There Is More Than Just Horses Running In Kentucky

There is more than just horses running here in Kentucky! May is not only the month that we enjoy the run for the roses but it is also the month that we will hold our primary for the U.S. senate. As with the derby the clear winner won’t be known until they cross that finish line!
We have three [3] distinct personalities running for the seat to be vacated by retiring Sen. Jim Bunning.
Like horse races we all have our favorites that we want to win, my “horse” is Bill Johnson. He has proven to me to be the true conservative voice in this race. He has the leadership capabilities needed to bring jobs to Kentucky, he has a strong business background overseeing a multi-billion dollar corporation. With that experience I feel it would enable him to be able to bring jobs to the bluegrass. Johnson, is also a decorated 1st Gulf War Vet. Having served our country, his military experience would be beneficial with national security being an important part of our every day life now. He strongly supports the NRA and is firm about our rights to bear arms. He is passionate about the rights of the unborn and strongly supports Federal Personhood Amendment. The 14th amendment clearly states,

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws

Returning to the states to decide the abortion issue would clearly be in violation of amendment, as the unborn is “life” and deserves equal protection. Johnson also stands firm on marriage and family. Johnson’s opponent Dr. Rand Paul,claims to be pro-life but seems to waiver a bit when putting stimulations and suggesting that the “morning after pill,” would be permissible given the circumstance. Paul has gained a lot of following not only here in Kentucky but throughout the country as being the son of Texas Sen. Ron Paul, who has a large following of supporters from Campaign for Liberty.Trying to reform the Republican Party is not my idea of a true conservative. Paul knows his father’s agenda like the back of his hand and has promoted this agenda around the country. He has angered little old ladies and has complained about this or that. What will he do in DC? Now he has even gone as far as to write off the The Metropolitan Republican Women’s Club (of Louisville), an affiliate member of the Kentucky Federation of Republican Women, has, for many months, been organizing a Public Forum for all of the Republican senatorial candidates as a public service to the citizens of Kentucky. Those roses could be starting to slip away!
Our last but not least “horse” in this race is Sec. of State Trey Grayson. He is backed by the elite in DC and is often referred to as being “prepared” to do this job. Is this really what we what in DC, more of the same of what we have now, politicians that are only seeking office as a career as opposed to wanting to serve and represent the people that send them to DC to be our voice but only seek to gain power and prestige. I will say that Grayson’s campaign manager [Nate Hodson] does know some things about polling in March that I find humorous.
So the field is set and the horses are in the starting gate, it is up to the voters of Kentucky to declare a winner and I am putting my money on Johnson and I am hoping that you will too! After all we have more to gain than………..


7 responses to “There Is More Than Just Horses Running In Kentucky

  1. Terrific analogy Erica!! I like this post, and I really enjoyed that picture of “I wish I were somewhere else” Paul! LOL

    • Thanks Adam, I am surprised that this race isn’t getting the national attention it deserves, the U.S. Kentucky senate race is gearing up to be quite entertaining! From RINOs [republicans in name only] to LIRNO [libertarians in republican name only] to A TRUE Conservative and that being Bill Johnson! I keep saying the race isn’t over until the horse crosses the finish line, we are close to derby, it was my inspiration! Because as we have witnessed many times before the long shot in the race often becomes the winner!

  2. Excellent Erica! I agree 100%, the only transformation we need is our leaders and we plan to transform them back to whatever they were doing before they got their cushy, “don’t read the bills”, “spend more tax payer’s money”, “don’t have to listen to my constituents” jobs. Thank God my eyes were opened early in this race to the fact that not only was my congressman not listening, but that I couldn’t even get questions answered by the yayhoos that were running in the senate race! With one awesome exception…Bill Johnson! He not only answers, but he has the same conservative, from the gut answers every time, no matter who the audience is…how refreshing is that? Godspeed Bill Johnson! Thanks again Erica!

    • I agree Kim, it is time they be held accountable for the job that WE send them to do. You are very right about Bill Johnson, he never waivers or fails to live up to his values and prinicples that he holds dear..Indeed, God Speed Bill Johnson!

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