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Lally signs The Contract From America..Support Him Now and Bring Real Change To DC

In October of 2008 John Yarmuth (D-KY) made this statement,

We can’t change Washington unless we change the people we send there

These words ring true today as we face the mid-term elections and its time to send new people to Washington to replace the liberal elitist that are intent with changing the foundation of our country for years to come. This why it is of grave importance that we send Todd Lally to DC this November. Todd has signed the contract from America, by signing this contract Lally proves that he is willing to stand by the values and principles as set forth in the contract

Protect the Constitution
Reject Cap & Trade
Demand a Balanced Budget
Enact Fundamental Tax Reform
Restore Fiscal Responsibility & Constitutionally Limited Government
End Runaway Government Spending
Defund, Repeal, & Replace Government-run Health Care
Pass an ‘All-of-the-Above” Energy Policy
Stop the Pork
Stop the Tax Hikes

Monday June 28, 2010 a money bomb for Todd will start and I am calling for Patriots across this great nation to donate what you can for this man that has chosen to step up to serve our great nation once again, the first by serving her in the military and now defending her honor once again!
Any denomination is not too small…We need to bring real change back to our country and support those who are willing to be our voice and stand strong in resistance to the tyranny we now face…..


Seriously Mitch???…….

Seriously Mitch??? According to, Mitch McConnell is hosting a fundraiser for one Rand Paul. Seriously?????? Apparently Mitch you haven’t noticed the comments from Paul and his supporters that are unsure if after and that is a big IF; he is elected to the senate that he would support you! You are charging $1000 a plate or $5000 for groups???
Seriously? Let me share with you ole Mitch some of the highlights….

You can bet mcconnell will be primaried by the tea baggers and the Dems!

If Paul were to run away with the nomination and the press were to catch McConnell on his knees searching for a dropped dime in Craig’s infamous MN airport bathroom stall, what do you believe would be the mass media’s reaction? Hell, you’d be hard pressed to discover any mention or analysis of either event with our corporate owned mass media. Moreover, what do you believe our democratic president, senate and house leaders would do to benefit from the deminished influence of McConnell with the KY GOP? I would say that each would probably offer excuses for McConnell’s benefit and flood the press with positive platitudes as they once again defer to Obama’s obessions to support his opponets at the expense of the progressives. No wonder our nation’s in a cess pool.

Finally, Kentuckians are turning on Mitch after all these years of re-electing him on the argument of the power of his seniority and how much pork that brings home. Ugh! However, sending Rand Paul to the Senate comes at too a high a cost for giving the finger to Mitch IMO, we’ve wasted enough with Bunning in this seat. BTW, Rand has been prattling on and on about term limits as has his father but Ron Paul has sure been in office a long time, I guess that would only apply to “others”. I wonder if Rand would sign a pledge to only serve one term if, God forbid, he were to win this fall.

. My family used to donate to Dobson’s organization until he kept spouting off more like a Republican tool than a Christian. Those who need to consult with Mitch McConnell about candidates, instead of drawing their own conclusions is pretty pathetic, regardless.

McConnell is just trying to save his own dirty as_ and trying to present the Republican Patry as united. United behind a nut! Rand wants a smaller government, but is unwilling to say just what part of government he wants smaller.

McConnell is just trying to save his own dirty as_ and trying to present the Republican Patry as united. United behind a nut! Rand wants a smaller government, but is unwilling to say just what part of government he wants smaller.

McConnell is just trying to save his own dirty as_ and trying to present the Republican Patry as united. United behind a nut! Rand wants a smaller government, but is unwilling to say just what part of government he wants smaller

Mitch, Seriously? One shouldn’t support one merely based how loosely the name of the party the candidate you are supporting appears to be!

Seriously Mitch??
These Kentuckians don’t support you, Mitch, they are laughing at you and are willing to take any money from you and leave you tasting the dust after they have run off from you! Your head will be spinning……
This is one Kentuckian who doesn’t do “kooky”…..or “tin foil hats”….

America: Then and Now..Are you ready…..

