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A day to remember, promises to be kept………

ny_saint_pauls_chapel_9_11_memorial_18_423 Today please take the time to remember those who lost their life, pray for the families they left behind as they are reminded of this most tragic of days. This should be a day of remembrance, time to reflect. I ask each of you that reads this today to say a prayer for our country, our men and women off in a foreign land fighting a war like none we have seen before. They represent no country, they wear no uniform. Light a candle, display your flag to honor those lost, we are a Country that needs to unite, let us do this on this day and come together and keep the promise we made eight years ago; We will never forget……………..

~A Patriotic Memorial Day Tribute~

This Memorial Day we wish to give thanks to all branches of the Armed Forces of Our Great Country, The United States of America~ It is for your sacrifices and your bravery that we remain free to this day~ This flame will burn for eternity for you~