Obama: The Saudi Connection?

We’ve all known since September 11, 2001 that there has been a connection between the terrorist that flew those planes that day and Saudi Arabia.This video gives a chilling description of the possible connection between Obama and the Saudis. We witnessed the bows, the many references he has made while quoting from the Qu’ran. Pay strict attention to the video..then you decide..could this be true? Are we being set up for an Islamic take over?..You decide..What say you?……….


20 responses to “Obama: The Saudi Connection?

  1. I completely believe the information in this video. Obama is an accomplished liar and it would have been so simple to divulge the info people needed to see but instead spent hundreds of thousands of dollars concealing the true information. I can’t wait until he is voted out of office. Will he then emigrate to Saudi Arabia with his new-found millionaire status?

    • I have to believe it too as we often learn about someone not from what they say but by their actions. Every thing within the video is possible if not actually truthful. How very chilling, this is cause for much concernment not only for America but for our way of life..for our liberty..Thanks for taking the time to comment~APN~

  2. I’ve always questioned the way Obama pronounces “Mooslim”, “Pokastan”, “Tollyban”. This also explains his 5 minute career. Also furthers that big oil producing nations such as Saudi Arabia are not our friends. And didn’t they hatch all but about 2 of those 9/11 hijackers? And wasn’t it warrior turned prophet Muhammed that coined the phrase “war is deceit”? And what about this “reaching out to Muslims” for their whatever they’ve accomplished? Then there’s Obama saying on record that the Muslim call to prayer is one of the most “prettiest sounds on earth”.
    Saudi Arabia funds 80% of the mosques in the US. Who’s to say they’re not funding the ground zero mosque? We’ll never know if obtuse Pelosi wants to “investigate” the funding of the opponents.
    What some Americans fail to see is that whether through immigration, procreation or intimidation, the fate Islam has in store for us ALL is the same.
    The AP (al Press) reported over the weekend that Obama can “recharge his batteries” on his 10 day Martha’s Vineyard vacation. Yes, must be draining pretending to be a Christian.

  3. I’ve been studying this and saying this for over a year now. Keep it alive.
    If there is one unanticipated consequence of the Ground Zero mosque it’s the hypercharging of Islam related information on the Net.
    Now others will see what we’ve been seeing, Erica,
    Great work!

  4. The Bushes are the buddies of the Saudis, my dear. There’s a famous video of W holding hands with the main prince that never appears on Fox News so you might not know that, especially since a Saudi prince owns 9% of NewsCorp, the parent of Fox. You seem like a very nice person who has been brainwashed, like so many of your ilk. I wish you well. (It’s ‘concern,’ not ‘concernment,’sweetie Found your name on the Teabonics post in Facebook; looks like you fit right in).

    • Oh how superior and righteous you appear to be dear William! Yes, I did not spend 8 yrs of the Bush administration with my head buried in the sand and I am well aware of Bush and his Saudi connections..however this post was not able BUSH it was about the video [food for thought] nor was it about Fox News..please in the future if you even attempt to visit this site again, please try and refrain from using “sweetie” and the like, you are condescending and pompous for starters. Debates are always healthy but when you start with the name calling and belittling it benefits no one..so Mr. William [supposedly an educator of sorts] try conducting yourself like an adult ..brainwashed? Me?..naw…maybe you should look in the mirror..

  5. I called you a very nice person. But yes, I AM superior in so many ways: I have an IQ higher than body temp, two advanced degrees, two grandsons, am astoundingly well read, and have almost 40 years in collegiate education. Google me; I go thirty pages deep. Elite? Damned right, and I worked very hard to get that way. Arrogant? Maybe. Adult? ‘You betcha (wink, wink)!’

    PS: it’s ‘ . . . appear to be [comma] dear William’ (‘Bill,’ if you prefer). Sorry; always the teacher . . .

    • William you aren’t worth the time to debate as you seem to have your head buried somewhere besides the clouds..any more objugation on your part and you will be blocked from this site, mind you I have your IP address..

