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The Ramblings of Jared Loughner

Since Saturday’s tragic events in Tuscon, Arizona a lot of pertinent information is beginning to surface regarding Jared Loughner, the accused shooter that killed a Federal Judge Roll and severely wounded Rep. Gabby Gifford and took the life of a nine year old child.[I will not post the child’s name or picture out of respect for a grieving family] A total of six died that day and sixteen remain hospitalized for wounds suffered from the hand of what is now considered to be a very troubled young man.
We have all heard the pundits on the left trying to lay blame on Sarah Palin and the map that her PAC group had with the “cross hairs” targeting areas to which particular congressional races were to be targeted; however not by violence. I do believe that her map has now been removed from the site. However, this isn’t something new as the Democrats had a very similar map themselves that they used for the 2008 campaign.
So again we are witnessing how the left want to mislead the American public once again and try to use this tragedy for their benefit. What the left doesn’t want you to know is that Jared had a history of bizarre behavior. Not only was it his cult-like altar that was found in his parent’s back yard with a skull and dried up oranges and candles that has surfaced and clearly identifies him as being mentally unstable as does his youtube videos that spoke of mind control. He read books such as “Mein Kampf“and was often seen as a loner by neighbors. The people that he had attended school with paint quite a different picture of this trouble soul. Emails sent to school officials depicting his weird outbreaks in class with one girl writing that she sat by the door with her purse in her hand. One of his professors was afraid to turn his back on the class in fear of being shot as he wrote upon the blackboard. Does this sound like a rational thinking young man? I would say definitely no! Sheriff Dupnik has been seen on television trying to politicize this heinous event but the real question for the sheriff was why after receiving at least five [5] calls from the school due to Jared’s bizarre behavior that nothing was done.
Many individuals are known to suffer from such mental disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar; often these disorders surface when the individual is in their earlier twenties. One would assume his behavior did not only happen when he was away from his parents, so one has to wonder if they had noticed his erratic behavior and chose to turn their heads, its hard to comprehend. I am not a physician so I can’t say for certain that he indeed suffer from these disorders, but I am a Registered Nurse and have studied mental health and have often encountered patients who displayed such erratic behavior.
More will continue to surface as the days go by possibly with more information that will depict what was behind this troubled young man to make him take the life of others, put people in harms way and possibly could be facing a certain death penalty if found guilty.

The Division of America Continues to Broaden

What a sad day again in America’s history as the terrible attack in Tuscon, AZ against Gabby Gifford and the honorable Judge Roll.
I am taken back on the day of September 11, 2001 when a nation came together when we were attacked by terrorist. Sadly this isn’t happening this time around. Too many people, especially our liberal pundits want to place blame on people such as Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement. How absurd!!!
Jane Fonda was tweeting about how Palin was to blame for this outrageous attack, don’t we wish that maybe she could go to North Korea and give them a hand and quit obscuring facts with her own deluded opinions.
Think for a moment of the family of the nine year old child [born on September 11, 2001] whose short life was snuffed out. Where is the compassion for our fellow man when at a time we should be joining together supporting everyone involved in this heinous crime, we are splitting hairs and making this a political fiasco!
This is egregious in every sense of the word.
Obama is remembered for his ill-fated logic of, “if they bring a knife we bring a gun.” This is just adding more fuel to the flames. We need a President who is a unifier and apparently during his many hours of community service, that is a lesson that went unlearned.
The day that the 112th congress read the constitution on the house floor, I am reminded of the woman who called out from the gallery for “Jesus save us.” I couldn’t agree with her more today as I sit and hear the pundits on television and read the “pathetic progressives” tweets on twitter.

Come On Bristol: Just Dance!

