JCPS and We The People

The Jefferson County Public School system boast about their ability to educate our children, the future of our country. Their mission statement:

The Mission of the Jefferson City School District is to ensure that each student achieves his or her maximum potential through a challenging educational system characterized by pride through excellence

This however is in question as they are going against the Supreme Court when they ruled two years ago that the Jefferson County redistricting plan was, unconstitutional [emphasis mine]. Yesterday on 10-10-10 the Louisville Grassroots Teaparty held a rally downtown at Jefferson Square. There were approximately 500 in attendance while the liberal Courier- Journal estimated only 200. A petition was circulated and signatures obtained to stop them from being hypocritical and to hold them accountable for the 4% increase to our property taxes. Helloooo…we are in a recession! [emphasis mine once again] As Marilyn Parker so eloquently put it:

Education is 50% of our tax burden. 50% and for
what? For 40 failing schools, for math scores 2 grade
levels below the national average, for college reading
scores..2nd to last.

I invite you to listen to the video to hear the speech in its entirety. “The cost to the taxpayer is millions of dollars for 900 hundred buses that pollute the air, at the same time the Liberals are running commercials telling carpool parents to turn off their car!


5 responses to “JCPS and We The People

  1. The arrogance displayed by “our” Jefferson County Public Schools board as parents passionately pleaded with them to return to neighborhood schools was sickening. Sheldon Berman is a disgrace to this community and to his position and the fact we are paying him $250K to laugh in our faces is a crime. “We The People” can change the way our children are educated by working to vote these creeps OUT!

    Vote for Hal Heiner who is campaigning on his desire to see JCPS return to neighborhood schools giving control back to the parents! I am not sure if the Mayor hires the school superintendent but this is a good place to start to get rid of Berman and his socialist ideologies where government knows better than families when it comes to education.

    Marilyn Parker always hits it out of the park in her speeches and she nailed this issue to perfection. Her passion and knowledge of our educational system is to be applauded and most certainly, her speech is worth a listen. Many ask her for type-written copies because there is so much good information in them.

    God bless everyone who attended the TEA party 10/10 rally Sunday; it was awesome! Don’t forget to vote for Hal Heiner Nov. 2nd if you want a positive change in our schools.

    • Thank you for visiting and I am strongly in favor of giving the control back to the parents. I was out of school but remember vividly the riots and the protest when busing first came into law. With the extra time they are spent on the bus to get home is time that could well be served studying or having quality time with their family etc. I am supporting Heiner as well! Hoping to get my sign soon!!

  2. You know I was just talking about this today. Nowhere does it state in our Constitution that we should fund education. It does, however, state that we should fund defense spending. And that’s “usually” the spending that gets cut. Funny though that free public school education is the 10th plank of the Communist manifesto. Our elected officials must have gotten the 2 documents mixed up.

    Re: the $50 billion teachers union bailout to save teacher’s jobs/pensions, wouldn’t that money be better spent sealing the border? That way, we wouldn’t need so many teaching jobs to handle all the illegals in our classrooms.

    Anyway, maybe the day will come when a family can send their child to a school based on choice rather than zip code. And that a teacher will be paid based on merit rather than what the teachers unions negotiated. Til that day comes our classrooms will keep producing a nation of burger flippers.

  3. Erica, good evening. Even though we’ve chatted a few times on Twitter, this is actually my first chance to stop by your blog. Based on your tweets, I’ve wanted to for a while, so I apologize for the delay.

    I laughed out loud at you tweet earlier about The Courier-Journal. LOL. Nice jab!

    Craig at The Constant Complainer
    @ComplaintMan on Twitter

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thank you SO much for the visit!!! Hope you comeback again. Working so much makes it difficult to write regularly but I do plan a post regarding the C-J!! They have ignited the final fuse for me, I am so tired of their attempting to malign a true conservative candidate for one who continues to push Obama’s agenda regardless of how those of us he represents feels! Glad I made you laugh, its one of my many should talk to some of my co-workers!!!

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