  6. My goodness. The artsy people are so temperamental.
    Dehning, I Googled you but didn’t bother to go thirty pages deep. After two I discovered it was all the same self-agrandisement, repeated ad nauseum. I mean, you did a great job highlighting yourself in Wikipedia and obviously you have an acclaimed and grandiose opinion of yourself, boltered by an adireable music carreer but I’m afraid I missed the part wherein you have any demonstrated real world experience.
    Nothing in your pedigree suggests anything remotely connected to reality outside the hallowed concert halls of music, which is fine. Those who can, do. Those who can’t…teach. I’m certain I would have dreaded to have such a cheeky boor as my teacher.
    I note you conduct admirably, too. A generous degree of pomposity goes along with that. That means excessive self-esteem or exaggerated dignity; pretentious, and spelled DEHNING.
    You’re IQ may be higher than room temperature but your Emotional IQ is lower than a rattlesnake’s belly. Your tirade toward Erica was rude, undeserved, condescending, and below a man of your self-proclaimed professional credentials.
    I’ve met people like you before. I prefer not to.
    You clearly don’t know who Erica is, not that you give a rat’s behind.
    I have two advanced degrees also. She will soon receive her second advanced degree. She’s extremely well read and maybe that includes music.
    Clearly your reading, outside music, is seriously more narrowed, especially when it comes to manners and common decency.
    So what?
    You are a spineless bully and are fortunate I can’t come through your monitor right quick to teach you a lesson about manhood.
    You certainly don’t cast a positive light on your grandsons genetics, if they do indeed share yours.
    You should be ashamed. A man of your intellegence coming across like a mere troll provocateur is an embarrassment to upstanding conductors worldwide. What were you thinking? You weren’t. Obviously.
    While you may think inordinately often and much about yourself, I look forward to forgetting that I even heard your name.

    • Thanks Doc! He is somewhat of a bore isn’t he..I really could care less what people like the good professor or what ever he claims to be nor will I spend my time googling him. I have finished that second degree, its been a while since we’ve chatted and I am soon to start working on another, one of the joys of medicine is there is always a chance to learn and grow! William apparently has “issues” and since I work oncology I will refer him to therapy!

  7. this is all heresy, why must christians bash other religions so badly. do you think god approves of hatred? what christians do is no better than what muslims do. its just in a different colored package. there are radical muslims who believe everyone who defies them should be killed. there are christians who believe the exact same thing. lets look back to the hundreds of hate rallies against gays and minorities conducted by the church because those people are “against them” if they are not with them. is anyone reading this better than a muslim. no you are not. i live by the phrase “all men are created equal” NOT “all men who agree with my beliefs and values are created equal” why dont you all start having a little love and compassion in your heart and get rid of that hatred for other people. read the quran and find that it does have some enlightment. but i figure you wont do that. you would rather listen to everyone else and follow like sheep. and thats your right. so go for it.

    • *Spade* I think you have come to the wrong conclusion as this post does not suggest hatred of any kind toward anyone person or religion. The post is about the video and the video only. You are the one that is suggesting the hatred. I, too, live by the mantra that “all men are created equal” and we must show tolerance toward each other. Wasn’t it Jesus that taught us to turn the other cheek? I have read bits of the Qu’ran and haven’t really the desire to read further but that doesn’t mean that I [personally] hate muslims. I am Catholic and will remain so until my last breath. Being a nurse I work closely with physicians from around the world and many of them are Muslim and we have great respect for one another. Don’t be so quick to jump to judgement..its not healthy, nor wise…have a great day~APN

  8. Spade:
    Heresy is not the word I think you were reaching for but hey, it’s what you thought fit.
    As to reading the Quoran, what exactly do you find “enlightening”?. Please understand it’s broken own into two sections, older and newer. The older section is quite moderate and is often quoted to pacify non-believers. The newer section is much more radical in its interpretation and is directed primarily toward fundamentalist Islam.
    Do you consider Sharia enlightening, too?
    I personally consider Islam heretical to the accepted teachings of Christ, in every way.
    Addiitionally, the literally interpretation of Islam’s dominence of the world at the point of a sword has led to a great many woes today.
    Are you muslim? I’m just curious.

  9. @erica:
    I’m trying to stop YOU from judging others Erica! This video is trying to convince people that Obama is a Muslim and will turn on the USA and destroy us! lmao! Do you really believe that! you will listen to this “ppsimmons,” who is obviously a propagandist, and belive his words? I know you can think for yourself. this is one of the worst videos ever posted and this video specifically has the innuendos of hatred towards our president and against the people and leaders of Saudi Arabia. you might not hate muslims, but this video suggests other wise.

    Heresy- an opinion, doctrine, or practice contrary to the truth or to generally accepted beliefs or standards.

    Thats the word i wanted to use. no need to correct vocabulary like the dude above.

    i am not muslim, but study religion in hopes of finding one that will stop lying to us. anything is possible upon death. and we will never know how we were created. the idea of a creator, a God. is ridiculous, thats pretty medieval thinking, right up there with “the world is flat”

    there are many great things you can learn from different cultures and their respected religions. not everything should be taken at face value either.

