Faithfully He Brings True Justice..

Monday of Holy Week 2010, starts out with this prolific scripture…………………………………

Isaiah 42:1-7
Here is my servant whom I uphold,
my chosen one in whom my soul delights.
I have endowed him with my spirit
that he may bring true justice to the nations.

He does not cry out or shout aloud,
or make his voice heard in the streets.
He does not break the crushed reed,
nor quench the wavering flame.

Faithfully he brings true justice;
he will neither waver, nor be crushed
until true justice is established on earth,
for the islands are awaiting his law.

Thus says God, the Lord,
he who created the heavens and spread them out,
who gave shape to the earth and what comes from it,
who gave breath to its people
and life to the creatures that move in it:

‘I, the Lord, have called you to serve the cause of right;
I have taken you by the hand and formed you;
I have appointed you as covenant of the people and light of the nations,

‘to open the eyes of the blind,
to free captives from prison,
and those who live in darkness from the dungeon.’

We have witnessed the “main stream media’s” accounts of things that have come to pass with the passing of the Health-Care reform bill. I share Lady Libertas’ Inspiration for a Sunday. The main stream media would like for you to think that it is those of us involved in the Tea Party movement that are the ones being indignant, disrespectful. We are not, as mentioned in the earlier scripture; we are being “freed from our captives,” our very own government. The one we placed so much trust in to do what is in our best interest. But yet, they have failed us miserably. They have ignored us, berated us, and have placed the chains of bondage on us once again. I pray for deliverance, I pray for peace, I pray for justice in the name of our Lord!
Kudos for secularstupiddd and for the great work in capturing the truth on film….A huge H/T to Lady Libertas and to Secularstupiddd

Rasmussen’s latest assessment regarding the health-care plan states…..

One week after the House of Representatives passed the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats, 54% of the nation’s likely voters still favor repealing the new law. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 42% oppose repeal.

It is not that we don’t want to help our fellow-man with appropriate health care, but the bill as it is written goes way and above what we feel is appropriate. We’ve done preventative care, we will continue, this bill only adds to the rising cost of not only health-care but to the taxation without representation that we’ve witnessed thus far. My prayers are with a nation that is divided, a prayer for unity or if we fail, we will surely fall……


12 responses to “Faithfully He Brings True Justice..

  1. Thank you Erica for the inspirational post. I believe God is still on the side of this nation and her people, Americans all over are waking up to what’s happening to freedom and liberty, I’m thankful for that, and I’m thankful for Americans like you!! “Freedom prospers where religion is vibrant and the rule of law under god is acknowledged” -Ronald Reagan- God bless you and this nation!!!

  2. Erica,

    Is it wrong to pry for peace yet prepare for war?

    I am torn, here. My King says everything will be alright yet my eyes tell me differently. Such an internal battle right now!

    • No, Donald,I don’t think its ever wrong to pray for peace. War is inevitable due to the nature of man-kind and the nature of free will. We are all torn at this point but in the end, we shall prevail for he holds for us the truth, justice and a love that is never ending.

  3. Good post, Erica. I don’t think that we will be having civil war in this country just yet, but I do think that if, after the election, the people we elect do not work tirelessly to roll these things back……….the frustration level among conservatives is going to multiply exponentially.

    • I agree, Lisa and hope that a civil war can be prevented! But you are dead on that the ones we elect have to be held accountable, for if not…I can only imagine the outrage across this country..

  4. Your words and posts continue to inspire and uplift patriots, Erica. We do have to hold those we elect in November to their conservative values, integrity, and convictions. Career politicians are no longer needed in this country. Those we elect get one term to make a difference and correct the wrongs of this corrupt administration or we will bring them home and send another in their place. Our country cannot tolerate politics as usual, non-transparency, and corruption which is what we have now.
    God bless America.

    • Yes, T, I so term and if you don’t follow protocol and do the will of the people, then back home they should go! I was thinking of this earlier, when seeing a commercial, an ad for our up-coming mayor’s race. It was then I realized that it often starts locally and then exacerbates on to the national level. Our current Mayor has held the office for “20” years!!!! His nick-name is mayor for life..he will be leaving this year..we cannot afford for this type of candidate to do our bidding for its often lost in the process!

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  6. Thanks for sharing this information. Ive learned alot from it.keep on writing interesting topics. Thanks

  7. Clear and concise article thanks for sharing!! I keep thinking we r not alone and I am sure the more peeps that read your post will understand that we are not! the disgust of this administration is beyond the pale Erica.. i have lived through a lot of them and I do know hate when I see it! they hate america and the people that strive to be better..Bad is good … good is bad.. The left is an upside down representation of america ..they have no value only indecisive godless rules that hav tragic consequences! the aclu has made sure we are all suffering under the lefts thumb .I am not sure how much more some will take??? Its a dilema.Peeps fought gave their lives only to see a son of a bitch with a sick mind take away what they fought for .. Its not a good seniaro.. oh well ..keep writting and Ill keep reading thank you again…..

    by the way lovely pic of you … just beautiful! * hugs*

  8. teaching info,thanks

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