Open Letter To The People Of Kentucky Regarding The US Senate Race

While addressing the Clark County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner tonight, Rand Paul’s Campaign Manager, David Adams [above photo], made a stunning revelation. Rand Paul is running a national campaign to be the next US Senator from Kentucky.

MSNBC, CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and national print media exposure has been carefully orchestrated to garner national support, influence, money, prestige, and recognition.

We know that 90% of his $2 million has come from outside the Commonwealth.

We know that his “Spring Break in Kentucky” is for training astroturf campaign workers from outside of Kentucky and that he has rental lodging for them to stay in.

We know that Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty is coordinating this national effort.

We know that the Republican Party of Kentucky is powerless to stop it.

Should Rand Paul win the US Senate race in Kentucky this year it will be the first time in Kentucky’s history that the rest of the nation elected our Senator.

We certainly won’t be the ones electing him.

How do we know? Well, for example, Rand Paul didn’t bother to send a representative to the Pike County Republican Women’s LDD last night. Why not? Well, for one thing, he’s got this all sewn up of course. I think he’s got hard feelings towards the guest speaker, Congressman Hal Rogers, so he blew off the entire Republican party in the heart of the coal region. Some “Friend of Coal.”

He’s no “Friend of Coal.” He’s no friend of Kentucky, people. Look closely at the fox in our henhouse. He’s buying his way to the General Election when the media will pull out all the stops to shatter him so they can get a another Democrat into the US Senate.

Only 10 weeks left. What’s amazing is I can’t find too many people that say they actually respect the man for personal integrity. Everyone knows the citizens are seeing Ron Paul campaigning behind Rand Paul with Sarah Palin’s misguided endorsement.

I have greater confidence in the people of Kentucky. We must end this outside national interference and meddling in our internal affairs.

Bill Johnson has made it clear from day one [1] that he strongly stands for the true conservative values that mirror that of Ronald Reagan. He has ran a legitimate campaign by merely taking his message to the people of Kentucky that actually are the only ones able to vote in this primary. Given they are registered as either Republican or Democrats, Independents are unable to cast a vote until the general election. Rand Paul has stated his reasons for running as a Republican in this election…

I know that third party candidates can’t win in KY. Although I’m a libertarian at heart, I’ve decided to run as a Republican. Once I win I’ll be able to promote my father’s principles and work towards reforming the Republican party”. ~ Rand Paul, 2009

So I ask the voters of Kentucky do they want someone who is only running to further the cause and platform of their father or do they want someone who is willing to once again answer the call of service not only to Kentuckians but Americans as well. I will take DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY any day over more of the same of what we have in DC. So Kentuckians if you really want to show the nation that here in Kentucky we are capable of making up our own minds regarding the candidate we choose to vote for then I beseech you to become informed and not let the “main stream media” dictate to you or influence your vote…

H/T Dr. David Duncan


10 responses to “Open Letter To The People Of Kentucky Regarding The US Senate Race

  1. Thanks for putting this great piece in your blog! This is information that needs to be shared. Kudos Dr. Duncan!

  2. Erica, thank you for your excellent post and educating people on what’s really going on in this senate race! Since I have started talking to people about Bill Johnson and telling them why I am supporting him, they have had no idea what Dr. Paul is even about. I have heard over and over again that all they know is that he’s Ron Paul’s son, and that they think he is a better or worse choice than Trey Grayson. They have planned their votes on either being for or against Mr. Grayson, instead of for Rand Paul. Many are grateful and pleased at having another choice besides the “politician” and the “politician’s son”! I am confident that the more we educate the public about where Bill stands on the important issues in Kentucky, the closer we will be to victory on May 18th! Thank you for everything you do!

    • THANK YOU, Kim and everyone that is working diligently to get Bill’s message out! I, too, am seeing more and more people that fully don’t understand just where Paul is coming from or exactly what he has in-store for those of us in KY. Many are leaving and joining Bill’s campaign as he is clearly the “true conservative” we have in this race!

  3. When its all said and done Kentucky will have to ask itself if we were led to a position of strength and security by Johnson or hoodwinked by a LIRNO (Libertarean In Republican Name Only) named Rand Paul.
    After all, the Paul campaign factors in the stereotypical dumb Kentuckian image we’ve all grown tired of.
    We have 10 weeks before the primary to find out.

    • Love the “LIRNO” That is priceless, yes his tactics are becoming somewhat tiresome and in no way reflects the true conservative Kentuckian.

  4. People of Kentucky, this is really a serious time for our state. We must have representation that puts the values of Kentucky first. A man with Christian and Constitutional values that represent us, not personal political gain. Seek out Bill Johnson. Learn what he stands for. Talk to those around you. Duty-Honor-Country is what you will find … See more of what Bill Johnson is about. We need him in Washington representing us. I repeat this is really a serious time in our history. Please take the time to check Bill’s background out. I think you will like what you see!

    • I so appreciate you taking the time to visit and to make a comment! Couldn’t agree with you more about Bill Johnson and all that he represents! I honestly believe he would be the best to serve Kentucky and America!

  5. Erica,thank you for posting the link to this letter. I am in the Tea party in Lou, & we have a Debate planned this Saturday, March 13, @ Evangel Church, Billtown Road & Gene Snyder Xway. 10:00am-12:00pm. So far, only Johnson & Paul have committed. fyi…pls come up & hear more, I’m hoping alot of Jeff/Bullitt/Nelson/Hardin Countians, etc can decide after this debate, bcs May 18 is coming fast. TY!

    • Thank you for commenting! I am going to try to come this saturday, its hard for me due to working Thurs.-Sat. nights, I get off at 7 am and have to be back at work that evening by 6:45, Bill Johnson has the most conservative voice in this race and I hope that others can see thru the manipulation of the Paul campaign. They technically are just bringing more of what we already have in DC. It shouldn’t be about who can raise the most money but who is best to represent the people of KY in the senate. Bill, by far is my choice!

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