Our ancestors crossed the Atlantic back in the 1600’s coming to a land of the unknown. They were leaving the confines of a British rule. They were unprepared for what they found and many perished in those early days not knowing how to live off the land that seemed so far from home, but determination was their guidance. As ships from the British Isle kept coming to the new land, one particular group came to Jamestown and found her to be almost desolate, empty with most of the earlier settlers having died from not knowing how to farm the land and provide food and shelter. By 1622 John Rolfe came to the new land with tobacco seeds; this crop proved to do well in the damp Chesapeake soil and soon it flourished. Jamestown began to flourish. These early settlers soon became friends with the Powhatan Indians and they taught them how to farm the land by using fish as fertilizer. The Powhatan’s also taught them how to survive by utilizing their friendship with the new settlers to aide them in securing their tribe…warfare was first introduced and a way of fighting in the wilderness of the land of the unknown was born.
As generations came and began to flourish,it was around the seventh generation that fell prey to the British rule. Men grown tired of paying the heavy taxes levied upon them by the British grew tired and a rumbling was beginning to be heard. Shopkeepers, bakers, blacksmiths and young boys as young as sixteen began to learn how to fight. They trained diligently, learning how to defend themselves and soon to establish a free land we now know as America. It was under the direction of George Washington that these men grew in their training and military expertise. While at Valley Forge, many fell prey to smallpox and survived a brutal winter often with barren feet, improper shelters and medical treatments..many did not survive ..but the spirit live on. Washington recruited a well trained officer, once thought to be driven from service due to rumors of his homosexuality but Washington did not squander..This officer took control and changed the structure of Valley forge, building latrines away from the camps and on the opposite side supplied nutritious meals. A doctor on site developed a way to rid the camp of the small pox by taking puss from the infected and spreading it to open wounds…some died from this but many built up an immunity and the camp once again flourished with the passion for freedom and independence …by July 4, 1776 the second Continental Congress had convened and the Declaration of independence was born and from its inception ignited the fire of patriotism within the hearts of our forefathers and a nation was born…………

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

I tell you this story because once again we, the American people are once again facing tyranny. The question is, do we still have the heart and passion as once displayed by our founding fathers? Can we overcome the diabolical rule that now holds us at bay? This isn’t about one political party over the other one, this about the survival of America and about preserving her honor and integrity that those so many years ago died and sacrificed their life for.
It is not a British monarch that we are resisting, it is our very own government; one that would be unrecognizable to our forefathers. So I have to ask, do you have that same passion, spirit and love of country to stand up against the tyranny and protect her like the patriots before ………….

Benjamin Franklin once thought to be the anonymous writer to the Pennsylvania Journal penned a letter to the journal in 1775 describing the Gadsden Flag and its meaning, how prolific those words are today….

“She never begins an attack, nor, when once engaged, ever surrenders: She is therefore an emblem of magnanimity and true courage. … she never wounds ’till she has generously given notice, even to her enemy, and cautioned him against the danger of treading on her.”

The Gulf Coast Dilemma:Where oh where could Barry be

A disaster by epic proportions has taken place to our country and doubts continue to rise regarding the handling of the British Petroleum oil spill and the Obama administration. This administration is merely passing the buck and continues to appear negligent with his handling of this epic disaster. Karl Rove describes a chain of events that had this been the previous administration the “main stream media” would have displayed a ubiquitousness, commandeering the air waves calling for the head of the George W. Bush much like they did during the devastation this country witnessed during Hurricane Katrina . Rove states:

Voting ‘present’ is one of the three options in the Illinois Legislature (along with ‘yes’ and ‘no’) but it’s almost never an option for the occupant of the Oval Office.”

Mr. Gonzales’s words were prescient. Barack Obama may now be president, but at times he appears to be merely present. That has been the case with his response to the environmental catastrophe unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. The president was late recognizing the disaster’s magnitude, late in visiting the region, late in approving requests by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, and late in feigning outrage. He has never offered an independent plan to stop the leak

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They say that history often repeats itself and one could be left to wonder if what we are seeing is not only the attitude of one Jimmy Carter but more like that of King Louis VXI and Marie Antoinette and their let them eat cake attitude….