Whew, Weiner’s going…NOW..Fox News & et al..Report the REAL news!

Today after many people from both political parties have asked Rep. Anthony Weiner to step down he finally decides too. Good, myself and many others are so tired of hearing of his obsession with himself, young women & porn stars…not to mention his love of “stretching” the truth …okay…flat out lying to the American people and his constituents…I am not going to rehash this debacle that he brought upon himself…There isn’t any use in doing so because apparently the fact that he was so obsessed with his “man-hood” that our news media and not only the main stream media completely forgot that we are involved in four [4] wars, 9.1% unemployment, the economy is seriously taking a nose dive with no light at the end of the tunnel and no plans in place to seek recovery and we have problems with our home values…but yet taking a picture of one’s self is more news worthy than what is noted above.
Now for heavens sake, let this man do his rehab, get counseling for his habitual lying and just go on with his life so we can once again be informed of the real issues facing this country! Is it 2012 yet?


5 responses to “Whew, Weiner’s going…NOW..Fox News & et al..Report the REAL news!

  1. Don’t you mean the lame brain media? Once again be informed ot the real issues…..I don’t think they inform us on any of the real issues. They are the problem and we need to make them more accountable for NOT reporting and investigating like “real” news people. Heck, if we hadn’t put pressure on they would have let this one get by.

  2. conservativeMom

    Phew, is right ! The late night comics will miss him !!!!!!!

  3. Amen!!!! …although Oscar Mayer I’m sure has loved ALL of the FREE advertising … I’m watching FOXNEWS right now waiting for the official Weiner news conference…the Weiner story continues to take front stage over the “Fast and Furious” hearings where our own government MAY have been responsible in creating an atmosphere where by the gun laws in the country could have been based on this clandestine operation – and yet WeinerGate STILL monopolizes the news cycle … sadly it is NOT just the MSM but cable as well …


  4. He kept repeating the Der Wienerschnizel liner “I’M A HOT DAWG!” way too many times! GOOD RIDDANCE!

  5. Believe our main stream media focuses on almost anything but the real issues. This being one of them. Who really cares about this guy other than someone wanted him out. Why doesn’t the media discuss that? Instead they superficially deal with what’s visible….his Twitter antics. What about the man, Weiner, speaking out against BO and got nailed? That’s news….and worthy of more in-depth investigation.

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