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Democrats Prepare for War with North Korea

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(A Bob Wall Exclusive Report). Barak Obama was given a grim briefing by the CIA, containing a where’s waldo pop up in the middle of the briefing document, bearing the image of Kim Jong il to help the Commander in Chief understand the gravity of the situation. Unable to find Waldo, he did find the “little slant-eyed-Buddah-wanna-be-bugger” and when told who it was and what he was about to do, in customary fashion, Obama took action, and called for reserve teleprompters to be sent to the area as a precaution in case dire action is required. “This has really pissed me off,” Obama told those near to the situation: “I was right in the middle of Malia and Sasha reading a story to me, and I was about to hear what happened to the goat, when these CIA clowns broke in with this crap. However, I am the leader of something, and am called to duty, so the story will have to wait.”

In the meantime, Speaker-Lame Nancy Pelosi, was unavailble for comment, since fresh Botox injections have rendered her facial muscles paralyzed, and she is unable to speak.

Harry Reid was briefed by the CIA as well, and stands with the President on this crisis: “This situation just shows why we need the Dream Act. We’re going to need reinforcements if we’re going to take this runt-reprobate on, and just like Americans no longer clean their own houses, or bus tables, we should do the same with the military: in exchange for immediate enlistment, we will take all aliens, their immediate and extended families, give them welfare, free housing, free healthcare, and a mule and 40 acres, if they’ll just join up and fight for the good old USA. If we learned anything from the war in Iraq, it’s use mercenaries.” As part of war preparations, Reid is prepared to appropriate 5 million dollars for each AFL-CIO union member in good standing, and nationalize the aviation, movie, and fast food industreis. “We have to have those things, if we are to fight a good, clean war.”

Sources close to Obama, tell the Bob Wall, Obama has called former French President Jacques Chirac in as a consultant, just in case surrender is the only option. As part of plan for American response, Chirac has suggested all residents of the San Francisco Bay Area be given white flags, and signs in Korean which say: “환영합니다, 우리가 항복. 우리와 함께 네 맘대로 해하고 좋은 하루 보내세요”, which translates into English: “We Surrender, Welcome Have your way with us, and Have a Nice Day”. Chirac was expected to travel to San Francisco today, to look at possible victory parade routes for the North Koreans. “The stray dog and cat population in San Francisco is about to be a thing of the past, and we want the North Koreans to feel at home; everyone must make sacrifices in times of war”, Chirac stated. However, while most in San Francisco could care less who invades America, as long as no one confiscates their purple sunshine LSD, there are developing pockets of resistance. For instance, Joaquinn Phoenix said that was out of the question: “They’ll pry my 18 Housecats from my cold, dead figers,” Phoenix proclaimed.

Unable to speak, it is reported Nancy Pelosi has written a memo to staff, wondering if there is time to get a small eye tuck, before all Hell breaks loose? More as it becomes available.

**Many Thanks to Bob Schneider for permission to copy this***

Advent: A Season Of Hope, Anticipation

November 28, 2010 is the beginning of Advent, which is a preparatory season for the waiting and preparing for the something greater. The coming of our Lord, not only waiting for his birth but for his promised return to earth. During Advent, the faithful, are called to:

to prepare themselves worthily to celebrate the anniversary of the Lord’s coming into the world as the incarnate God of love,

thus to make their souls fitting abodes for the Redeemer coming in Holy Communion and through grace, and

thereby to make themselves ready for His final coming as judge, at death and at the end of the world.

I have written before about the need for America to return to God, just as Glenn Beck has often called us to return to our faith as it is possibly the most important time in our history. We have a President who chooses to refrain from mentioning our creator. Obama, with his intentional deletion of the word “creator” gives many to think that he feels our rights come from the government or by him, himself. Which has led many to refer to him as having a “messiah complex.”
So please, in these perilous times we live in, it is most important that we turn our eyes and hearts to heaven and graciously and humbly await our greatest gift.

O God, by whose word all things are sanctified,
pour forth thy blessing upon this wreath
and grant that we who use it may prepare our hearts
for the Coming of Christ,
and may receive from thee abundant graces.
Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Thanksgiving 2010

In today’s world we have so much impacting our lives that often it’s difficult to stop and focus on the things we are most grateful for. George Washington, our first President said in his proclamation:

It is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor.

