Conservative Change For Kentucky:Lt.Col.Todd Lally

A Patriotic Nurse is proud to endorse Todd Lally for Congress. Lally is running to unseat incumbent John Yarmouth (D-KY) who has aligned himself with Pelosi, Reid, and Obama and has supported them with their attempts to dismantle this country and usurp the very principles in which this nation was founded upon. Like Sen. Scott Brown Todd is a private citizen who has decided to answer the call to duty once again to restore, protect and defend America. Some interesting facts regarding Todd Lally is that he:

Is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Kentucky Air National Guard and a pilot on the C-130 Hercules. Having served in the military for 22 years, he is a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. He is graduate of the Academy of Military Science and the Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Center and the Air-Operations Officer for the 123rd Contingency Response Group, a rapidly deployable force that can open and conduct airlift missions out of remote or damaged airfields. This group is the first Air Force personnel to arrive at a location to survey the airfield and perform combat or humanitarian operations. Lally is the recipient of two Air Medals. The first medal was for flying 50 missions into war torn Bosnia supplying the civilian population with food and medicine. The second medal was for saving a Seattle man’s life in the Atlantic Ocean. He also is a crash investigator for the U.S. Air Force.

On the issues Lally is a strong candidate and therefore my choice to be my voice in Washington:

The only candidate who has a record of supporting right to life, traditional marriage, and believes our country should have judges on the Supreme Court who strictly follow the Constitution and will resist judicial activism. Todd is very proud to have been endorsed by Kentucky Right to Life in his run for the Kentucky’s Third Congressional District.

On the topic of health-care Lally feels:

Our healthcare system is in more trouble now than it has ever been. With the passage of Obamacare, we have stepped into new territory. We have redefined the relationship between taxpayer dollars and funding for abortion, we have enacted the first federal mandate that every US citizen must purchase a product.

Lally feels strongly about Taxes:

In this greatest land of opportunity, “wealthy” has become a dirty word with certain politicians. Given that many of these people are entrepreneurs and small business owners, attacking them into submission doesn’t just hurt them, but the dozens and hundreds of employees they may lay off. I will not continue the congressional policies of creeping up the middle-class tax burden or punishing small business owners. Instead, I favor a tax code that lets ALL Americans keep more of their hard-earned money.

As for jobs Lally feels that:

Jobs are created by business, not by government. Government serves to protect businesses and consumers from collusion, corruption, and misuse of monopolistic control. Government should manage these tasks with as little extraneous impact on business as possible

I feel very strongly that Todd Lally is the man we need to fight the cap and trade that is currently being supported in Congress. The legislation is merely taking money out of our pockets and putting Americans out of work.
I am humbled to know how he feels about the men and women that daily put their lives in harms way to protect the rights we enjoy and often take for granted. His stance on National Security is:

No one loves peace more than the soldier that bleeds for it. As your Congressman I will continue to support a strong national security policy that provides for the world’s most dominant military, but one that also integrates the other instruments of national power into a cohesive, comprehensive and seamless defense strategy.

Visit his website donate, support, vote! Vote for the true conservative and lets take our country back!


12 responses to “Conservative Change For Kentucky:Lt.Col.Todd Lally

  1. We definitely need people in congress willing to walk the walk of true conservatism; we need to put an emphasis on family values and jobs, while working to reign in out of control spending in Washington. God bless you Erica, you are doing the necessary work of ensuring that strong conservative candidates have a place on this year’s ballot. Thank you!! Good luck Mr. Lally I’ll be rooting for you!

  2. Let’s not forget about local elections as well! It all starts at the local level! Support candidates like Patrick Duerr, who is running for 9th District Louisville Metro Council. We need more people like Patrick Duerr to step up and challange long seated Democrat incumbents.

  3. Marilyn Parker

    With all due respect to Erica who was one of my suporters early on. Asa former candiate for congress and nurse my support goes to Mr Hausman who knocked the soclks off of the other candidates at the TEA debate. I also campaigned alonside the other candidates and got to know them. Mr Lally is not very approachable, but more importantly he is weaker on the issues and has no plan for healthcare reform or for creaating jobs, He supports the UN, does not support the patriot act, wants a moratorium on earmarks for only one year instead of abolishing them, has a self described “winning personality that will enable him to work in a bipartisan fashion with the Dems” Is this what we really want? On the Mandy Connel show he also said he had sigbnature vet legislation giving aide to veterans, that Mandy informed him that that legislation was already on the books, to which he replied well I guess I will have to look for new signature legislation” During the TEA debate he did not know what the the 10nth ammemndment and state sovereighnty question and stated that he “has not read the KY. constitution he has been too busy putting yard signs out.” Many came in Lally supporters and left Hausman supporters including the man that put out all the yard signs!His answer to cutting spending was to reduce American military occupancy around the world, pull out of Iraq, and get rid of Nancy Pelosi’s private jet. 225 people listened to tha answer. My vote is for Mr. Hausman who is solid and passionate on all counts, and my next choice is Mr. Wicker. Mr. Lally is young, has no business acumen and needs to sart talking about other things other than his service in the national guard which is commendable and I have the utmost respect for anyone in service but we need more than a single issue candidate.

