What?? Paul/Franken hook up!!?!! O’ My..

You can’t begin to understand how the logic of this baffles many of us that have been involved locally in Tea Party events. Good friend and co-patriot Kentucky blogger is just as baffled as myself. She writes Strange Bedfellows, Al Franken is Rand Paul’s’ mentor. Strange indeed, but not surprising given Paul’s wacky views or at best, wacky to those who really got to know him as he campaigned here in Kentucky. Paul bellied up and literally co-opted the Tea Party here in Kentucky. Many of course will disagree with me, but that is why I blog, to give my opinions!!
He has joined efforts with the likes of Alex Jones, Adam Kokesh, and now has decided he needs a liberal to mentor him while being a junior Senator. Kentucky, what have you done! I can say that because I personally could not vote for this guy.
Now I wonder just how this is going to play out across Kentucky as we head into the next phase politically. One has to wonder if Paul is going to share with Franken the “Aqua Buddha“.. apparently Franken has shared his kool-aid with Paul!


20 responses to “What?? Paul/Franken hook up!!?!! O’ My..

  1. I agree with you about Rand Paul. I don’t think he is a Tea Party person at all. He is a Tino. LOL. The tea party in Kentucky wanted to believe in him because he wasn’t a democrat. If I remember right his dad was a 911 truther and Rand probably has some of those same ideas. Franken probably is a 911 truther too.

  2. Each freshman senator gets BOTH a GOP and Dem Senator. He could only choose from liberals for his Dem mentor. He chose someone with not much more seniority than himself.

  3. Erica,
    By not voting for Rand Paul it’s like you and I got to sneak into the matinee for free. I saved the entire front row for our former Johnson supporter friends! (He’s the usher)
    Get the large drink and popcorn….free refills for 6 years!! The show just got started. It’s 3-D!

    • LOL indeed, but we may need more than just the front row! I will be selling “crying towels” for those with regrets now at a low low price 😎

  4. Just Google Rand Paul and Al Franken. One cherry observation is, “This has all the makings of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.”
    I’ll take the diet Coke, please.

  5. Let the show begin !!!!!! I doubt there will be an intermission so make sure you go to the bathroom !@ Corps, would you like to share a box of JR. Mints ?

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  7. What? A somewhat “freshman” jerk Senator mentoring a “freshman” Senator? Seems the two have “hit it off” around DC. Paul asked & the jerk Franken accepted. I wonder who mentored the jerk Franken? And will Paul & Franken be sitting next to each other at the State of the Union? Did I mention that Al Franken is a jerk? And what’s up w/ these “Als”? Franken, Gore, Sharpton, Qaeda? Sheesh!

  8. I smelled something fishy about Rand Paul; now I see what it really is! He politically hooked up with Stuart Smelly al-Franken? That is plain foolish!

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  10. If you actually believe what you just wrote then my advice to you is that you stop writing now. All you are doing is making a fool out of yourself. I was not even going to dignify this article with a response but after seeing other people give approving comments I changed my mind. This article is completely baseless. This is not even newsworthy material. You see what you want to see which is completely out of touch with reality. Here is a reality check.

    From the article in Politico: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0111/47720.html
    “Each new senator is paired with a Democrat and a Republican to learn the Senate’s ways”. So by your logic I guess that makes every freshman Republican a RINO.

    From the same article in Politco: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0111/47720_Page2.html
    “the way you win battles is by talking to independents, conservative Democrats and maybe even some liberal Democrats who might agree with you on occasion.” Now pay close attention to the last two words “on occasion”. Check the thesaurus for yourself:
    http://thesaurus.com/browse/on+occasion “on occasion” means “not often”. In other words he is saying that he does not share Al Franken’s political views. In other words, you have just discredited yourself.

