Seriously Mitch???…….

Seriously Mitch??? According to, Mitch McConnell is hosting a fundraiser for one Rand Paul. Seriously?????? Apparently Mitch you haven’t noticed the comments from Paul and his supporters that are unsure if after and that is a big IF; he is elected to the senate that he would support you! You are charging $1000 a plate or $5000 for groups???
Seriously? Let me share with you ole Mitch some of the highlights….

You can bet mcconnell will be primaried by the tea baggers and the Dems!

If Paul were to run away with the nomination and the press were to catch McConnell on his knees searching for a dropped dime in Craig’s infamous MN airport bathroom stall, what do you believe would be the mass media’s reaction? Hell, you’d be hard pressed to discover any mention or analysis of either event with our corporate owned mass media. Moreover, what do you believe our democratic president, senate and house leaders would do to benefit from the deminished influence of McConnell with the KY GOP? I would say that each would probably offer excuses for McConnell’s benefit and flood the press with positive platitudes as they once again defer to Obama’s obessions to support his opponets at the expense of the progressives. No wonder our nation’s in a cess pool.

Finally, Kentuckians are turning on Mitch after all these years of re-electing him on the argument of the power of his seniority and how much pork that brings home. Ugh! However, sending Rand Paul to the Senate comes at too a high a cost for giving the finger to Mitch IMO, we’ve wasted enough with Bunning in this seat. BTW, Rand has been prattling on and on about term limits as has his father but Ron Paul has sure been in office a long time, I guess that would only apply to “others”. I wonder if Rand would sign a pledge to only serve one term if, God forbid, he were to win this fall.

. My family used to donate to Dobson’s organization until he kept spouting off more like a Republican tool than a Christian. Those who need to consult with Mitch McConnell about candidates, instead of drawing their own conclusions is pretty pathetic, regardless.

McConnell is just trying to save his own dirty as_ and trying to present the Republican Patry as united. United behind a nut! Rand wants a smaller government, but is unwilling to say just what part of government he wants smaller.

McConnell is just trying to save his own dirty as_ and trying to present the Republican Patry as united. United behind a nut! Rand wants a smaller government, but is unwilling to say just what part of government he wants smaller.

McConnell is just trying to save his own dirty as_ and trying to present the Republican Patry as united. United behind a nut! Rand wants a smaller government, but is unwilling to say just what part of government he wants smaller

Mitch, Seriously? One shouldn’t support one merely based how loosely the name of the party the candidate you are supporting appears to be!

Seriously Mitch??
These Kentuckians don’t support you, Mitch, they are laughing at you and are willing to take any money from you and leave you tasting the dust after they have run off from you! Your head will be spinning……
This is one Kentuckian who doesn’t do “kooky”…..or “tin foil hats”….


15 responses to “Seriously Mitch???…….

  1. WOW! Way to go, Erica! Look out, Mitch. I think these people have it in for you. You might want to think about resigning before you actually lose your next election. It might be different had you not supported Rand Paul – but you did.. so you may end up paying the price.

    • Thanks, Marie! I am appalled that McConnell would go to these lengths when its been evident that Rand Paul does not support him and not to mention how he claimed to be against the “establishment” but is now willing to accept their money! Spoken like a true politician..flip flopping all the way to DC…

  2. A vivid example of why I have backed away from politics. I am not as amazed at McConnell, who is after all only doing what he has done for so long and that is to try to keep his position and “shape” the establishment already in place.

    What truly saddens me are the countless number of “conservative” Kentuckians who now spout this “UNITY” drivel. Totally closing their eyes to who Rand Paul is, what his ideology is and all his nefarious associations. etc. Seems to me that Ole Mitch doesn’t stand alone in ‘rubber stamping’ Rand as the GOP candidate. That’s s**t than I prefer to swallow! Too many “tea partiers” have turned out to be sheeple, who blindly chant, “Rand, Rand, Rand” without asking the important questions, without demanding answers!

    Mitch is just being Mitch, another GOP whore. Sadly though, way too many Kentuckians have done the same thing. They’ve sold out to the big Paul machine for the sake of unity. Unity? To what end?
    Rand isn’t a representation of “unity”. He speaks ill of the GOP, McConnell and anyone who isn’t libertardian. He and his sycophants are without excuse!

