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Remembering 9-11 and The Children

“Now, we have inscribed a new memory alongside those others. It’s a memory of tragedy and shock, of loss and mourning. But not only of loss and mourning. It’s also a memory of bravery and self-sacrifice, and the love that lays down its life for a friend–even a friend whose name it never knew. “
– President George W. Bush, December 11, 2001

Ten years ago the people of New York and Washington were waking up to start their day. Parents bustling about preparing to go to work; early September and the children were now getting settled back into the routine of returning to school. However at 8:46 a.m. and again at 9:03 a.m. the lives of approximately 3051 children changed forever. Earlier that morning nineteen hijackers had taken control of four commercial airliners destined to fly west to California. The terrorist chose flights scheduled to fly long distances for they were heavily fueled. The events of that day forever changed America; forever changing the lives of these children who lost a parent.

Losing a parent is never an easy experience for anyone to go through regardless of one’s age. Losing a parent tragically such as on this day can have lasting impact on a child so young as to not fully understand or able to accept the fact that their Moms or Dads will never be coming home again. Unlike adults, children regrieve at each developmental stage and with each stage comes new questions and often new sorrows. Recently CBS aired a special of the children of 9-11 and it was this special that is the inspiration of this post.

One young man who was around eleven at the time who had lost his Mother that day life was suddenly turned upside down. Leaving him confused as to why, angry that the one person who loved him unconditionally was never going to walk back in the door again, never going to be there to offer words of encouragement or be there to guide him when he drifted off the path, loosing his way. Soon after that day he was up rooted from the surrounding in which he had grown up and moved to the town in which his Mother had grown up to be cared for by family. Grief is individualized, meaning it has many stages such as confusion, emptiness, shock and yes…anger. It was anger that eventually overcame this young man as he rebelled, got in fights at school, started hanging out with gang members, selling drugs his life in utter turmoil trying to come to terms with the grief he was experiencing. Fortunately for this young man as he was able to over come the anger and vowed to live his life to honor the memory of his Mother. He is now married and has a family of his own and plans to plant a garden on the site of his Mother’s childhood home to honor her memory.

It was for another young man the memories of his Dad that made him withdraw into himself. Bottling up his emotions. He felt that his grief was far greater than that of his younger sister because she was so young at the time and had little recollection of the man they knew as Dad. He found solace in going to a camp especially for the children of 9-11, it was there that he could find others who shared the same feelings as he and he stated that he never wanted to leave the camp and that when he got older he wanted to work there. He felt a peace that was indescribable.

Families of September 11 was founded in October of 2001 by families impacted by the terrorist attacks. Their mission is:

To raise awareness about the effects of terrorism and public trauma and to champion domestic and international policies that prevent, protect against, and to respond to terrorist acts.

They offer a variety of services which include; support resources for children, wellness, health issues. To donate to this group you can go here

We must never forget this day that changed America, a day that changed the lives of so many of our young. It is our duty to remember the men and women who lost their lives on that day that started out like any other day before. The firemen who selfishly made their up the towers to attempt to save lives, the emergency first responders who bravely sacrificed their life to make a difference to someone in which they didn’t even know their names only brings to mind the word, hero…It is how so many of the children who lost a parent that day lovingly remember their loved one. Let’s once again be a nation that turns to God and look for his comfort to help us through the trying times in which we live. The world changed on September 11, 2001…we must never forget.