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There has been so much to do about Bristol Palin appearing on Dancing With The Stars lately that it is beginning to err on the side of the insane!
Bristol, while being the daughter of the now famous and very outspoken possible Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin is not only a daughter, mom but she is first and foremost an individual. One who ultimately is responsible for herself and has every right to enjoy a normal life, one that is without the need for the public scrutiny of her every move. It was not her that was selected as a running mate on the GOP ticket in the 2008 Presidential elections. Note to the “Leftist extremist” [emphasis mine] your lame attempts to discredit this young woman is not only juvenile in nature but borders on the extreme. But, wait!!! That is what you do, isn’t it? You want to pounce on any attempt to discredit the foundation of what this country was founded upon isn’t it.
Reports just today with the white powder being sent to the studio of where the show is filmed is their latest attempt to not only instill fear, but to turn this family oriented show into something political to further their desperate desires to see us totally ruled by a socialist agenda!
Come on Bristol, just dance!!!

Bristol, the vixen dancing the Paso Doble


Nailed it, she did

2010: The Year of The Woman

We have come a long way since the days of women’s suffrage; when women had to fight to be heard, to vote. The National Woman Suffrage Association, led by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, was formed in 1869 to agitate for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Susan B. Anthony(left) and Elizabeth Cady Stanton (right) these women unknowingly have transformed women in our political system to a whole new level. No longer are we afraid to be silent and remain obedient as women of days gone by. Long past the days of, “I am woman hear me roar.” Women today in 2010 have emerged as viable foes of the once male dominated world of politics. How Anthony and Stanton would feel knowing just how far their suffrage for women to vote has transformed is unimaginable. Not only can we vote but now we are holding political power undreamed of in their era. We have women in power in our states as Governors, Senators and Representatives both on state and the federal levels.
Today with the internet and social sites such as twitter and facebook, todays woman has taken to the air waves to fight the injustices we see in our nation today. One such group active on twitter is called the twisters they are a group of women with a large following that promotes conservative candidates via the internet and supporting them via money bombs for donations. Their purpose

We’re here to walk the Conservative talk

While they are composed of a group of nine [9] there are many women who share their passion and vitality for our country and the direction we are now headed. Conservative women are not only mothers, teachers, nurses..etc…but we are bloggers using our blogs to be the new-age pamphleteers ..using our venues to get a message out to the people much like the days of the first revolution. I am proud to be amongst such great company as the likes of
They can call us “Mama bears” but rest assured we are a force to be reckoned with..Just wait, listen and see…We will impact the political stage come November 2010…Mark my words……

~You haven’t seen anything yet~

h/t #The Twisters

Kentucky’s senate race heats up!

There can only be one choice for me in the Kentucky highly contested senate race. My choice is Bill Johnson he is the only true conservative in this race. We have Trey Grayson who has the support of the Washington √©lite such as Mitch McConnell and John McCain. The Tea Party movement’s dedication to changing the scenery in DC by sending candidates that truly support the values and principles of conservatives across the country. Johnson, is the only true conservative we have in this race. Rand Paul is a Libertarian that has co-opted the tea party mantra by trying to convince the people of Kentucky that he is grassroots and a real tea party candidate. I urge you to read how he is flip-flopping and of his obfuscations here. Sarah Palin has recently via her PAC endorsed Paul without as much as speaking to him personally. We have all read and seen the news clips of how she is wanting the GOP to join forces with the tea party movement, which in my opinion takes away from the very reasons we joined the movement. We want to eradicate the career politicians and replace them with ones that are willing to do the will of the people.
Johnson, is a man of values and principles of a true conservative candidate with a firm platform. He is strong on defense, being a decorated gulf war veteran, he knows what it means to serve and protect. He has traveled the world working in the energy business and will be able to offer his ability to this most controversial issue facing us today. Johnson is very pro-life and strongly believes that life begins at conception that. His opponent on the other hand would support returning the issue of abortion back to the states which in turn would lift the ban on partial birth abortion, that doesn’t sound “pro-life” to me. Paul wants to end the war on drugs that Johnson served and fought so hard to protect our shores from being infested by the venom that is affecting our children and society. Johnson supports the second amendment and is a member of the NRA.

H/T Lisa Grass