A Country in Turmoil

I’ve been watching the events as they unfolded in Eypgt this past week, often overwhelmed by the scenes shown on television and watching the videos that have made their way out of a country clearly in turmoil. These people are fighting for economic freedom, release from a plummeting economy under the rule of Mubarak who has been at the helm for close to 30 years. The people of Egypt are calling for him to step down, yet he remains firm in his resolve for now to remain as their President. He has dismissed his cabinet and appointed a Vice-President…yet the riots continue.
The White House by way of Secretary of State Hilliary Clinton is calling for orderly, peaceful transition” to a “real democracy.” But one does have to wonder what the real agenda of the White House has under it’s hat. Are they supporting one who has ties with the Muslim Brotherhood? ElBaradei declared, “You are the owners of this revolution. You are the future.” Does he really believe this or it is his way of maneuvering the Muslim Brotherhood to have control of these people and further aid the Islamic terrorist in conquering yet another country, one that borders with Israel who if this was to happen would surely be at a great risk. It was reported in Cairo,”Gangs of armed men attacked at least four jails across Egypt before dawn Sunday, helping to free hundreds of Muslim militants and thousands of other inmates as police vanished from the streets of Cairo and other cities.” Is this a blatant attempt to release Muslim thugs to further perpetuate the violence we’ve seen thus far.
Iran has long called for the annihilation of Israel and with Egypt being controlled by Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers could this just be another way of bringing this into reality? Many in Egypt are claiming that the Obama administration is out of touch. This is a claim that many within the United States have often made. It is of grave importance that we stand strong and solid with Israel. We must refrain from cutting aid to Israel as called for by newly elected Junior Senator of Kentucky, Rand Paul.
In order to understand the importance of Israel’s survival one only needs to turn to their Bibles. Biblically speaking, not only is Israel around during end time events, but they seem to be the focal point. Many people ask if it is in the best interest of America to be involved with Israel. We are living in perilous times and every knee should be bended in prayer.


5 responses to “A Country in Turmoil

  1. True, Erica. We must not abandon our allies in this struggle. Our allies are the Christian people of Egypt who face Muslim intolerance and persecution. Why has Obama spoken out now with this dictator and not with the Irani people? Because Egypt is a Western ally. As for Sen. Rand Paul – this is why you and other staunch conservatives argued against his libertarian self. We are not a beacon of freedom on an island alone. In these Obamanamic times, we must continue to keep our enemies close but our friends even closer. God bless Israel and all her people, God’s chosen ones.

  2. Yep! It’s an economic uprising, not a political one as the media hopes to pursued. The Egyptians are sick to death of high unemployment, govt corruption & skyrocketing food prices(thanks in part to corn going into our gas tanks). Questions? Does Egypt want to replace a draconian dictatorship w/ an even more draconian dictatorship a la Muslim Brotherhood? & Is DC supporting this measure? And if you connect the dots, why do theseMiddle Eastern uprisings always seem to happen under a weak kneed, appeasing Democrat in the WH? Carter hung the Shah of Iran out to dry while the mad mullahs took over. I guess Obama will hang Mubarak out to dry too. Oh … BTW do you know what the number one selling book is in Egypt? Mein Kampf

  3. If anyone believes they don’t have a personal stake in these matters yhen they have another think coming.
    If anyone doesn’t think this is building foreboding winds of a Third World War they have another think coming, too.
    Who will leave 7 million Israel Jews, Christians, and Muslims out to dry?
    Think Jeruselum. Think Suez canal. Think oil. Think Islamic Caliphate.
    Think nukes.

  4. It is correct to take the larger view of what happens in the Middle East. There is always the danger of unrest and violent overthrow, with outcomes that usually are not good news for the U.S. and Israel. We have two huge interests in the area–Oil and Israel. Too bad we haven’t developed an energy policy that would free us from the first so we could concentrate on the second.

  5. If the Muslim Brotherhood takes over Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel will be out the door. And they are the grandfathers of all the other Muslim terror groups so you know they will be backing terror groups.

    We need to stand with Israel. If we pulled our support for Israel it will only encourage terror attacks on both Israel and the USA.

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