This remains true today, possibly more so than in the beginning of this great nation. So as you enjoy your families and the food that adorns the tables of many, be thinking of those who are not as fortunate or those who are in foreign lands fighting for the freedoms we have today.
Remember to give “thanks” and be sure to listen for ………..


Happy Thanksgiving from A Patriotic Nurse

Come On Bristol: Just Dance!

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There has been so much to do about Bristol Palin appearing on Dancing With The Stars lately that it is beginning to err on the side of the insane!
Bristol, while being the daughter of the now famous and very outspoken possible Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin is not only a daughter, mom but she is first and foremost an individual. One who ultimately is responsible for herself and has every right to enjoy a normal life, one that is without the need for the public scrutiny of her every move. It was not her that was selected as a running mate on the GOP ticket in the 2008 Presidential elections. Note to the “Leftist extremist” [emphasis mine] your lame attempts to discredit this young woman is not only juvenile in nature but borders on the extreme. But, wait!!! That is what you do, isn’t it? You want to pounce on any attempt to discredit the foundation of what this country was founded upon isn’t it.
Reports just today with the white powder being sent to the studio of where the show is filmed is their latest attempt to not only instill fear, but to turn this family oriented show into something political to further their desperate desires to see us totally ruled by a socialist agenda!
Come on Bristol, just dance!!!

Bristol, the vixen dancing the Paso Doble


Nailed it, she did

Cody’s Flag; An Act of Patriotism

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It warms my heart to know that the gestures of one 13 year old, Cody Alicea has impacted this nation with his simple act of patriotism. Cody rides his bike to school like many children today and on the back of it he proudly displayed our flag, the American Flag. However, caving into the fear of problems to come the school asked Cody to remove his flag to avoid confrontation due to the fact that he attended a multi-cultured school and could possibly face adverse reactions. It must be hard to be so patriotic while living in the midst of such cultural diversity. The school was apprehensive about this flag because of the upset when the Latino children waved the Mexican flag celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Fears of racism, bigotry over shadowed Cody’s ability to express himself as set forth by our bill of rights and Constitution.
It wasn’t long before the community rallied together to offer support and challenge the decision which was quickly reversed.
Cody, being from a home of veterans clearly was honoring not only our troops but of a grandfather who had served our country. So his act was not only one of love for country but of family. How refreshing it is to see this type of love resonating from this young man. What a brave and courageous statement he was making by displaying our flag. What a valuable lesson we all could learn from his unselfish act.
Cody was said to be both, “nervous and proud” by all the support that rallied around him. There is even a facebook page that support Cody’s patriot’s heart. He will be going to Washington and deserves all the fan fare he has received and I pray that we, the adults, can all learn a valuable lesson, one taught to us by a mere 13 year old……

I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.  I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.  ~Abraham Lincoln

Bush and Obama: A Contrasting Viewpoint

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There is a sharp contrast between these two men that goes far deeper than the fact that both men have occupied the oval office or still does, obviously. Bush came across a bit rough around the edges with a tainted history with his own admission of his drinking and carefree attitude as a younger man. Obama came across as a well educated, polished orator but with a history clouded in mystery.
Obama has been out of the country since the midterm elections, held November 2nd. Since his departure the American public has had the opportunity to hear from our 43rd President who has been on just about every news show whether it be network or cable news programs, touting his new book, “Decision Points.” The country deeply divided politically, is struggling to pull herself out of the dire financial dilemma that is attributed to the latter years of the Bush administration only for Obama to exacerbate the crisis by attempting to shove his socialist agenda down the throats of Americans who have for the past 22 months have raised their opposition to his form of governing whether it be the take over of private industry, to heath-care reform to cap and trade.
Bush reveals in his book according to the interviews that have aired on television that he thought in 2000 that his presidency would be about education. With the devastating events of September 11, 2001 while reading to a class room of children he realized his focus would change drastically and his responsibility was to keep America safe.
I attribute that day in our history as my own awakening of what was taking place not only in our country but in the world in general. Prior to September 11th I watched the news occasionally but was more focused on my every day life as a nurse, a daughter and a sibling to a brother and a sister and of course being a surrogate mother to my dogs who don’t realize that they are in fact dogs! Now I am more informed not only on the affairs of our country but globally as well. I have attended rallies in my state and boarded an airplane on the anniversary of September 11, 2009 to join others in our nations capital to send a message to this administration that the sleeping giant was awake.
While I will not attempt to paint Bush as being without fault, I will defend him on his attempts to keep us safe. That is something I can’t say about the present administration. Unlike Matt Lauer of NBC who focused on the three terrorist that was waterboarded in the attempt to gather intelligence that would in fact assist Bush in protecting America from further attacks. I stand by him in that decision.
In the aftermath of September 11th Bush took command and did what he felt was needed to keep a nation safe. He surmises that he “gave his all,” in his attempt to protect and defend our country.

