Clearly Houston: There is Trouble in Washington

This is clearly a photo of Obama and Biden…one might also confuse them as being “dumb and dumber”…They like to use the word “clearly” a lot but one has to wonder if they truly understand it’s meaning as they are incapable of being truthful and forth coming to the American people and have blatantly shown little to no respect for our Constitution. Maybe while being a Constitutional scholar, instead of learning it’s meaning he was looking for ways to re-write or destroy this timeless document that is the foundation of this country.
The year was 2007 and then President George W. Bush was preparing for more action in Iran and ole Joey had this to say:

I asked them to put together [for] me a draft, which I’m now literally riding between towns editing, that I want to make clear and submit to the Untied States Senate pointing out the president has no authority to unilaterally attack Iran. And I want to make it clear, I want it on the record, and I want to make it clear, if he does, as chairman of the foreign relations committee and former chair of the judiciary committee, I will move to impeach him

Was that only relevant because of the party in which Bush represented as it seems now that not much is being said to hold him accountable for Obama doing just that!

Not only is Obama seen to be weak not only in leadership but is clearly in over his head. This was prophesized by many of the pundits of the day while he was busy campaigning for office after only having been in the senate for such a brief period.

This administration has taught us a valuable lesson one we must take to heart; no longer can we judge the candidates that will be vying for our votes. Words come easily especially to one as blessed with such a forked tongue as Obama. We must and it’s our duty as Americans to vet the many candidates that will be seeking to dethrone the “Not-so-great-one.”

• Obama is always late when it comes to dealing with a crisis in the World
• People in Bahrain were calling out to him for help, did they get it?
• Obama supported the ousting of Hosni Mubarak while the Islamist Brotherhood was waiting in the wings
• Obama has failed beyond comparison to see growth in our economy
• People across the nation are desperately looking for jobs
• Obama has “unconstitutionally” implemented Heath-care reform that remains even more unpopular now than it was just a year ago
• His desire to vacation and go on golfing expeditions has only weakened his already slipping poll numbers
• While gas prices are on the rise here in the USA, Obama sees fit to give millions to another tyrant to drill for oil instead of utilizing our own natural resources.
• His associations with the likes of George Soros and Louis Farrakhan have clearly showed the path he has chosen to bring about his idea of change, one that leaves many within the nation with a sense of hopelessness.


7 responses to “Clearly Houston: There is Trouble in Washington

  1. Ah yes, then there was the dazzling response by Obama in support of the Iranian stdent uprising. Who would have thought then that Iran would one day be the driving force of what we’re seeing from Libya to Syria?
    Pretty much everyone but this administration. Or didn’t they?
    Of course today we’re hearing the administration’s outcry over the increasing Palestinian bombing of Israel too!
    We don’t? Hmmm. I wonder why?
    I say we need one more eccentric junior Senator with no measureable experience, common sense, or integrity to get out there and run the razzle dazzle for the presidential nomination. Yes, that’s just what we need!
    “Rand Paul for President in 2012! Extend political incompitence in The White House!”

    • O yes that is definitely what we DON’T need is for Rand Paul to run for anything else that might embellish his already swollen ego! I agree, electing someone with little to no experience certainly could continue to exacerbate the woes we are having now with this current administration!

  2. Obama is weak and every knows it. What will he do when Al Qaeda takes over Libya? And the Muslim Brotherhood takes over Egypt?
    He condemns Israel when they build an apartment building. But he says nothing when Hamas fires missiles at Israel.

  3. Great article Erica, and so very true.
    His utter failure at supporting Israel and our other friends is astounding.
    His constant bringing of law suits against our own states and people, is not only wrong it’s illegal.
    I’ll stop there and just say that his transgressions are far to numerous to put in a list in a comment, they deserve a blog post of their own. Indeed they should be inscribed on articles of impeachment, for him and 100s of his cronies in government, and on arrest warrants for those outside of the government.

  4. Obama and Joey the talking chicken Biden deserve the Dumb and Dumber title! These 2 fools have done more damage than what the media shows us.

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