Wanted: Real Conservative Voice in Kentucky..Write in Please

Wanted: A real conservative to be able to vote for in November, is this too much to ask for? We have seen the rise of power by Rand Paul but is he really speaking with the conservative voice? He is aligned with the Libertarian Movement as seen here. He has claimed he didn’t seek office in 2006 simply because he didn’t think it would help his father, Ron Paul in a 2008 presidential bid. Some think of him as being too “kooky” for prime time..I say he is too “kooky” for Kentucky. I am not sure what the attraction to him is, he claims to have the support of the Tea Party Movement, but that clearly isn’t completely true. Not all members of the Tea Party Movement support him or does his message resonate with them. Yes, we want smaller government and less taxes of course we are against the cap and trade and all things this administration is shoving down our throats. For several his rise to power is seen as a way to reshape the GOP and transform it from what it is today. Thanks but no thanks Dr. Paul. Will someone please step up and consider to run against this Libertarian, this Kentuckian cannot support him nor can I support his counter-part Jack Conway…both come across as too bizarre…..


6 responses to “Wanted: Real Conservative Voice in Kentucky..Write in Please

  1. I quite believe that left up to his own device, Rand Paul will destroy his candidacy. The question is, “Will he take the Tea Party with him?”

    • That has yet to be determined Pavulon, however, there is a real possibility. For the life of me I don’t understand why people can’t see through his tactics…

    • Your question is one that yet remains to be seen but is a very good chance of happening, I am afraid!

  2. Yet further proof it takes courage and bravery to protect and preserve the Constitution. Changing the laws which govern our society will never change society. Only a strong, self-controlled American will see this difficult truth.

    Racism, segregation, hatred and violence are awful-They can only be changed at the dinner table, not through regulation and law…


    • Thank you Nathan for visiting, checked out your blog and enjoyed the visit. Yes I agree, “Racism, segregation, hatred and violence are awful-They can only be changed at the dinner table.”

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