Kentucky’s Bill Johnson:DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY

“We are at a turning point in the history of our nation. Jobs are moving offshore, the economy is weak, taxes are increasing, and prosperity is fading. Our elected officials offer expanded government, more spending, and industry takeovers as the solution. Socialism will destroy our nation. “I am not a politician. I am a concerned citizen, military veteran, and businessman who believes it is time for new leadership in Washington. I want to be a voice for concerned citizens across the Bluegrass State who have ‘had enough’ of politicians violating our trust. As a Ronald Reagan Republican, I support:”
*Information Preparing Voters for Kentucky’s May 18, 2010 Primary Election
*Balanced Budgets and Paying off the Debt
*Cutting Marginal Tax Rates to Grow the Economy
*A Strong ‘Peace Through Strength’ Military
2nd Amendment Gun Rights and Ownership
*Personhood and Constitutional Rights for Unborn
*One Man and One Woman Marriage Amendment
*Sending Illegal Immigrants Home
*Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas Energy Use
*Building Nuclear Power Plants
*12 Year Term Limits For Senators

These words are what has drawn me to support Bill Johnson of Kentucky for the May primary to determine who will go forward to November to seek the nomination to fill the seat of retiring Senator Jim Bunning. We already have problems in Washington with the elitist and those who wish only to serve in order to further a political career at the expense of the tax payers. To learn more about one such candidates; Trey Grayson, I invite you to visit ” He’s a Republican in Name only ” [RINO]
After the terrorist attacks we endured on September 11, 2001, the Patriot Act was introduced. Many have attacked Johnson on his support of this legislation. Bill feels and I quote,

“The Patriot act simply improved information sharing. It gave law enforcement the same tools that have been used in the past to find drug dealers and organized crime leaders. I am amazed that when the same tools are used to find terrorist, everyone gets all upset. Just another example of Dr. Paul being weak on the defense of our nation.”

Rand Paul’s father wrote this article Reconsidering the Patriot Act. One would question if the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…hence Rand Paul
Another issue that I find concern regarding the Paul campaign is his stance on abortion and the morning after pill. I encourage you to read this; Rand Paul’s Position on the Morning After Pill and Partial Birth Abortion .
The Tea Party Movement which stands for “taxed enough already” is about having less taxes and less government in our lives… I too, support the fair tax and particularly agree with Johnson on his view as stated in this video.

I encourage all of you to get involved and support your candidate. Monetary donations of any denomination are always appreciated so I invite to click on the donate now tab and donate to send Bill Johnson to DC.


H/T Lisa Graas & Bill Johnson’s Gazette


10 responses to “Kentucky’s Bill Johnson:DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY

  1. Super blog post Erica! Very thorough, with great links.

  2. Great job, Erica! A good read filled with facts and truths about our candidate, Bill Johnson. He stands so much taller on the issues than either of his opponents, and it is easy to see why he is rapidly becoming the favorite in this race.

  3. Give me a candidate with some good ole fashion common sense ! Bill is the only one of the three of the front runners that displays any real common sense! Great post Erica !

  4. When considering leadership, as a veteran, I ask myself, “Would I follow this person into battle? Do I trust him with my life?”

    Johnson: YES/YES
    Paul: NO/NO
    Grayson NO/NO

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  6. Honor among pollers? Yes, this time!

    Louisville, CO – Magellan Strategies CEO David Flaherty today contacted US Senate candidate Bill Johnson and apologized to him personally for not included his name in Magellan… See More’s February 18th survey of likely Republican primary voters. Magellan CEO David Flaherty stated “It was a gross oversight on our part and we sincerely apologize for any problems this may have caused to the Johnson, Grayson and other Republican US Senate campaigns in Kentucky.”

    Flaherty continued, “The US Senate ballot test question from our February 18th survey is not accurate because Bill Johnson and other declared candidates were not included in the question. Without Bill Johnson and the other primary candidates included in the ballot test question the results are obviously not an accurate reflection of the Republican primary ballot that voters will choose from on May 18th.”

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