A Voter’s Message To The GOP

[photo courtesy of facebook friend] History was made on November 2, 2010 when the GOP regained control once again of the House of Representatives. While “We The People” played an integral part in this take over, it would behoove the GOP to take note that we are not giving them a pass to only go to Washington and conduct business as usual. It is a time for accountability and to ensure the American voter that you will be our voice, our “representation” in our attempt to save our nation and bring back trust, faith in a government that has ran amok over stepping its boundaries with it’s rampant disregard for our constitution. Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, said, “Its clear tonight who the winners are and its the American people.” Yes, this isn’t a time to celebrate but indeed a time to buckle down and have our voices heard and remember…We the American voter have entrusted you to defend and protect …… We are watching, taking notes….

5 responses to “A Voter’s Message To The GOP

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  2. Very perceptive my dear friend. Makes me think about giving a Corvette to a newly licensed teenager.
    I just hope upon hope they don’t hand the keys to Rand Paul.

    • I hope not either, especially when I have seen tweets from DeMint, SC mentioning how “we” the voters of KY sent such a magnificient person such as Paul to DC. Good grief, that was an insult to true conservatives within our state!

  3. I heard that Michelle Bachman withdrew from being a Republican Leadership some-thing-or-another Chair contender and won’t be in the top 4 Senate slots. Now she’ll be chairing the “Tea Party Caucus.”
    Isn’t that cute. I presume it’s bi-partisan, both men and women allowed 🙂 !
    That blocks Randi. Maybe he’ll get the Senate Redecorating Committee but at least I hope he’s marginalized so that he won’t hurt anyone.
    He’s crossing wires with Mitch already. Me thinks he’s about to get his bubble butt busted down to size.

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