The Passing of the Gavel

Today Mr. Speaker you officially take the gavel away from Nancy Pelosi; who recklessly used it to to attempt to undermine and obscure the will of the people. I appreciate that as you undertake one of the most powerful jobs in the nation that you want to make it less about yourself and the power you may hold but more about the people in which you actually represent. That would be us, We the People… you say that you will be offering the minority party a chance to be heard, Mr. Speaker..we have heard from them and they have supported every progressive measure to lead us into a more socialist type government.
Naftali Bendavid and Patrick O’Connor report in the Wall Street Journal that one of your first votes will be:

Lawmakers will be required to vote on whether or not to raise the federal debt ceiling, a move sought by tea-party representatives. Current rules let the House automatically raise the limit when they pass a budget.

We can’t afford to have the federal debt raised any higher if you want us to get our fiscal responsibilities in order. Among the changes of rules that you wish to implement is:

All legislation must be posted online 72 hours before going to the House floor to prevent party leaders from changing bills the night before House votes, as has been the practice over the years.

We have heard this before if you remember when Obama was preaching from his deluded pulpit and hailed “transparency” was coming to DC. We the people, are demanding that we have the time to read and to voice our concerns regarding impending bills and we respectfully but firmly request that the bills be limited to the length; no longer is it necessary to have thousands of pages of political rhetoric to get a bill passed.
So Mr. Speaker has you hold the gavel in your hands remember it is the people of America that is looking to you for leadership; one who won’t buckle to those who claim to be with you in name only. The American people know who the RINO’s [republicans in name only] are and we will be most likely watching you more closely, placing you under our microscopic eye to see that you hold true to your promise to restore honor to America and to repeal the usurpation of this administration.


9 responses to “The Passing of the Gavel

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  2. I totaly agree with you! Another great post!

  3. Amen Erica, we will be watching them all more closely, left and right. I, for one, will never go back to sleep. Thank you for your service in keeping America educated about the goings on of OUR government!

  4. Powerful and true! Perhaps it’s so powerful because it IS true – much needed in today’s world. The entire world will be watching, not just we Patriots…

  5. What goods a ceiling if it has to be raised? It’s b/c of Pelosi that our national debt has increased 60%. The only reason that “hack” ever got elected is b/c her district is filled w/ an electorate sucked info a black hole of ignorance. Not mention her pandering to mindless whims of the masses. Also, along w/ the gavel exchange, our “govt waste & abuse” watchful eye has moved too.

  6. The clock began today. I’m interested in seeing proper utilization of OUR time as much as I’m interested in the substance of THEIR work.

  7. I am a first time reader of your blog. I love it! I agree with you, we will be watching.

    • So glad to have stop by and I am equally as happy to see that you liked your visit, please try and visit often and feel free to share ideas and thoughts! ~APN~

  8. Well said. Yes, we will be watching, but don’t expect miracles. The new Speaker has his heart in the right place, but watch the establishment denigrate and attack. It has already started–the drumbeat of liberal media zeroing in on his emotional response to have been handed the role. The Pelosi’s will never, ever give up their lies and deceptions. Keep focused on who the real enemies are–and don’t hold the Republicans to some unattainable standards of conservative purity.

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