The Division of America Continues to Broaden

What a sad day again in America’s history as the terrible attack in Tuscon, AZ against Gabby Gifford and the honorable Judge Roll.
I am taken back on the day of September 11, 2001 when a nation came together when we were attacked by terrorist. Sadly this isn’t happening this time around. Too many people, especially our liberal pundits want to place blame on people such as Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement. How absurd!!!
Jane Fonda was tweeting about how Palin was to blame for this outrageous attack, don’t we wish that maybe she could go to North Korea and give them a hand and quit obscuring facts with her own deluded opinions.
Think for a moment of the family of the nine year old child [born on September 11, 2001] whose short life was snuffed out. Where is the compassion for our fellow man when at a time we should be joining together supporting everyone involved in this heinous crime, we are splitting hairs and making this a political fiasco!
This is egregious in every sense of the word.
Obama is remembered for his ill-fated logic of, “if they bring a knife we bring a gun.” This is just adding more fuel to the flames. We need a President who is a unifier and apparently during his many hours of community service, that is a lesson that went unlearned.
The day that the 112th congress read the constitution on the house floor, I am reminded of the woman who called out from the gallery for “Jesus save us.” I couldn’t agree with her more today as I sit and hear the pundits on television and read the “pathetic progressives” tweets on twitter.


4 responses to “The Division of America Continues to Broaden

  1. The politicizing of this horrific event is mind numbing. But since the shooter is a “white male”, it’s automatically assumed to be a rightwing extremist act. And the lib media was all too eager to step up to the task of placing the blame on a Tea Partier. If the shooter had screamed Allahu Akbar, then the media would have done all it could to report it as anything but an Islamic terror attack all while attempting to paint the shooter as “a good boy that got caught up in the wrong crowd”. And what’s up w/ Jane Fonda? How many Americans died in Vietnam b/c of her traitorous ways? Oh … And those “Gun Sights” on Palin’s map? They are actually surveyor symbols. But our watchdog media won’t report that. Also, heard DC will use “all its resources” to get to the bottom of this. That’s great! But where are all these “resources” when a rancher or border patrol agent gets killed by an illegal alien?

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  3. Our ship of state is certainly heading into uncharted domestic waters. I sure hope cooler heads prevail other than those like the Pima County Sheriff who, while at the same time lamenting incendiary political discourse suggesting “right wing” media is at fault, stokes the fires of partisan politics, vitriol, and division from the left.
    I see two major black eyes on society here since the shooter was clearly psychotic and as such there is no rational analysis of ANY of his thought processes possible beyond pathologically delusionl.
    1. Red flags of his impaired mental capacity were missed time and time again. If not, they went unaddressed.
    2.The contribution of marijuana and other mind altering substances to his psychosis must be evaluated. NIDA long term studies show a direct cause/effect relationship between marijuana and acute/cronic psychosis.
    Untreated mental illness is pervasive in society and marijuana is not an innocuous drug.
    Politics desn’t apply here.

    • Given recent events, I am afraid the chance of “cooler” waters may be somewhere in our distant future unless we have a moment of divine enlightment.

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