God Bless America


~Looking back…2009~

Oh, what a year 2009 turned out to be. The first African-American (not 100% however) was elected to the White House by an astonishing number of votes. His claims of hope and change really didn’t materialize the way that he had promised. But, that is something we’ve become accustomed too! Sen. Joe Wilson, described it best with his timely, “you lie” comment! This is now, as you know, the end of the year of 2009 and you would think that by this time that race would no longer be an issue, apparently it isn’t the case. Many voted for this man based on the color of his skin and not by the character within. After being inaugurated on Jan. 20th, he soon was nominated for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, yet what had he accomplished in such a short time. Then comes February and we had the stimulus’ that was supposed to help a flailing economy but yet we’ve only seen record unemployment that nearly reaches the time of the great depression. With many asking where are the jobs? We have seen our government take over private businesses, introduce cap and trade, cash for clunkers and now the health-care reform that so many of the people reject but yet the democratic congress fails to listen too. Yes, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi bantered together to help push Obama’s agenda down our throats. Out of this a new movement was born. Many on the left have mocked and made derogatory comments about, yes, I am speaking of the Tea Party Movement. Born on Twitter and Facebook we gathered in cities across this land to speak out against the tyranny that we see coming our way. We attended Town-hall meetings and marched on DC, yes, there was over 2 million people there that day and I had the pleasure of being amongst the crowd and raising my voice with patriots from every corner of this great nation. Fellow blogger and best friend Smalltalkwitht joined me in DC and together made our impact on this history making event. We have witnessed a president who apologized and bow before foreign leaders. We’ve heard the pleas of Generals that he placed under his command for more troops to help our military who are fighting to save the freedoms and liberties so many in this country take for granted. Yet it took him over three months to make a decision. We’ve witness strife and killing in the streets of Iran with but a simple slap on the wrist of this administration. They are merely fighting for their God given right to freedom and the leader of the greatest nation in the world does nothing, but make yet another televised statement and once again read from the now infamous “Teleprompter.” We have witnessed N.Korea taunt us with long-range missiles but to no avail, this administration is too worried about destroying the very foundation of our country and stomping on the Constitution that our forefather’s shed their blood to make our government one of the people and by the people. Yet, this administration defiles the very notion and promptly escorts socialism where it is not wanted. Obama continues to blame former president George Bush for everything without being able to own up after a year in office and take responsibility for the government he is trying to change. Obama should take lessons from GWB and learn how he kept us safe from the terrorist attacks but no, we are constantly watching over our shoulders expecting the worst as on Christmas Day another attempt to kill Americans was thwarted. The Nigerian who tried to blow up the plane had been identified by his own father as one to watch due to his recent activities, but yet he slipped through and was able to board a plane to carry out his dreadful deed. He claims that there are more to come and yet this president waited days before addressing the nation and then was only condescending with his remarks. So as we approach 2010, be vigilant when traveling, take time to become involved. Be better informed as to what the government has in store for you and for me and don’t hesitate to speak out, for that is one right they haven’t taken yet. We have a voice and we together can make a difference. Vote, that is your voice….regardless of political affiliation we are still Americans, don’t let the leftist progressive’s win and destroy our very foundation. Take heed from those who fought in the first American Revolution, for we very well may be headed for the second one if the elected officials don’t start to listen to the will of the people. I wish you all a great new year, we have a lot to face going in to it. Lets make 2010 the year of REAL CHANGE for America!

Obama; adminstration of terrorist,perverts and liars…

When will the madness end? This administration continues to align itself with the most controversial of characters. We first had the Rev.Wright and the Ayers, the rather annoying Priest that claimed to be a man of God but yet supported killing our unborn. We’ve witnessed Van Jones, Eric Holder and his attempts to slap the families of 9/11 with the trial of those who planned the ill-fated attacks on NYC by bringing them back to the scene to stand trial! Now we have this pervert passing around literature that promotes a rather diverse, perverse life style and this administration assigns him as a “Czar.” Obama’s administration will be known in history as one of madness and tyranny. One tends to wonder just how far he will go to really change the foundation of our Country or will we finally wake up and revolt against the arrogance and often ignorance we see coming from DC……….I agree with Michelle Malkin this is perverse and obscure……………

A Call for Help, Standish Michigan reaches out to a nation….

One of the first issues this administration faced when taking office was the closure of Gitmo, the prison that houses the terrorist that attacked NYC and those from Iraq and Afghanistan. He officially closed the prison but has yet to find a place to move them. Apparently he is trying to move them to a small farming town in Michigan. The township of Standish is against this and is calling for OUR help in preventing this to be done. As usual they aren’t being heard. This will not save jobs for the area. They too are calling for transparency from this administration and yet the plea goes unanswered. The citizens have spoken, they aren’t being heard..they seek our help, the nation..to help fight the “David and Goliath” fight..hear their pleas…Join Liz Cheney and help keep America safe….