The Gulf Coast Dilemma:Where oh where could Barry be

A disaster by epic proportions has taken place to our country and doubts continue to rise regarding the handling of the British Petroleum oil spill and the Obama administration. This administration is merely passing the buck and continues to appear negligent with his handling of this epic disaster. Karl Rove describes a chain of events that had this been the previous administration the “main stream media” would have displayed a ubiquitousness, commandeering the air waves calling for the head of the George W. Bush much like they did during the devastation this country witnessed during Hurricane Katrina . Rove states:

Voting ‘present’ is one of the three options in the Illinois Legislature (along with ‘yes’ and ‘no’) but it’s almost never an option for the occupant of the Oval Office.”

Mr. Gonzales’s words were prescient. Barack Obama may now be president, but at times he appears to be merely present. That has been the case with his response to the environmental catastrophe unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico. The president was late recognizing the disaster’s magnitude, late in visiting the region, late in approving requests by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, and late in feigning outrage. He has never offered an independent plan to stop the leak

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They say that history often repeats itself and one could be left to wonder if what we are seeing is not only the attitude of one Jimmy Carter but more like that of King Louis VXI and Marie Antoinette and their let them eat cake attitude….


7 responses to “The Gulf Coast Dilemma:Where oh where could Barry be

  1. Riding the fence is never a good thing, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. The real tragedy is not the oil spill – it’s the lack of proper care given to the entire event while voting “present” by “showing up” that will be the downfall of industry and tourism all along the entire Gulf Coast – not to mention the financial cost to BP.

    • Well said Marie, he has yet to speak to them and its day what??? Truly an epic failure, they would have crucified GWB!

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  4. Thanks, Erica. He could be with Paul McCartney in the East Room or perhaps backstage at Ford’s Theater. Maybe playing golf? He might be in the Strategy Room playing Nintendo. As far as President, AWOL. I’d sure like to kick his ass!I keep ruminating about that old story about Nero and his fiddle.

    • LOL, no doubt, considering his not so bright decision to marry without a prenuputial, his nerve to question anyone is beyond funny!

  5. kevrightwinger

    If only he’d waived the Jones Act. But that would upset his precious unions. If we could “drill NEAR, drill now” that leak would have been capped in less than 2 days then business as usual. But Obama can use this crisis towards his advantage as part of his agenda to destroy the private sector, or as he calls it “the enemy” in “Dreams from my Father”

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