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Deliver Us not into blasphemy….

obama-791878 Recently we have viewed videos of our children singing or reciting praises unto Obama. Now this video has surfaced, “Deliver us Obama.” How blasphemous! He has been called the, “anointed one, the messiah, the One,” by the likes of Farrakhan and others. Deliver us alright, from the exaltation of the liberals and their sense that with him all in the world will be right! Obama deliver us from your socialism, your attempt to corrupt our country. Deliver us from big goverment and your attempt to control our every move. Deliver us back to the country that respects our Constitution and all that it represents. Deliver us back to a time when all life was sacred. Deliver us back to a time when, We the people mattered……………………..

The Eisenhower Strike Group comes home…..

PMI1664 Emotions ran high as these family members and loved ones awaited the return of the Eisenhower to dock after being in active duty! One particular Mom (Angela) is a good friend of mine, she too, is a nurse. There wasn’t a day that went by that we saw her son’s picture embossed on a pin attached to her scrub top, blouse regardless of what she was wearing. A true testament of a mother’s love. You can hear the anticipation in their voices, often breaking, attempting to hold back the tears of joy! I say God Bless these young men and women who were off serving our great country!
I also ask you to remember those who were less fortunate and whose family members were not on that pier that day for their child had not returned in the same manner, please take time to remember them in prayer.

“Sure I am this day we are masters of our fate, that the task which has been set before us is not above our strength; that its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance. As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us.”
– Winston Churchill

Parents beware…the indoctrination of your children..

obama350_609797a We send our children off to school daily to be taught the basics, reading,writing and arithmetic. We trust them to the teachers to give them a good foundation and learn the ability to think for themselves, to formulate their own ideas. Along with the basics we hope that our children are taught about our history and how our country came to be. There was a special recently on the Fox News channel regarding how the text books today are inaccurate and often misleading. I have heard from many parents how the preamble of the constitution is no longer required for memorization as it was in my day.
The video I have placed here for you to view alarms me greatly. Do you think these children understand fully what they are being indoctrinated to do? Watch closely at their faces, often you see bewilderment and a duty to comply with being a good student for the teacher. Then I want you to turn your attention to the “Teacher” and I use that in quotations merely to suggest that she isn’t teaching but serving more as an indoctrinator for this president. Then near the time frame of [2:56] you see the parents jump to their feet clapping and praising them! Do they even understand the concept of what the “change” means for them? “Yes we can, can?”…then this is compared to the very concept used by Adolf Hitler and what he did when he was unleashing his reign of terror upon his homeland………Another prime example of how history has a way of repeating itself……………………
I beseech each parent that has children in the public schools system to be aware of what your children are being taught..Young minds can be easily molded….Parents be warned…….


obamaacornng6 With all the camera exposure this administration has received since taking office I guess it would be fair to say that keeping certain facts straight could be a tedious task, if not a daunting one to say the least. It has been all over the certain cable news outlets how Acorn has played a crucial part in this administration and yet we heard this recently………………….

He claims that this doesn’t merit his full attention….I guess not, considering in 2007 he was captured on tape declaring how Acorn would be used to “shape” the country. Pay special attention to the time frame at [1:47]……………………………………

So now he is saying that he doesn’t think they merit looking into…could it be that when this is fully investigated he is afraid….Is he hiding something else besides the obvious?….
His poll numbers are speaking volumes as to his credibility! He has been on camera 114 times since taking office, more than Bush or Clinton at the same point in their presidency…..
He is numbing America, so much for the hope and change….Congressman Joe Wilson made a valid point!!! You be the judge………..

100 days in Afghanistan and longer………

100_0368 Our military is now facing one of the most daunting task as they proceed to carry on this campaign in Afghanistan, recently I read where they could not fire back if fired upon while in a civilian type setting. Of course this means the terrorist will only crawl deep within the civilian communities. This is not a conventional war, nor is it a fair one. Yesterday when interviewed I don’t believe POTUS answered the question put before him…………………

To me, it remains clear that we aren’t aware of what lies before us regarding our future in Afghanistan or in our own country. I did witness while in Washington, DC…..a country that is proud of their military, the men and women who so bravely serve….I saw veterans proudly wearing their badges of honor, carrying flags, some even walking with crutches or being pushed in a wheelchair…..It is to these men and women and to the ones off in a foreign land that I beseech you to continue to pray for and to offer your undying support. It is our military that we owe all that we have, the freedoms we enjoy, our way of life…..
Like all wars before this one, they bring back memories that only someone who has walked in their shoes can understand…reach out to them, let them know you care, let them know you appreciate what they have sacrificed….We would not be what we are without the blood, sweat and tears of our military! God Bless them and Bless the USA……

photo by A Patriotic Nurse; Washington,DC

Turn on the water!

dsc000143 Where is the outrage? Does Pelosi really have no conscious? Arnold do you not care about the people who you serve? I ask each and every one of you to call, write your Senators, Representatives regarding the water crisis facing California. All over a 2 inch smelt or salmon? Where does compassion for your fellow man enter into the picture. It is not only California that suffers although unemployment is above the average and continues to grow, but it is you and me who suffers as well. We depend on a lot of the crops that come from this part of our country. This administration will bail out large corporations while farmers are losing their ability to sustain life as they once new it. I ask you again, where is the outrage? Nancy Pelosi how can you sleep at night knowing that your district is robbing these people of water? You call your self a servant of the people?
Please, I ask of each of you to ask your politicians to support Devin Nunes, to have the water turned on.
According to Abraham Maslow, breathing, food, water, sleep and homeostasis are the foundation in which we survive and grow, and these most basic of rights are being with held! This is truly an Obamanation…………………………………..

September 17, 1787…….


We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Today we mark the anniversary of the Constitution of the United States of America. This is not only a day in which to remember the historical meaning behind this document but to remember for which it represents.
We see daily how this administration is trying to trample upon our rights as set forth in this document and how they are determined to undermine all that the founding fathers did to build the foundation of our beloved Country.
As mentioned many times in Washington, DC at the 9/12 rally we cannot sit idle and let this Country be transformed before our very eyes. It is our duty as American’s to protect and defend the rights as set forth in Our Constitution. We must continue to stand firm and oppose at every chance the type of change that is being forced upon us by attempting to reform our health-care to that of a more socialistic one, taking over corporations, expanding the government’s control in our lives. This is not the basis of this document, it was not then nor should it be now……..The time is now for us to be accountable, I agree with Scott Ritter, author of “Waging Peace”…..


~Now We Must Stand United~