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…Coakley’s Religious Prejudices…

Martha Coakley let me first and foremost remind you that we are Americans, if you remember the basis on which this country was founded on you should know that we have freedom of religion! That being said, I appalled at the audacity you displayed by saying that Catholic Doctors and nurses should not work the ER due to our faith, a faith that respects life at the moment of conception to the moment the last breath is expelled. Our profession is one that is invested into healing, providing comfort. How can you support the killing of an unborn child? For every aborted fetus could be the person that found a cure for cancer, Alzheimer’s and numerous other illnesses that afflict us. Who are you and the many like you that feel that you have the “right” to do God’s work. God makes the ultimate decisions on when we are called home to rest in his glory.

Ps 139:16 “Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”


HandsOffResizedBeing a nurse and having readily access to many physicians that provide care to patients of all walks of life, I have been conducting polls regarding their opinion regarding this health-care reform. I have had comments like, “I agree that we need some reform but this one has me worried, to if this passes, I will quit coming to the hospital and work primarily out of my office.” How is this benefiting the American public. Medicare and Medicaid have been accessible for many years and we all have seen how misused, tainted it has become over the years.
The hospitals are now regulated by Medicare as to how they will be reimbursed if the hospital is diligent in conforming to the regulations set forth. Medicare will not pay if a patient comes in with some form of “pressure ulcer, wound,” of any sort without proper documentation. If perchance a pressure ulcer is developed while in the hospital, Medicare will NOT reimburse the hospital for the expenditure of attempting to heal this wound. Pressure ulcers do not develop primarily due to neglect from the nursing staff, there are many reasons for their developement. Such as nutrional status, age, certain laboratory values. Nurses are tied up with detailed documentation to fulfill the requirements of Medicare which in my opinion would be better served if we were able to be at the bedside and provide the type of nursing care that led up in this profession to begin with.
I agree with Rep. Tom Price (GA)
Republicans have been shut out from working with this administration that claims to be working in a bi-partisanship way to write this reform. This is an intrusion into our lives, implementing higher taxes on a country that is already over taxed. Increasing our government and bringing more strife to the American public. Our liberties are slowly vanishing……..

Cartoon Courtesy of THE ALLAMON CARTOON BLOG http://bit.ly/ADIgG