    • I so agree! Unity …Unity is not compromising one’s values or principles in order to support someone who merely has an “R” beside their name, especially one who only put it there to get the votes as they knew they wouldn’t if the “L” for Libertarian had been there!

  3. HA! I hadn’t even watched the video before my last comment. They prove my point. Do they believe Rand won’t compromise to wriggle into position?!!! He already has for gosh sake! He already has!!!!

    Everyone on there is talking about how great Rand is, and he’s no different than his Dad, who is an “establishment” politician, and Rand is even worse, because before he’s even elected he’s not stood true to his ‘libertardian’ ideology! That why we blogged about his flip flopping so often. What you see is NOT what you get!


    Oh, and I meant to say in the comment above the this is MORE s**t than I’m willing to swallow.

    The whole UNITY term came out of the Rand machine! HAR, unity my big white butt! The whole concept of the tea parties was a search for the independent, conservative candidate who would stand against the establishment, not look for ways to fit in and be “UNITED” under the same ole banner.

    Rand Paul lies.

  4. I think there ought to be a follow up video of these folks’ faces when they first found out they’d have to pay $1,000.00 -5,000.00 per ticket to mingle in New Yok with Rand. I’ll bet that would be priceless!
    I’m kind of new to this politics stuff. Don’t those prices suggest BIG MONEY interests, special interests, and Old Guard Republicans?
    Mmmm. That’s not what Rand Paul said he was about during the primaries. I say him frequently and eard him say so.
    Remember what he said to Hal Rogers? Maybe he’ll draw the line at being a fat cat who brings home the pork?
    Rand Paul is swimming in it now. What a deceiver.
    Did you hear that Chris Matthews said last night that he doesn’t think Randi will win? I thought he was an MSNBC darling. Of course, Obama has fallen out of favor with that crowd, too.
    Nice post, Erica!

    • Thank you for the compliment on the post, it was to show how Rand will flip all over the place and just how much of a deceiver he is! Thank you for taking time to comment!

  5. Mitch is trying to extend an olive branch to Rand however, Rand is laughing all the way to the bank with this fundraiser! Rand has talked so badly about the “establishment” and now he’s using this event to just put more money into his pockets to use against McConnell!

    If Rand really wanted to stand on his principles against the “establishment” he will tell McConnell, ‘thanks, but no thanks’. However, I haven’t seen Rand stand on principles at any time during his campaign so I highly doubt he will do it now. Heck, he accepts money from StormFront, of course he’ll accept money from D.C.

    • True, very true…but one would have to have “principles” before they could begin to stand on them and we’ve yet to see his! However we’ve seen his inept attempts to suggest that he does! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. THANK YOU for posting this! Keep up the great work!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange???

  7. Great Post, Erica! The video really shows the anger and discontent that conservatives have toward McConnell. Mitch supporting Grayson is just awful. He needs to be booted out of Congress. Rand Paul is principled and an awesome candidate.

    • Oh dear! My dear, dear Teresa…I am sorry but apparently you haven’t read my blog in some time! I am anything but a Rand Paul supporter and I live here in KY and have witnessed first hand his co-opting of the tea party movement within the state and how he continues to flip flop on most issues! Principled? He ran his campaign against the establishment and the ones in DC, he even made claims not being sure if he would support McConnell to continue his reign…and now he is bellying up to them, taking their money and heaven only knows what else. In the custom of our socialist in chief..I will be voting “present” come November 2nd, as I cannot nor will I vote against my values or principles and voting for Jack Conway and Rand Paul would indeed be against all I hold dear! Maybe you should scroll back to several of my post and read how I am now a woman in KY without a candidate to support!!

  8. I hadn’t realized that he has flip-flopped on most issues. I know that he is fiscally conservative, and socially conservative and I agree with him on those issues. I don’t agree with him on repealing Title II of the Civil Rights law or some of his foreign policy positions. But, even with regards to foreign plicy he’s not as radical as his father. He seems much better than his alternative. I’d probably give him a B- overall on the political issues.

  9. Great post Erica! Since I’m in Florida, I’m not very familiar with politics in Kentucky. So who are you supporting for the upcoming elections?

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