🙂

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