Chilling Cry’s For Help From Bahrain

This is chilling coming from the streets of Bahrain recently during the riots that have escalated since Egypt began it’s plight to bring Murbarak’s reign to an end.


5 responses to “Chilling Cry’s For Help From Bahrain

    • Very much so, Kevin. The world seems to be spiraling downward. I have been somewhat overwhelmed by all that has been taking place and this is my first post in almost a month! We need to continue to pray!

  1. It is hard to know what will happen. i fear the extremist will take over in many of these countries. But at the same time i want people to be free. I hope they end up with a free peaceful country.

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  3. These uprisings in the Middle East will eventually create a Sunni/Shiite war. Stay tuned …

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