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Come On Bristol: Just Dance!

[photo via Google]

There has been so much to do about Bristol Palin appearing on Dancing With The Stars lately that it is beginning to err on the side of the insane!
Bristol, while being the daughter of the now famous and very outspoken possible Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin is not only a daughter, mom but she is first and foremost an individual. One who ultimately is responsible for herself and has every right to enjoy a normal life, one that is without the need for the public scrutiny of her every move. It was not her that was selected as a running mate on the GOP ticket in the 2008 Presidential elections. Note to the “Leftist extremist” [emphasis mine] your lame attempts to discredit this young woman is not only juvenile in nature but borders on the extreme. But, wait!!! That is what you do, isn’t it? You want to pounce on any attempt to discredit the foundation of what this country was founded upon isn’t it.
Reports just today with the white powder being sent to the studio of where the show is filmed is their latest attempt to not only instill fear, but to turn this family oriented show into something political to further their desperate desires to see us totally ruled by a socialist agenda!
Come on Bristol, just dance!!!

Bristol, the vixen dancing the Paso Doble


Nailed it, she did