**Johnson, KY’s US Senate Candidate Releases News Release**

Earlier today a joint press release was sent out by both Trey Grayson and Bill Johnson. You can see the joint news release here.
Johnson felt compelled to release his own news release…..


ELKTON — Kentucky GOP Senate Candidate Bill Johnson today issued the following statement about the joint Friends of Trey Grayson/Johnson Senate Committee press release:

“I will remain my own candidate in this Republican primary race for the U.S. Senate. Dr. Paul agrees with my positions on fiscal issues and Mr. Grayson agrees with my positions on social/moral issues. However, I stand alone on matters of energy independence and the defense of our nation; both critical to voters of Kentucky

“As a veteran and business leader experienced in the field of energy and national defense, I have the background necessary to lead in the U.S Senate. As a Friend of Coal, I will work to eliminate the Federal Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and return those responsibilities to the states. We need to mine for coal, drill for oil, and build power plants right here in Kentucky. Voters can trust that as a veteran who defended our nation in the first gulf war, I will always stand strong on national defense and border protection.

“The May 18th Primary is critical to our future. We need a U.S. Senator who is correct on all the issues important to Kentucky.”


6 responses to “**Johnson, KY’s US Senate Candidate Releases News Release**

  1. Bill Johnson is his own man ! He will be beholden to no one except the voters of Kentucky ! nuff said!

  2. You ain’t seen nothing yet!
    It’s been said that voters are looking for someone different. Bill isn’t different. He’s like all great former statesmen who have come before him.
    That’s just such a rarity these days that it seems different.
    Trustworthy, confident, and dedicated, he is a true leader among us.

    • Yes, I would have to agree, finding someone with those characteristics and especially in DC is indeed a rarity! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Hope you come back and learn more about this stateman! ~APN~

  3. Bill Johnson is the first there and the last to leave every time. I am now in his camp after a lot of research.

    • Glad to have you on board, we are growing by leaps and bounds regardless of what the “Pauler’s” are saying on blogs and threads on Facebook!!! Thank you for taking time to comment, I greatly appreciate it! ~APN~

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