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Get out the Vote..Jan.19,2010 Send Scott Brown to Washington

During the past year we heard a lot about hope and change didn’t we? Lets make 2010 the real year of change by supporting Scott Brown for Senator! He represents real change for the people of Massachusetts .
The legacy of Ted Kennedy will live on but it is time to let him rest in peace. A time of change is coming and 2010 will be that year! So do your part, get out the vote to bring about real change for the citizens of Massachusetts and for America!!!

~Looking back…2009~

Oh, what a year 2009 turned out to be. The first African-American (not 100% however) was elected to the White House by an astonishing number of votes. His claims of hope and change really didn’t materialize the way that he had promised. But, that is something we’ve become accustomed too! Sen. Joe Wilson, described it best with his timely, “you lie” comment! This is now, as you know, the end of the year of 2009 and you would think that by this time that race would no longer be an issue, apparently it isn’t the case. Many voted for this man based on the color of his skin and not by the character within. After being inaugurated on Jan. 20th, he soon was nominated for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, yet what had he accomplished in such a short time. Then comes February and we had the stimulus’ that was supposed to help a flailing economy but yet we’ve only seen record unemployment that nearly reaches the time of the great depression. With many asking where are the jobs? We have seen our government take over private businesses, introduce cap and trade, cash for clunkers and now the health-care reform that so many of the people reject but yet the democratic congress fails to listen too. Yes, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi bantered together to help push Obama’s agenda down our throats. Out of this a new movement was born. Many on the left have mocked and made derogatory comments about, yes, I am speaking of the Tea Party Movement. Born on Twitter and Facebook we gathered in cities across this land to speak out against the tyranny that we see coming our way. We attended Town-hall meetings and marched on DC, yes, there was over 2 million people there that day and I had the pleasure of being amongst the crowd and raising my voice with patriots from every corner of this great nation. Fellow blogger and best friend Smalltalkwitht joined me in DC and together made our impact on this history making event. We have witnessed a president who apologized and bow before foreign leaders. We’ve heard the pleas of Generals that he placed under his command for more troops to help our military who are fighting to save the freedoms and liberties so many in this country take for granted. Yet it took him over three months to make a decision. We’ve witness strife and killing in the streets of Iran with but a simple slap on the wrist of this administration. They are merely fighting for their God given right to freedom and the leader of the greatest nation in the world does nothing, but make yet another televised statement and once again read from the now infamous “Teleprompter.” We have witnessed N.Korea taunt us with long-range missiles but to no avail, this administration is too worried about destroying the very foundation of our country and stomping on the Constitution that our forefather’s shed their blood to make our government one of the people and by the people. Yet, this administration defiles the very notion and promptly escorts socialism where it is not wanted. Obama continues to blame former president George Bush for everything without being able to own up after a year in office and take responsibility for the government he is trying to change. Obama should take lessons from GWB and learn how he kept us safe from the terrorist attacks but no, we are constantly watching over our shoulders expecting the worst as on Christmas Day another attempt to kill Americans was thwarted. The Nigerian who tried to blow up the plane had been identified by his own father as one to watch due to his recent activities, but yet he slipped through and was able to board a plane to carry out his dreadful deed. He claims that there are more to come and yet this president waited days before addressing the nation and then was only condescending with his remarks. So as we approach 2010, be vigilant when traveling, take time to become involved. Be better informed as to what the government has in store for you and for me and don’t hesitate to speak out, for that is one right they haven’t taken yet. We have a voice and we together can make a difference. Vote, that is your voice….regardless of political affiliation we are still Americans, don’t let the leftist progressive’s win and destroy our very foundation. Take heed from those who fought in the first American Revolution, for we very well may be headed for the second one if the elected officials don’t start to listen to the will of the people. I wish you all a great new year, we have a lot to face going in to it. Lets make 2010 the year of REAL CHANGE for America!

~Merry Christmas from me to you~

A Patriotic Nurse would love to take this time to wish all of my readers both old and new a Very Merry Christmas~ I would love to thank you for the time you spend here on my site and I am so grateful to all of you. I pray you all have a most blessed holiday season and I look forward to the new year~I hope you enjoy the song~Be safe and see you next year!

