Cody’s Flag; An Act of Patriotism

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It warms my heart to know that the gestures of one 13 year old, Cody Alicea has impacted this nation with his simple act of patriotism. Cody rides his bike to school like many children today and on the back of it he proudly displayed our flag, the American Flag. However, caving into the fear of problems to come the school asked Cody to remove his flag to avoid confrontation due to the fact that he attended a multi-cultured school and could possibly face adverse reactions. It must be hard to be so patriotic while living in the midst of such cultural diversity. The school was apprehensive about this flag because of the upset when the Latino children waved the Mexican flag celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Fears of racism, bigotry over shadowed Cody’s ability to express himself as set forth by our bill of rights and Constitution.
It wasn’t long before the community rallied together to offer support and challenge the decision which was quickly reversed.
Cody, being from a home of veterans clearly was honoring not only our troops but of a grandfather who had served our country. So his act was not only one of love for country but of family. How refreshing it is to see this type of love resonating from this young man. What a brave and courageous statement he was making by displaying our flag. What a valuable lesson we all could learn from his unselfish act.
Cody was said to be both, “nervous and proud” by all the support that rallied around him. There is even a facebook page that support Cody’s patriot’s heart. He will be going to Washington and deserves all the fan fare he has received and I pray that we, the adults, can all learn a valuable lesson, one taught to us by a mere 13 year old……

I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.  I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.  ~Abraham Lincoln

8 responses to “Cody’s Flag; An Act of Patriotism

  1. That warmed my cockles 🙂 Poor baby, looked like he was overwhelmed but I can’t think of a better memory to carry forward thru his days, can you?! Gonna have to share this on my FB Erica!

  2. Good! It’s time the Tyranny of the minority was dealt a loss! And it’s always a “few” people that try’s to suppress our freedoms.  A govt school calling Thanksgiving “celebrate families” day b/c a few students here & there don’t celebrate that day. An Ole Miss mascot, Colonel Reb being replaced by a freaking Black Bear in a southern gentleman suit. Slowly but surely our freedoms & traditions are being taken away from us by a few “offended” people. “We have to make them feel comfortable w/ their surroundings” boohoo! And then we have to keep that multiculturalism fraud alive too! We can’t even suggest that the Judeo-Christian culture of the US is in any way superior to the culture of violence within the Muslim countries of the Middle East. We might  “offend” those that preach their hatred of Americans out of the loudspeakers of Mosques on a daily basis. Okay … I’ll stop …. 😉

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  4. How dare the principal let this get out of hand! When the complainers (if there ever truly were any to begin with) came to him, the principal should have called their parents in, sat them all down and said “Waving the American flag is what patriots do in this country! We honor the greatest country in the world by flying the United States of America’s flag! If you don’t appreciate our country and those that have died protecting this country and flag, then America is not the home for you!” The principal should have never said anything to Cody about it at all. In fact, the principal should have had Cody leading the Pledge of Allegiance on the morning tv in all the classrooms, then publically thanked him for being a patriot! That would have shut down those ingrates!

    • It all falls back on political correctness and that should NEVER come between a child and their love of country. Its bad enough as adults we have to endure it but this child clearly felt deeply about what he was doing. His parents have to be so proud and God Bless them for instilling such values in their children.

  5. What’s the story on Cody going to Washington?
    Great story, Erica. I watched Cody and all the bikers yesterday. He’s received a tremendous amount of support since this all started.

    • Can’t remember when he is going to Washington but its for something special, if I remember correctly its stated in the video. Ashame he will be more patriotic than the POTUS!!

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