King’s Mountain Tops Speech remains relevant today

On April 3, 1968 Martin Luther King delivered his powerful, “I’ve been to the mountain top speech” the day before he was assassinated. We have to remain true to what we say on paper. We still 43 years later are still having difficult days ahead, racial divide continues to be exacerbated by those who continue to want to create strife and division in America. We are Americans, regardless of the color of our skin or party affiliation.
Our first amendment rights are continued to be infringed upon, the media now has usurped our rights to have fair and unbalanced reporting of the news. Our rights to assemble are now making us possible victims of the hatred that is growing in our nation. Our freedom of speech and our rights to protest now subject us to being killed, maimed in the streets by crazed zealots.
The mountain top appears to be getting closer for us all, as civility is no longer prevalent in our society today.

Our life begins to end when we remain silent on things that matter


9 responses to “King’s Mountain Tops Speech remains relevant today

  1. On this, the 16th of January, IN THE YEAR OF THE LORD, 2011, I, Gerald Gordon Kohlbrand, being of sound mind and body, (hold the laughs) do hereby state, that I will…
    1)never be politcally correct
    2)never remain silent
    3) never forget that Jesus Christ is Lord
    4) never go a day without telling someone #3
    5) will uphold the Constitution of the United States of America better than most politicians
    6) will exercise my right to bear arms
    7) will not forget that this country was founded on the belief that GOD IS
    8) will treat ALL men as “brothers and sisters” in Christ
    9) #LoveAnurse2Day
    10) will continue to pray that I/we are able to be half the man/Christian/example of “selfless love”, that Martin Luther King was, and is, to this day!

    DAT ALL 🙂

    • Bro Jer, I too, on this day agree to follow the tenets you just listed above except #9, for me it would be #LoveABro2day+++

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  3. Martin Luther King. What a great man! His ideas were reflected in the heritage of our Republic’s founding. Equally created & equally protected under the law. But racial divide continues & will con’t w/ the likes of race pimps Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson fueling the fires of racial tensions. But they have to or they’d be out of a job. The so called civil rights leaders of today are not even worthy of (paraphrasing Bill Clinton) getting Dr. King’s coffee. Nice post Erica!

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  5. Another great post. We need to stand strong for our rights to speak out for what we believe. And not let others try and frighten us into staying quiet.

  6. Thanks for the analysis!

  7. Hello from another patriotic RN….ER Trauma is my game….peace sister from a fellow brother in battle

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