    Now I am going to give you one more reality check. You better learn from the repetitive mistakes that you continue to make. The base of the Republican Party and the Real Tea Party spoke when Rand Paul creamed Trey Grayson in the primary. You ignored us. The people including Indpendents spoke loudly in November when Rand Paul won by a landslide over Jack Conway. You continue to ignore us. So I guess we will have to do something even bigger. I am going to give a warning right now. If Ron Paul, Rand Paul, or some other Republican candidate that is endorsed by Ron Paul does not win the nomination for President in 2012, we will do everything that we possibly can to raise support for a third party candidate like Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party and split the ticket. I didn’t vote for McCain in 2008 and I will not support any more candidates like him for President. So the choice is yours. Would you rather see Ron Paul or Barack Obama get elected President in 2012?

    • Okay, where do I start! The other people that commented “actually” were privvy to what was going on here in KY with the Tea Party movement and the Paul campaign. Yes, I am well aware of the pairing of the Jr. Senators with those of both parties. That being said, it was a stretch by far to see him paired with Al Franken! As far as your reality check, here is one for you…You sound like one of those Campaign for Liberty zealouts that is in a frenzy over Ron/Rand Paul. Apparently your access to the social media that is available today is somewhat limited as neither of them well, maybe excluding Rand want nothing to do with Ron Paul being in the white house. I have saved your IP address so incase any other “warnings” come here via you or anyone else you might send, I will be notifying the Feds as threats and unwarranted “warnings” are taken seriously now! Also, you make reference to the word “RINO” that was not used myself in this post but I do believe it was used by a few of the commentors. Good luck on starting a third party and furture divide this country. I will be watching to see how that is going for you and the other “Paulinistas” that seem to appear, only to attempt to discredit and demean others. Have a nice day and don’t trip on your arrogance on your way out!

  11. Erica, you’ve been right on Rand Paul all along! Paul was not a conservative, he’s his daddy’s son. A libertarian in office would only decrease the safety of our country and bring drugs and “do whatever feels good” culture to our homes. No thank you! I would NEVER vote for a Libertarian! Keep telling it like it is, sister! Our country depends on it!

  12. Erica, there’s a special word for guy’s who cyberbully women in the name of Rand Paul. They’re called “wackos.”
    They oozed into Kentucky two years ago under orders from Ronnie, Randi, David Duke, Alex Jones, and Don Black. They came in the dark of night, the Knights of the Kampaign for Liberty, deeply rooted in th Eastern European Aryan nationalism.
    You may recall that I studied them in 2009 and wrote an article in National Writers Syndicate called “The Rand Paul/Ron Paul Schizophrenic Senate Campaign in Kentucky.”
    The more things change the more they remain the same.
    Mr. Real Tea Party thinks he’s representing his verminous ilk well, I see. Little do they know they will be relegated to the anal’s of Goldwater’s history soon enough by their fringe lunacy .
    Make no mistake, Rand Paul SELECTED Al Frankin and as one blog said, it’s the makings of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. It’ll be held in that little special corner of Congress I was told by a member of the Senate would reserved for them if Randi won. What a trio, Randi, Ronnie, and Alvin!
    I don’t hide behind anonymity, Mr.REAL TEA PARTY. Why don’t you and your slimeball friends come into my world here in Kentucky? I’ll kick your mucinogeous derrieres back to your swamp faster than you ever thought possible.
    The last time I shot a guy someone asked what I felt.
    “Recoil.” I said.
    I sure do miss the smell of cadavarine soaked detritis mixed with nitrates.
    You want to pick on someone? Here I am.
    Now, go ahead with your tenesmetic diarrhea of empty, hallow words about how tough you are right here so the ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD will see what I was talking about in my article and confirm my clinical diagnosis.
    Get your punka$$ friends to post, too, and when you guys want to mount up and come to Kentucky to meet me, just name the date and time. The location can be Triangle Park at Main and Broadway in Lexington.
    Don’t bring a knife, turdface. Plus, you’ll get a chance to meet some of my friends, too. Won’t that be fun!!

  13. Can I vote for Corpsman’s post multiple times? Yes! Yes! YES! YES! YES!!!!! Please run for office… We need someone in the White House who knows how to kick the bad guys’ a$$ and not just send someone to do their dirty work!

  14. ROFLMAO .. Corps .. as usual you are and will always be my unsung HERO !
    Are you sure you don’t want to run for office ????

  15. And Al with his vast knowledge of the Senate, parliamentary procedure (SNL type) and decoruim.

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