The Light Shines Bright on Kentucky Bill

I had the privilige of attending the 22nd Annual Oldham County Lincoln Day Dinner last night and oh what a night it was! The crowd was a diverse group with attendance being reported as being over 200. This event was sponsored by,The Oldham County Republican Party, county chairwoman Anne Gernstein did an excellent job preparing this event. State Representative, David Osborne was our emcee for the event. We sang “My Old Kentucky Home,” made allegiance to the flag and blessings were lifted up by State Senator, Ernie Harris.
All three candidates running for the Senate Seat being vacated by Sen. Jim Bunning was in attendance and were the highlight of the evening. The emcee set the ground rules for their speeches and each were informed of a time restraint of five [5] minutes. St. Rep. Osborne then proceeded to introduce each candidate with the exception of one [1]. He wanted to do his own introduction!! Sec. of State Trey Grayson was at the podium first, he hit on his platform and why he would be the best candidate to better serve those of us that can actually cast a vote in the race. Then true to form, the seasoned candidate began to attack his opponent on issues such as Gitmo, [Sultan Knish ]

Rand Paul “couldn’t agree more” with those who believe Guantanamo has “significantly damaged the reputation of the United States” and who want to “see it shut down.” – (Rand Paul official campaign web site post, posted by the site Administrator, 5/25/09)

“It’s unclear whether these people are guilty or not guilty… So I really think deportation or sending them back to their country of origin might be the best way to go. And none of it’s fair, because some of them have been held years and years without trial… and you deport them to the countries where they were captured…”

Rand Paul on Gitmo prisoners on Alex Jones, 5/21/09

I am sure Rand Paul was wanting to crawl under the table by now, but wait it gets better! When Grayson had finished a modest round of applause was heard about the room. Bill Johnson, was next at the podium [ yep, he wanted to do his own introduction]. He gave us his background and his reasons why he was drawn to serve once again this great country. He made it clear that he is running on the three R’s “Ronald Reagan Republican“..the crowd broke into applause. He informed us that it was Reagan that had first inspired him to serve in the military and that it was Barack Obama that inspired him to once again step up to serve our country and lead her back to the very principles in which Reagan stood for. He spoke of his leadership abilities and his history working with energy of all kinds; coal, oil and nuclear. With each statement, Johnson was interupted by applause, if there had been a meter for the amount of applause the winner would clearly been Bill Johnson!
Finally but not least [ they were going alphabetically] we got to hear from Dr. Rand Paul. The good doctor came to the podium, looking somewhat pale and tired, attributing his appearance as being getting over a cold. I am sure the stress of the road weighs heavily on each of the candidates but apparently it weighs on him more than the other two as he stated,

I’d like to say that I’m happy to be here but the fact is that I’d prefer to be back at home with my family and that its been a it’s a real grind to have to go to all these LDD’s.

What a way to win votes from the very people that invited him there! He gave his usual ad nauseum reasons why he is the better candidate. However it wasn’t a message that resonated well with the people in attendance that had spent good hard earned money to attend this event and hear the platforms of each candidate. He mingled for a few minutes and was seen leaving quickly with his “goofer”, David Adams [campaign manager] following close behind. Grayson was seen to mingle and shake hands but it was Bill Johnson who was the last to leave. It was great hearing people come up and offer their support and tell them how they really enjoyed his message and many took business cards, Election Gazettes, bumper stickers to help get his message out! Another awesome event for a man of DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY.

Donations appreciated!
***UPDATE*** Video: Bill Johnson’s Speech at Oldham County Lincoln Day Dinner

***UPDATE 2**** due to my haste in getting this story out, I made a slight error in reporting the order of speakers, it was Dr. Paul, Bill Johnson, Trey Grayson- however the content remains the same! ~APN~


22 responses to “The Light Shines Bright on Kentucky Bill

  1. Please tell me Rand Paul DIDN’T really say that! What is the man’s problem? Either he wants to win the election or he doesn’t, and I think he has made it as clear as he can that he doesn’t want to win the election! I think Kentucky voters should grant his wish!

    • Oh but he DID!!! What a way to win over voters in Kentucky???!!!! Bill Johnson looks great, full of energy and biting the bit to get his word out!

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  3. Surely the Paul campaign is imploding? Now he doesn’t even wait to ignore his hosts, he says right from the start that he’d rather not be there? WOW, that’s a big sign. Who’s trying to keep him in this race? He so obviously doesn’t want to be bothered. Seems like he’d much prefer a coronation to all the hard work of campaigning for votes.

