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The Possible Agenda That Obama is Hiding

With the recent nomination of another cabinet post that supports the President’s stance on late term abortion, it is clearly seen that he possibly has a hidden agenda regarding the direction of our country for now and for generations to come.

I applaud Mary Ann Glendon’s decision to not attend the Notre Dame graduation due to the fact that a Catholic University would not only invite but offer an honorary degree to one who shows no compassion for life and governs away from the teaching of the church. Ms.Glendon is a former ambassador to the Holy See at the Vatican.

Islam is rapidly on the rise and we must do all that we can do do to stop this from happening to our great country for it not only affects us now but affects our children and grandchildren in years to come. Now is the time to take action; A call to Action NOW!

Mr Obama, a very special message for you

Mr. Obama, this is what WE THE PEOPLE ask of you, respect our Constitution, our Rights, Our Freedoms…..

Hi and Welcome

Hi and Welcome to ” A Patriotic Nurse!” I am new at blogging but have been very interested in starting and as the old saying goes, there is no time like the present. As events that have transposed over the course of the past year, it has renewed my interest in politics and the change and hope that we were promised as well as the transparency have led me to create this blog. My love for Country, family and my faith illuminates who I am. I am very passionate about our country and with this administration and the ones he surrounds himself with, I feel it is my second calling to become a watch-dog and monitor what the President has planned for this country. We may not share political affliations but the fact remains that we are “Americans” first and foremost and our way of life and our constitution must be upheld! I am a faithful Catholic who strongly believes in life and that it begins with conception. So, I welcome you on this journey and hope that we can forge a good strong bond, one that is cemented in love of Country and in respect for the men and women who are giving the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom!