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Scott Brown Keeping America Safe

Scott Brown is strong on national defense, taking a strong stance against trying the terrorist that are trying to attack our country in our Federal Courts. He is our chance to stop Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in passing the Obama-Care that so many of Americans oppose. We are coming down to the wire and time is running short. Brown has raised more than 1 million dollars in one day! Help him keep the momentum going by donating here. Join the Veterans and support Brown to be our 41st vote!

Get out the Vote..Jan.19,2010 Send Scott Brown to Washington

During the past year we heard a lot about hope and change didn’t we? Lets make 2010 the real year of change by supporting Scott Brown for Senator! He represents real change for the people of Massachusetts .
The legacy of Ted Kennedy will live on but it is time to let him rest in peace. A time of change is coming and 2010 will be that year! So do your part, get out the vote to bring about real change for the citizens of Massachusetts and for America!!!