The Ramblings of Jared Loughner

Since Saturday’s tragic events in Tuscon, Arizona a lot of pertinent information is beginning to surface regarding Jared Loughner, the accused shooter that killed a Federal Judge Roll and severely wounded Rep. Gabby Gifford and took the life of a nine year old child.[I will not post the child’s name or picture out of respect for a grieving family] A total of six died that day and sixteen remain hospitalized for wounds suffered from the hand of what is now considered to be a very troubled young man.
We have all heard the pundits on the left trying to lay blame on Sarah Palin and the map that her PAC group had with the “cross hairs” targeting areas to which particular congressional races were to be targeted; however not by violence. I do believe that her map has now been removed from the site. However, this isn’t something new as the Democrats had a very similar map themselves that they used for the 2008 campaign.
So again we are witnessing how the left want to mislead the American public once again and try to use this tragedy for their benefit. What the left doesn’t want you to know is that Jared had a history of bizarre behavior. Not only was it his cult-like altar that was found in his parent’s back yard with a skull and dried up oranges and candles that has surfaced and clearly identifies him as being mentally unstable as does his youtube videos that spoke of mind control. He read books such as “Mein Kampf“and was often seen as a loner by neighbors. The people that he had attended school with paint quite a different picture of this trouble soul. Emails sent to school officials depicting his weird outbreaks in class with one girl writing that she sat by the door with her purse in her hand. One of his professors was afraid to turn his back on the class in fear of being shot as he wrote upon the blackboard. Does this sound like a rational thinking young man? I would say definitely no! Sheriff Dupnik has been seen on television trying to politicize this heinous event but the real question for the sheriff was why after receiving at least five [5] calls from the school due to Jared’s bizarre behavior that nothing was done.
Many individuals are known to suffer from such mental disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar; often these disorders surface when the individual is in their earlier twenties. One would assume his behavior did not only happen when he was away from his parents, so one has to wonder if they had noticed his erratic behavior and chose to turn their heads, its hard to comprehend. I am not a physician so I can’t say for certain that he indeed suffer from these disorders, but I am a Registered Nurse and have studied mental health and have often encountered patients who displayed such erratic behavior.
More will continue to surface as the days go by possibly with more information that will depict what was behind this troubled young man to make him take the life of others, put people in harms way and possibly could be facing a certain death penalty if found guilty.


6 responses to “The Ramblings of Jared Loughner

  1. While I have a certain clinical compassion for Loughner as a tormented soul I do know pure evil exists and must be dealt with.

    • Yes, clinically I can see how this all fell into place. However, you are most correct when you make the statement regarding evil. Sadly this is becoming more mainstream and too many people are jumping at the chance to politicize this horrid event.

  2. Jared Loughner is clearly a mentally unstable individual who acted on his delusional impulses. Very “unabomberish”. Once the word gets out that this guy is a leftist loon, then the media/congress will move on and focus on gun control which has been done w/ past shooters, but to no avail. Just political theatre. The media will soon be off to where they left off Friday night before the shooting anyway. What irks me is that the Westboro Baptist Church has declared its intention to picket the little girl’s funeral. Hopefully, the bikers of the Patriot Guard Riders will make a trip to flex their star-spangled muscle.

  3. Update: A local Tucson group plans to wear huge “angel wings” & form a screen between the Westboro picket & Christina Green’s funeral. Good! Maybe the Westboro picket will just go away.

    • God Bless the peope of Tuscon for protecting this family from this group who supposedly refer to themselves as being Christians. I have a hard time digesting the concept of their logic. However, this just may inspire a new post!

  4. I Hope Pastor Freddy Kruger and his racist goats get a taste of their own medicine when they try to attack the funeral mass. Perhaps when something bad happens to Westboro Baptist Church, all the communities that Pastor Freddy Kruger attacked will come back, and pay his church in full.

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