In sharp contrast today we have a president who enjoys lavish dinners and vacations while a nation’s economy is crumbling and our currency is drastically losing it’s value in the global market. He has bowed before foreign heads of state, apologized for America. Toby Harnden writes:

Looking at the 43rd and 44th American presidents right now, it is worth reflecting that it was only the unpopularity of Bush and all he represented that enabled someone as inexperienced and unproven as Obama to ascend to power

I am aware that Obama spent four years of his youth in Indonesia. While there he gave a speech to the students who attend the University of Indonesia who greeted him with great fervor. One student compared him to that of a rock star and was left with the desire to hear more. Myself, I am taken back how a sitting President on foreign soil could make such a statement (in Indonesian):

Pulang kampung, nih (I’ve come home to the village)


A Voter’s Message To The GOP

[photo courtesy of facebook friend] History was made on November 2, 2010 when the GOP regained control once again of the House of Representatives. While “We The People” played an integral part in this take over, it would behoove the GOP to take note that we are not giving them a pass to only go to Washington and conduct business as usual. It is a time for accountability and to ensure the American voter that you will be our voice, our “representation” in our attempt to save our nation and bring back trust, faith in a government that has ran amok over stepping its boundaries with it’s rampant disregard for our constitution. Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, said, “Its clear tonight who the winners are and its the American people.” Yes, this isn’t a time to celebrate but indeed a time to buckle down and have our voices heard and remember…We the American voter have entrusted you to defend and protect …… We are watching, taking notes….

“Dear Editor”…An Open Letter To The Courier-Journal

This is one letter that I am very sure would never end up on the editorial page of the Courier-Journal. Why? One might ask. To explain let me begin by giving you a brief history of this “newspaper.” The Courier-Journal’s history began with four earlier newspapers: The Focus of Politics, Commerce and Literature, The Louisville Journal, the Louisville Daily Democrat and the Louisville Morning Courier. In 1868, The Courier and the Journal merged as The Courier-Journal, under editor Henry Watterson. In 1884, The Louisville Times was founded, under editor Emmett G. Logan. The two newspapers were purchased by Gannett from the Bingham family in 1986. The Louisville Times ceased publication in 1987. [source] From this brief explanation I am sure you can see that from it’s beginning it was pandering to the left.
We are now in the aftermath of a most historical mid-term election with the GOP regaining control of the House of Representatives and gained seats in the Senate. The Courier-Journal co-opted the people’s choice by blatantly promoting the progressive agenda with it’s overt support of John Yarmuth over Todd Lally who was attempting to restore America to the very foundation as built by the framers of the Constitution. They ignored the fact that Yarmuth had voted 99% of the time with Pelosi. The purpose of any news agency whether it be via print or televised is to report the news in an unbiased way for the reader to make their own informed decision.
I have embedded a recent video released by the Lally campaign that explicitly explains Yarmuth’s agenda. This is the kind of information that the people of Kentucky should have been privy too but yet, this publication failed to report.

It would be nice to think that by 2012 we would have another publication in which we receive our news, both locally and nationally but due to the dire economic times we are in that is unlikely. In the mean time, I will continue to boycott this “rag” and I wouldn’t even use it to potty train the most rabid of dogs!