Herman Cain & The Road To The White House

Tonight we American’s were privy to the beginning of the 2012 Presidential debate broadcast from Greenville, South Carolina. Unfortunately not all possible contenders were present but it was evident that Herman Cain came with his A game! Not once did this man mention the word “I” but instead used “we” frequently, this is uncommon to hear coming from a polished politician we’ve come to know and how many of them have forgotten that it is indeed the “we” that they are voted to serve and this is what makes Cain stand out for me. I am well aware that we are very early in this most important political race most likely of our lifetime. It’s of the utmost importance that we vet these candidates fully and not be so easily swayed by a few sound bytes…we’ve experienced this already with the one we now have occupying the Oval office!
Cain, admitted that he had not held public office and when asked about Romney he had this to say:

I am running instead of supporting Romney this time because HE DID NOT WIN -I’m going to try my hand

I will say that Pawlenty and Santorum was steadfast in their responses as well but for me it was Cain who stood out the most, fresh, strong business oriented, well spoken and informed. Cain’s response about the problem of rising gas prices were right on target. You can hear his response here. Cain’s closing statement was impressive as well and was a true testament to the very fiber of his character, you can hear his closing statement here. [this link includes the closing statements of all involved.]

America the time is NOW that we must stand strong and uphold the platforms of this country as given to us from our Founding Fathers…Be INFORMED this political season!


6 responses to “Herman Cain & The Road To The White House

  1. Refreshing, straight talk, good showing.

  2. conservativeMom

    An excellent showing, I’ll now be following Herman Cain very closely. We must get rid of the professional politicans if this country is to stay free.

  3. SmalltalkwithT

    I watched the debate not knowing 2 of the 5 candidates. I had never heard of Johnson from New Mexico and I knew Herman Cain as the Godfather but nothing except that he was conservative. I didn’t think Pawlenty did well, Paul was a nutcase and with Johnson are not Republicans but Libertarians, so no votes there, and Santorum I liked, but he has so much baggage, I don’t think he’ll make the primaries. Herman Cain though was impressive, he was strong, convicted, loves and thinks America is exceptional, and has a great economic background. That’s what America needs! So far so good…

    Herman Cain won the debate last night!

  4. Really like how you picked up on Mr. Cain rarely used “I”. Also, unlike most career politicians, when the buzzed sounded he just stopped talking. Actually we think it only sounded once. When you have the commanding depth of knowledge you can be precise and to the point.

  5. So true that we need to look, or listen, past the comments and promises made while on the campaign trail. Great post!

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