Monthly Archives: April 2010

Apparently, No We Don’t!

President Obama was elected in November of 2008 on the premise of “yes we can.” We have all seen the dismantling of our country with one take over after another, corporations being under government control, rising deficits, a government run a muck, drunk on power unfounded. He raises his chin up in arrogance, thinking that we the people support his ideologies of change, but, “apparently, we don’t.” We rebuke him and his efforts to change America with his socialistic agendas and we are now on a mission come this November to remind Obama that this country was founded upon the basis of WE THE PEOPLE, and it will be us that sends this administration a clear message,with flipping the house and the senate and once again regaining control of both houses. However, in doing so it is our responsibility to elect those who share in the true form of government as laid out by our forefathers at the very birth of this nation. We are ONE nation, UNDER GOD and we will fight to our demise to see that this Chicago style thuggery and the ignoring of the will of the people once and for all to be ended. This is NOT a threat of violence, unlike those on the left that we’ve seen resort to those tactics, we the true American Conservatives will do so quietly with one vote at a time….Mark my words, a new day is arising in America and we will once again be a nation devoted to the writings of our framers and we will take this country back…