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“Dear Editor”…An Open Letter To The Courier-Journal

This is one letter that I am very sure would never end up on the editorial page of the Courier-Journal. Why? One might ask. To explain let me begin by giving you a brief history of this “newspaper.” The Courier-Journal’s history began with four earlier newspapers: The Focus of Politics, Commerce and Literature, The Louisville Journal, the Louisville Daily Democrat and the Louisville Morning Courier. In 1868, The Courier and the Journal merged as The Courier-Journal, under editor Henry Watterson. In 1884, The Louisville Times was founded, under editor Emmett G. Logan. The two newspapers were purchased by Gannett from the Bingham family in 1986. The Louisville Times ceased publication in 1987. [source] From this brief explanation I am sure you can see that from it’s beginning it was pandering to the left.
We are now in the aftermath of a most historical mid-term election with the GOP regaining control of the House of Representatives and gained seats in the Senate. The Courier-Journal co-opted the people’s choice by blatantly promoting the progressive agenda with it’s overt support of John Yarmuth over Todd Lally who was attempting to restore America to the very foundation as built by the framers of the Constitution. They ignored the fact that Yarmuth had voted 99% of the time with Pelosi. The purpose of any news agency whether it be via print or televised is to report the news in an unbiased way for the reader to make their own informed decision.
I have embedded a recent video released by the Lally campaign that explicitly explains Yarmuth’s agenda. This is the kind of information that the people of Kentucky should have been privy too but yet, this publication failed to report.

It would be nice to think that by 2012 we would have another publication in which we receive our news, both locally and nationally but due to the dire economic times we are in that is unlikely. In the mean time, I will continue to boycott this “rag” and I wouldn’t even use it to potty train the most rabid of dogs!