The Color of Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

It is given that the title of my blog A Patriotic Nurse is that I am a nurse! I work Oncology at a faith based hospital. October is the month that we acknowledge Breast Cancer and every year we bring attention to the cause in hopes of not only finding a cure but to help women be in control of their lives and of their bodies. While I normally write about political issues we are facing as a nation. I was compelled to write this post in hopes of possibly opening the eyes of some of my readers to be aware. With the passing of the healthcare reform the law requires education regarding prevention in young women. According to David Liu, his article “Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Physical Activity,Depression, Healthcare Reform” he states:

The law also provides $9 million annually between 2010 and 2014 for groups to help young women with breast cancer. Under the law, the National Institutes of health will develop new screening methods to prevent breast in young women and improve early detection, which is believed to cut risk of dying of the disease.

Breast cancer is diagnosed in 250,000 women in the United States and 10 percent of them are younger than 45 years, according to the American Cancer Society.

I have seen survivors and I’ve witnessed the alternative each met with great emotion as only one who has fought this battle would know. So if you are a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother of someone who has had this cancer please get yourself screened. It could save your life.


4 responses to “The Color of Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness

  1. This is great. Keep the word spreading..

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  3. of course we can always prevent cancer, the key is early diagnosis and early treatment *;~

    • Unfortunately we can’t prevent all cancers, if this was so, we would have a cure by now. Early detection and a good life style is key when attempting to become healthy and self empowering. Thank you for your visit~APN~

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