    • to the uneducated masses

      Continue deleting my posts all you want.

      The truth is out there, like it or not. Marilyn Parker is a nutjob w/o any facts to back up her gibberish. She is the epitome of a talking head to the masses of the uneducated. Want proof? Read her posts. It screams bigot.

      It’s interesting that the people who talk the most about “American Freedom” are the same people that want to pick and choose who are entitled to said freedoms.

      • In reply to your most recent post…I deleted the first one because this IS my blog, if you have issues with Ms. Parker, I suggest you email her or comment on the Louisville Tea Party’s blog. If you want to disagree with me on any given topic that “I” write about then bring your comments. Ms.Parker is a friend and my blog is NOT the venue for you to spew forth your obvious anger or distaste. All comments are moderated and I deleted the last one because not only did it not have merit or substance but it was a full blown attack on Ms. Parker’s character. Disagree with me, bring it on but if you insist on being rude and childish I will continue to delete your post. Maybe you should start your own blog then you could just let the insults fly, but it doesn’t work that way on my blog…APN

  4. Marilyn Parker

    Sorry for the above typo’s but time is short.

  5. Thanks for the blog post, this is one of my favoriets

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  7. Tea Bagger Lally’s personal income derives mostly from his active membership in a Trade Union; which raises the question, “Is Lally really as clueless as a Tea Bagger or is Lally actually a Labor Union mole?” either way Lally has no business being in Congress.

    • Your comment automatically is not taken seriously regardless of the content due to the fact that you start out by using Alinksy type tactics by using the term “Tea Bagger.” Seriously, do you think I care what you progressives think when you can’t debate without using derogratory terms. Yarmuth has voted 98% of the time with Obama and Pelosi, he pushed for cap and trade and the healthcare reform all the while when the majority of Americans voiced their disdain for Obama’s agenda…November can’t get here soon enough.

  8. “Yarmuth has voted 98% of the time with Obama and Pelosi, he pushed for cap and trade and the healthcare reform…”

    Excellent! And Yarmouth is smart enougn not to undermine his own income like Trade Unionist Lally is doing.

    • Our country can no longer afford the radical liberal voting records of representatives such as J. Yarmuth. J. Yarmuth advocates for a complete government takeover of health care, wiping out all private insurance and therefore all health care choice and competition. John Yarmuth’s health care will fund itself two ways. It will fund itself, one by rationing, and two by the bottomless piggy bank, you- the taxpayer. John Yarmuth also advocates for government funded abortions. J.Yarmuth supported the “targeted” 800 billion BORROWED “nonstimulus” that only created government jobs and union jobs, payback to special interest groups that helped get this administration elected. John Yarmuth and the radical left wing of the Democratic party should not be in the business of deciding which businesses succeed and which ones fail according to their campaign contributions and special interests..

      Isn’t it interesting that liberals like John Yarmuth want campaign finance reform but no regulation on how many millions of dollars unions can pour into campaigns using union dues of their members that may not even agree with them politically. They the liberals, also want Wall street reform and banking reform, but the liberals own private government banks, Fannie and Freddie who were in part responsible for the the housing and banking crisis is not included in that reform package.

      John Yarmuth has stated that “We are going to raise your taxes, get over it” Not a good thing to say when your side created the policies of the subprime loans, that almost toppled the banks, that created the recession and joblessness in the first place. This will completely destroy what’s left of the US economy.

      J.Yarmuth stated publicly on the Mandy Connel show, when asked if the federal government has any limits to it’s power, his reply was ” there are no limits as to what the federal government can do.” Big brother is here– and his name is John Yarmuth.

      Greg Fisher campaigning for mayor wants to add an new environmental agency called the “Office of Sustainability.” Just what we need, more government beaurocracy, wasted tax dollars, and do nothing cadillac government jobs. With local, state, and federal governments bankrupt and over leveraged, this new office of sustainability is “unsustainable.”

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