Woman Without A Candidate In Kentucky

 Political campaigns have always been about those who can raise the most money, who can rally the most supporters, who has the ability to lead the best offence and or defense. This pretty much describes the US senate race here in Kentucky. What we don’t have is the one candidate that is willing to represent the will of the people, that candidate is no longer in the race. Why, you might ask? He didn’t have a high-profile father in politics nor did he have the “big boys” in Washington prepping him for the campaign.
Last April 15, 2009 I attended a tea party held in my hometown, it was a brisk cold, rainy day but a large group gathered to hear about how we as a group could join together and take our country back from the tyranny we see now in Washington. We had a message to send to the occupants of DC regardless of party affiliations. We wanted better representation without taxation. We wanted a smaller government with less intrusion into our personal lives. The Tea Party movement has grown by leaps and bounds bringing about many private citizens stepping up to serve their country. Not because of a desire of power or prestige but one of service to the people, to be their voice, to represent them at every cost. I feel that many now in this race as well as many across the country are seeing that the real Tea Party message is being co-opted and people are being misled. To me, and this is my opinion, as it is my blog, the message has been lost with money, power, deceit, lies..all things we are seeing coming from Washington. I now feel like a “woman without a candidate to support.” There is not one that delivers a message that resonates within me to support them.
The issues that are important to me are being muddled by the messengers and often different tunes are being sung, depending on to whom they are singing for. This is not what I expect from someone who I use my constitutional right when voting. I have lost the one who spoke with conviction and passion that truly walked the walk and talked the talk.
As American’s we cannot take the chance of being swayed by those who wave the big bucks in our faces while trying to “reform the republican party.” I think Lincoln said it best when he stated…

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

We must continue to seek out the person that is willing to be our voice, to be our protector, to serve the will of the people. We should not be “snubbed” by our candidates for are they not seeking to represent us? Women voters are a majority of the electorate, candidates its time you listen to us and time to stop taking our votes for granted.


11 responses to “Woman Without A Candidate In Kentucky

  1. Well said Erica! I share your sadness at the state of affairs our political process has become.

    I do however plan to continue to expose Rand Paul as the truly dangerous candidate, who would twist anything and everything said or done to further the plan of the libertarians and gain a seat in the Senate!

    • Thank you, I didn’t mention any one particular candidate but the one you speak of does come to mind as he clearly snubbed the women of Kentucky recently..MRWC PUBLIC FORUM CANCELLED!

      Ran Paul ungraciously cancelled due to a work conflict, or so he says. The Campaign Manager for Rand Paul, David Adams left a message on my voice mail on the evening of March 4, 2010, indicating that Rand Paul was withdrawing from the Public Forum. This message was sent 13 days from the date of my confirmation letter to all the candidates. It would have been a simple, common courtesy to at least advise of a misunderstanding, disagreement, scheduling conflict, or whatever reason immediately upon receipt of the letter dated February 18, 2010. To wait 13 days while dedicated volunteers labored and expenses were incurred is unacceptable. Our expenses include among other things hall rental, insurance, and printing. These are not insignificant.

      We waited until this late date to cancel the Public Forum, in hopes that Rand Paul would reconsider. Also, Bill Johnson announced last week that he was pulling out of the US Senate race. Two of the four candidates committed to participating in the Public Forum cancelled within the last 2 weeks. We are hoping to recoup our expenses and hope that by cancelling the Forum we are able to do so.

      MRWC, an affiliate member of KFRW, has been organizing the forum for many months as a public service to the citizens of our state. This is particularly true since KET will not be televising a debate this year.

      For your information, my records indicate that on Dec 21, 2009, during a telephone conversation, David Adams confirmed that Rand Paul would participate in the MRWC Public Forum on March 17, 2010, in Louisville. I then followed up on this discussion with a detailed letter dated February 18, 2010. I not only mailed this letter to the Paul headquarters, but I hand delivered the letter to the candidate at the Jefferson County Lincoln Dinner on that date. I spoke with Rand Paul personally and he never gave any indication whatsoever that he would not attend. My confirmation letter was abundantly clear that Paul and 3 other candidates had committed to participate in the event

      KFRW is a strong force statewide in electing Republican candidates at all levels and has played an important role for over 50 years. Women voters are a majority of the electorate, and we are saddened by Dr. Paul’s failure to recognize our entire organization’s importance in the election process. Ladies, we need to remember Rand Paul’s SNUB! Actions speak louder than words!

      Julie A. Harris Hinson

      Hence the word “snubbed”…

  2. I will continue to be a 9/12’er but the tea party can have what they have made of it…a mess.

  3. Sadly enough for many years I have felt like you do now Erica.I have not had a candidate in most races here in Kentucky. In 08 we got Alan Keyes as a write in on the ballot. What makes me angry and sad at the same time is every time citizens try to put something together like the tea party movement or even the 9/12 it gets co-opted by some politician or political activist group with an agenda.

    • Yes, Geketa..it is a very hard decision to make, none of them speak regarding issues that I can honestly stand behind and support.

  4. Bill Johnson will be getting my vote on primary day. He earned it while the other two, Rand Paul and Trey Grayson, have not. Bill Johnson is the prime example of “grassroots”. Many in Kentucky get it while most didn’t. Kentucky and the Country will suffer in the end.

  5. While working with Johnson and the volunteers I kept wondering why they did not offer broader support for him. After all, was he not the citizen candidate we were hankering for?
    I realize that the tea Partiers are a loosely bound group of voters who feel Taxed Enough Already but not kicked by Washingtonian politics enough and, at least in KY, have no true direction.
    Paul certainly is taking advantage of that and as for Palin…I will never understand.
    Not all of us are ill informed or ignorant of this process. We simply cannot do more to stop it.
    Johnson will be remembered in the light under which he campaigned. Kentucky will have to swallow the load they elect, I fear.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more! Sad in so many ways, they talk of wanting real change but in the end they are getting just what we have but with a different spin to it!

  6. The primaries are coming up. I feel like we’ve got to choose the lesser of two evils between two McCain-type “Republicans”.
    Are Grayson and Paul the only candidates left? They might as well be, as no one else has their sponsorship, right?

    Can a non-conservative Republican beat Yarmuth?

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