    • A coronation would be befitting, maybe we can find a place that needs a King because Kentucky surely doesn’t want or need someone with that kind of attitude!

  4. Margaret Collier

    Glad to have met you last night at Oldham County Lincoln Day dinner. The whimper and whine of Rand Paul was certainly a turn off. It was truly wonderful when Rep. David Osborne enforced the 5 minute rule, by switching off the microphone when Trey Grayson deliberately ignored it. Could this be an indication of his perceived “entitlement” ? The Paul/Grayson exchanges were reminiscent of 7 year olds on the playground…am not/are too. Bill Johnson was extraordinary. He was direct, offered solutions to problems, and distinguished himself by being the adult in the presentation and remaining above the bickering.
    Prospect Lady a.k.a Conservative Margaret

    • Awesome meeting you as well! I was truly in my element last night and loved the entire affair! Bill Johnson was truly the highlight of the evening and yes he surpassed the “7 yr olds” and their juvenile behavior by far!!

  5. Great Post ! I love the video too. Bill out shines them all no matter where he goes. He is direct and to the point no fluff no double talk just good ole common sense . Kentucky can relate to that kind of politics.

    • Thanks so much, I have to make an update and link back to Lisa’s blog, Kelly videotaped the speech! He is really gaining momentum!

  6. Oh Erica! What a great summary!
    Dr. Rand Paul expects a crown, not to have to campaign, oh the injustice of it all! Boo hoo hoo! Why’s my daddy making me run in this race???!!! Ha! I love it!

  7. It was great to watch Bill completely dominate last night.
    Grayson has been around so long that he’s stale. Time for a cool change. He certainly gave me the appearance of thinkning he was the hometown hero who peaked 4 years ago.
    Rand? Just amazing? What an ass.
    Additionally, he trashed Indiana’s legislators on earmarks with invited S. IN GOP officials at the head tables.
    He’s a walking social gaffe!

    • Yes I agree, I doubt that Congressman Geoff Davis, (KY-4) approved of his demeanor or behavior! Especially as his daughter is married to a “hoosier” and they are expecting a little “hoosier” this summer! Not to mention that Anne Gernstein, County Chairwoman had 2 very special friends that she had invited from Indiana in attendance. It appears the “small man syndrome” peaked once again!

  8. Unbelievable. Oh, I believe you when you say Rand said “I’d like to say that I’m happy to be here but the fact is that I’d prefer to be back at home with my family and that its been a it’s a real grind to have to go to all these LDD’s.”……I just can’t believe it!

    He’s insulted potential voters in Adair County, Barren County and now in Oldham. (I’m still shaking my head….and….slap me…..grinning a bit…..)

  9. Erica, what a great review of an exciting event. Kentucky will be better off with a true conservative like Bill Johnson! Why did Rand Paul even register as a Republican? Bill Johnson has my out-of-state support! I will be donating to his campaign this week. 2010 is the year that conservatives take back our country!

    • Thank you T for your support and I will let Bill know that he has support from another great Patriot in this fight to take back our country! Johnson is amazing, standing strong on principles and values that mirror those of Ronald Reagan! We appreciate your support!! (#bff)

  10. SmalltalkwithT:
    I only regret that you may not have an opportunity to meet Bill. For the candidate “they” say can’t win he sure has them all running scared!
    Join us on FB and follow his progress. You can email him at, too.
    Please check out his website at .
    Welcome aboard!

  11. Superb post – and good domain by the way!

  12. SmalltalkwithT: As does David, I welcome you aboard the “good ship Johnson”. We all appreciate any effort that you expend on behalf of Bill. He is truly the epitome of conservative core values and is head and shoulders above all candidates in the Senate race in Kentucky. A vote for Bill is a vote to retain America.

    As for Erica…it was truly an honor to meet you at the dinner. As usual, a wonderfully written piece. I look forward to working with you all to get Bill elected to the U.S. Senate.

    • Thank you for showing some good ole Kentucky love for my friend in Florida..she is a true Patriot thru and thru! Great meeting you too, it only has me energized to do more to help Bill restore the city on the hill!

  13. We are going to win this freedom war one local and state election at a time till the 2010 election where we send all the progressives, liberals, and RINO’s home!

    • Yes we will, it is our duty as Americans to bring back the values and principles this nation was founded upon by our founding fathers.

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