    “decieve the enemy” the video says.

    what does America do? if there is a problem in a country we go in there guns a blazing trying to convert them to Christians and to a democratic political system. the muslims are just trying to do the same thing. it is their faith and like yours is to you. it will guide them to do what is necessary for thier faith to prevail as the most accepted.

    there is just so much in the media right now about this topic and its really starting to get bad. too many people believe the wrong thing. i.e. the church that is holding the neighborhood “burn the quran” its ridiculous that we judge people who are doing the same things as us. then wonder why they hate us.

    • Are you delusional Spade? I am not judging others..I merely posted this video [its appeared on several blogs by the way] to give some food for thought. It is not my place to judge another human being. I really suggest you find another outlet for your rantings, as your comments are beginning to have rambling thoughts and somewhat discombobulated. I do not support the minister in Florida burning the Qu’ran, I believe that it will only make things worse for our troops and or relations. As for Obama and his being Muslim or not, its very likely that he is. This is two years in a row that he is chosing to not visit the site where three thousand people lives were ended by jihadist, instead he is sending his vice president to attend. Could he be that he is afraid to be seen there after condoning building a Mosque upon the very site of this sacred ground. You should learn not to be so judgemental yourself, nor jump to conclusions. Your entire comment was riddled with one absurb thought after another and it is somewhat difficult to take you seriously. I am Catholic and am very offended by your remarks, “the idea of a creator, a God. is ridiculous, thats pretty medieval thinking, right up there with “the world is flat” I don’t find God to be ridiculous. If you have issues with the video I suggest you email them and discuss your complaints..I had nothing to do with it’s making….

      • by posting this video on your blog you condone what is represents.

      • You are so off the mark its not funny anymore. This is MY blog and I will POST what I want. If you want to start your own blog, please do but in the future please don’t presume to know how I am thinking or my moral fortitude. As a side note, I have a hobby of collectiing IP addresses….you are starting to teeter on the side of harrasment!

  10. Spade, you’ve shorted yourself on “heresy” by using a loose and watered down secondary definition to fit your own purpose. The primary definition (M-W Dic.) is:
    a : adherence to a religious opinion contrary to church dogma b : denial of a revealed truth by a baptized member of the Roman Catholic Church c : an opinion or doctrine contrary to church dogma
    Consequently, the only heresy in the film and this blog is that committed by Obama if, as suggested, he is muslim.
    There are a couple of dozen law suits in process over the issue of a BC and other records so…the question is unresolved.
    The facts presented in the film are straight up. Do you think they are made up?
    They present an ligitimate argument to which you have not provided one logical opposing fact.
    Erica hasn’t “judged” others beyond calling William for who he is as he presented himself. I happen to agree with her.
    If you don’t like to be lied to then I’m certain that whe you understand the practice of taquiyya you will be really upset as when you find out the real truth about Islam (“Submission”).
    Islam is at war with us. This is not a religious crusade and we’re aren’t going in with guns blazing to convert anyone. Get with the program.
    “Seek and ye shall find.” I encourage you to continue studying religion as I think you earnestly want to find a relationship with God. I hope you do, too, in whichever religion you find best earns your understanding and gives you peace.
    But, please, no lectures on cross-culturalism. I’ve been around the world several times to more than 50 countries as a tourist, in military special operations, and for covert intelligence missions.
    Our experiences are different but I believe my fingers are reliably on the pulse of Islam. The goal is world dominance. Period.
    Be honest, Spade.
    You really haven’t read the Quoran, have you? You know, you can’t be honest with others until you’re honest with yourself….and God.

  11. Spade,


  12. This information is all obviously true. Without any doubt, because there is just a wealth of other evidences which help to support this as well. It’s just another brick in the wall, a huge brick, but a brick none the less. We’re selling the Saudis 60 billion dollars worth of war planes aren’t we? Yep! Did you catch the information reported in the Globe, that according to an unnamed insider in his administration, he is in fact a Muslim, and so is in full support of the ground zero mosque. None of these stories need be questioned, it’s all so obviously true. Both him and his wife have been seen making secretive pilgrimages to different Mosques all over the world. Percy Sutton wasn’t lying, Obama’s administration was. The president openly hates Christians, while he claims to be one. He’s a wolf is sheep’s clothing, and he is where he is because he is cunning, because he is evil, and because he can act his lying ass off. Ideologically, he seems to be something like that of a Nation of Islam black panther. Israel and the US are now in big trouble. Obama’s presidency obviously goes a lot further than just this, his candidacy is a creation of nwo scum. Was he put in place to usher in the New World Order? Certainly, the powers that be are ready for the U.S. economy to be systematically deconstructed, in favor of the world economy (beast system) ruled by the Vatican. Obama is in bed with the Jesuits, and the Muslims, who are in bed with the Jesuits. It’s a Jesuit world, and somebody has to be the puppet actor (U.S. leader).

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