The race is on in Kentucky and Johnson is leading the Pack

Bill Johnson’s resume speaks for itself, he is not only a leader in business but has an extensive background in energy.

“While at GE, he was a corporate auditor and global information security manager. In addition to GE, Bill has worked for Kroll-O’Gara and Logical IT, both located in Cincinnati. Most recently, Bill was part of an international leadership team at BP, responsible for contracting and buying of over $1.2 billion of 3rd party goods and services. Throughout his career in business, Bill has cut costs, managed multi-million dollar budgets, led international teams, and delivered projects on time.
Bill’s military and business leadership has taken him to Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China, Azerbaijan, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Panama, Belgium, India, and Canada. Through these travels, he has interacted with diverse cultures and witnessed first hand why America is the land of opportunity.”

There is a lot of mud being slung here in Kentucky, Rand Paul and Trey Grayson appear to be trying to co-opt themselves as being the only true crusaders for the coal industry. I find this somewhat amusing. Paul is a successful opthamologist while Grayson is your career politician. However, both men feel as though they have the expertise to speak out on this most important industry not only for Kentucky but for America as well as we continue to try to resolve the energy crisis in which we face.
Paul makes this erroneous claim while attempting to sling the mud against the Grayson campaign.

There is no candidate who will stand up for Kentucky’s Coal Industry more than Rand Paul.

David Adams [Paul’s campaign manager] continues with this jab at Grayson.

“So we feel like going forward, that this is a zero emission, um, process, and as where some of these coal fire plants are being phased out, we need to probably, we need to bring nuclear on,” Grayson said. “And from a cost effectiveness standpoint, uh, they’re much more cost effective just because the cost to make a clean coal plant is so expensive that nuclear becomes a viable option.”

This bit of mud slinging has prompted Johnson to release a news release, I was shocked to see that it was written about by one who seems to be backing his opponent. You can view the news release here.
So voter’s in Kentucky, I ask you, who would you trust in making informed decisions regarding the energy crisis we face? A doctor, career politician [more of what we already have in Washington] or one who actually is “informed” on the issue.
Support Bill Johnson now by sending donations here.

Kentucky Quick Facts
Kentucky ranks third in the Nation in coal production. It accounts for about one-tenth of U.S. coal production and nearly one-fourth of U.S. production east of the Mississippi River.
Nearly one-third of all the coal mines in the Nation are found in Kentucky.
Coal-fired plants typically generate more than nine-tenths of the electricity produced in Kentucky.
The majority of Kentucky’s natural gas is supplied by pipeline from the Gulf Coast


11 responses to “The race is on in Kentucky and Johnson is leading the Pack

  1. We need this kind of experience in the US Senate. We need this kind of policy working for all of us. We need this resume dealing with the tough problems facing America.

    We need Bill Johnson as US Senator FOR Kentucky!

  2. Great report Patriotic Nurse! I’ll put money on that race in a heart beat!!

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  4. Bill has said he’d like to be on the Senate Energy Committee. Unless I’m mistaken, he would be the first sitting Senator in history with an energy background.
    I think that would be most appropriate!

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  7. Erica, Have you seen this? I certainly do respect Flaherty.

    Louisville, CO – Magellan Strategies CEO David Flaherty today contacted US Senate candidate Bill Johnson and apologized to him personally for not included his name in Magellan… See More’s February 18th survey of likely Republican primary voters. Magellan CEO David Flaherty stated “It was a gross oversight on our part and we sincerely apologize for any problems this may have caused to the Johnson, Grayson and other Republican US Senate campaigns in Kentucky.”

    Flaherty continued, “The US Senate ballot test question from our February 18th survey is not accurate because Bill Johnson and other declared candidates were not included in the question. Without Bill Johnson and the other primary candidates included in the ballot test question the results are obviously not an accurate reflection of the Republican primary ballot that voters will choose from on May 18th.”

  8. Lots of Fantastic information in your blogpost, I favorited your blog post so I can visit again in the future, All the Best

    • Vicky, Thank you and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to comment. Always glad to have positive feedback~ APN ~

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