An Attack From Within: March 21, 2010

In many ways March 21, 2010 can be a day that could be compared with September 11, 2001. How you might ask? On September 11th, we were attacked by an outside force but on March 21st, we were attacked within, by our very own government. A government that refused to listen to the will of the people. They single handily passed a reform that the “majority of the people” did not want, with no regard to the ramifications that could have a lasting effect not only for us in the here and now but for generations to come. It was appalling to hear Speaker Nancy Pelosi make this claim! We need to pass a bill that hasn’t been read? The deals that were made behind closed doors in secret do nothing to promote bi-partisanship in our current form of government. It is an insult to the American people to even suggest that they have our best interest at heart. They have an agenda, and that is to change the very foundation of our country. Al Sharpton words may very well come back to haunt him but in reality they now feel a sense of being the “all-powerful” and claims such as these should not go unnoticed. Ohio should be proud of their conservative son, Congressman John Boehner delivered a powerful passionate message to this administration, one that will live no doubt into infamy………………………………………….

The time is now, to remind this speaker that its time to remember the dignity of the American people ……Stand Strong, Stand together, United we stand, Divided we fall…..


7 responses to “An Attack From Within: March 21, 2010

  1. Excellent post

  2. I was very proud of Boehner’s speech, and I was surprised because I didn’t expect him to be as effective as he was. He challenged the Speaker who refused to answer him – not once but three or four times. What kind of House are they running? One filled with corruption, ignorance and duplicity and they WILL live to regret it.

    The American people are way past angry. Look out, liberals! Your numbers are UP!

    • Thank you Mariee, he delivered the speech with gut-felt emotion, that could only be mustered by a true conservative. I tip my hat to him and stand with him in solidarity! Yes, the leftist progressives will fear us come this November and in 2 years after that. We’ve only begun!

  3. I love John Boehner! I’m very proud of him, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan and all the House Republicans who stood strong against this! LET’S REPEAL THIS THING!

    • Precisely Lisa, it is evident who truly cares about the will of the people and those who are intent on helping carry the torch of socialism for the current administration!

  4. We could use a couple of hundred more like Boehner: Guts, spine, integrity, a willingness to speak what he believes regardless of the backlash.

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