Martial Law…..Is it coming to your community

There is a growing sense of being fed up with the way we are being ignored by those who supposedly are looking out for our best interest. As we have witnessed over the years, our country is changing very fast. Just in the past year we’ve seen how the government has expanded itself by taking over corporations, the bail outs, stimulus’ to stimulate job growth that never materialized and now this health-care reform that they are aware that the majority of the american people strongly oppose. But have they listened? No..they simply continue to govern to satisfy their perverse sense of greed and power with little regard for the working class people whom they serve.
The Tea party movement has grown by leaps and bounds from the injustices that we’ve seen. Our numbers are growing and with sites like Twitter and Facebook patriots across the nation have relied on these social networks to get our messages out. I am sure “big brother” has been monitoring these sites and most likely are preparing a list of sorts of whom to charge first. Several years ago rumors of Martial Law has been going around, it started with Bush and before, but now with the dissent that is being felt for this administration it is very possible that this too, could become a reality. Would US troops really arrest and detain citizens for simply speaking out against tyranny, which is entitled to us in the first amendment. Watch this video, and come to your own conclusions…we are in the most perils of times… our lives are going to change drastically unless WE the PEOPLE..Take back our country and defend the constitution before it is outlawed ……………

Like thieves in the night……

Like thieves in the night, the senate once again met once again at midnight on an early Monday morning to further ram their ideologies down the throats of the American public that clearly were against this bill. Did they listen to us? NO, they voted to further the need to destroy not only our foundation as a country but simply ignore the will of the American people. A call for a national strike is being called for January 20, 2010 to attempt to send yet another message to these “demigods.” Is this enough? In my most humble opinion the second American revolution has truly begun with the left firing the first shot at 1:01 am as the votes were being tallied. This is an outrage and we must not succumb to their will…We must do all in our power to vote these people out and bring back those who will govern as set forth in our Constitution and listen to the will of the people. Contact your senators, call 202-224-3121 and leave messages, emails and faxes..this isn’t over yet. But the ALARM has been sounded…this is a call for ACTION….

~Persevere and Prevail~

My friends over the past year we have seen our flag, our Constitution to be continually drawn through the mire of lies, deceit, and an attempt to change the very foundation of which our great country was founded upon. We have attended tea parties in our communities, town halls, which brought about contempt from those in DC to mock and demean us. We have rallied before the capital building, bringing millions to deliver a message to our representatives and senators only for that message to fall upon deaf ears. We have to persevere and prevail over these people that are intent on destroying our nation. We have seen how bribery with millions of dollars can buy votes, we have witnessed how threats of closing a strategic military base and changing the wording in this health-care reform bill regarding federally funded abortion has caused another “public servant” to succumb to the evilness of this administration. Prayer, yes…prayer is a most powerful weapon against evil and we should pray endlessly for deliverance from this tyrannical administration and those who align themselves with him, “The One.” However, while praying we must stand up for ourselves and defend what our constitutional rights, making phone calls to the senate, sending faxes and emails may be in vain. A call for ACTION is now, we must learn from our forefathers and once again join forces and defeat the reform that is being shoved down our throats. There was a time in America where the “majority” had a voice, but that voice is being stifled and the “minority” now rules. We cannot continue down this path for if we do, we will no longer recognize our great nation. The time is now, the present…we must not only pray…but we must persevere and prevail..for if we don’t…. we will have lost all that we hold dear………

~Restoring Our Liberties~

There is a movement in America, much like the times a couple of hundred years ago as men and women would meet in taverns and debate the challenges they faced and from those debates the first American Revolution was formed. History has a way of repeating itself and once again we find people meeting in town hall discussions, communities across the country are forming their own Tea Party movements much to the dismay of our liberal counterparts who seek to debunk the movement as nothing more than a “few” right winged extremist. Our movement is growing and becoming a stronger force, one to be reckoned with. I am calling upon all modern-day patriots to join forces and do what is necessary to fight the tyranny of our present form of government and hereby challenge each of you to take an oath, one much like one would take when joining our armed forces…this is about protecting and defending………………

I, ____________, do solemnly swear, or affirm, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

I ask that you take this oath in order to protect and defend our great country from those that are so intent on bringing about the “chains and hopelessness” with their socialistic, Marxist ideologies….take this oath and together we can in 2010 and 2012 defeat these demi-gods and take back our country……………………………………………………….